Unusual Life Experience Redux: Elizabeth Fritzl Contrasted With Elizabeth Smart

friztl.jpgAfter posting the blog about unusual experience, Elisabeth Fritzl came to mind. She’s the gal who was held captive by her father, kept in a windowless basement for 24 years. The fact is all we can do is speculate what she thinks and how she feels and the chance we would be correct in our assumptions or with our blind guesses is just about 0%. She was born to this situation and that is very different than being kidnapped at 10 or at 25 (ala Elizabeth Smart) after some foundation of normalcy has been laid.

I am not comparing one situation as worse or better than the other because I could readily argue either side. I am just saying my situation is akin to Elisabeth Fritzl’s rather than Elizabeth Smart’s. Elizabeth Smart was on track, taken off track for unusual extreme experience and then goes back on track, albeit changed.

Elizabeth Fritzl on the other hand has never been on a normal track so she is never, ever going think of things the way the average person does however I don’t think this should be a stigma. She would have had come up with ways to cope and we have no idea what they are. We are just in position to judge them and in fact would be very challenged to even understand them if we were fortunate enough she sit down with us and relate her experience.

It’s the difference between being taken to a concentration camp when you are 20 as opposed to being born in one. These would be wildly different experiences and to apply astrology, it is the difference between something shown in the natal chart (hard-wired) as opposed to a transit to the natal which may mark you but in a very different way.

In one case you’re looking at a situation where a person is changed after a divorce or some other life event. In the other case, the you’re talking about something that is systemic and this stuff not very well understood at all.

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  1. Sort of off topic, but this makes me think of the reasons why people are interested in others’ more extreme life experience. To live vicariously through someone else, or to learn something from someone else’s experience (about yourself? about life?)

    When I think about either of these two women I am reluctant to hear more. Not because I want to close my eyes to their pain, but because I feel like they have been intruded upon enough, and what would my curiosity do for them? Chances are it wouldn’t feed them. And there are only so many cards and flowers a person can receive in this life.

    The other thing your post makes me think of is how some people sign up for a life that involves being in the public eye (ie. an artist or musician or politician for example) and these two women had no choice but to be thrust into it. It must be my Scorpio MC but that sounds like hell to me.

    And on another tangent entirely, I am not someone who looks at famous people ruing their lack of privacy and say “what do they expect!” Not by any stretch. I believe everyone has a right to privacy, as a precondition for dignity even. This version of a unique life experience makes me feel bereft.

  2. Being famous also sounds like hell to me k., and you probably wouldn’t think that I think that way, if you saw my chart haha.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Elisabeth Fritzl was not born into the situation. The poor girl was abducted by her father at the age of 18, and held captive until she was 42. The children she had by her father were however born into it…:p
    The photograph of Joseph Fritzl literally gave me nightmares last spring, when this case was much talked about in the media.
    I read somewhere that Elisabeth Fritzl is an Aries with the Moon in Scorpio; I don’t know where they found the date of birth.

  4. Little Miss Hermit – she was born into the situation. Her father started raping her when she was 11 and I am sure not one thing was normal before then. The man claims he “was born to rape”, he is a total psycho… a “dad” completely out of the range of normal. I am sure she was put in the basement because she was going leave.

    1. I agree that after reading her story, she was finally wanting to “break free” and he (the psycho dad) wanted to Keep her. He knew that deep down she would escape and he concocted a plan so elaborate to keep her hidden from the world and for himself.

  5. Yes, she was definitely born into the situation and her children were too. But one of her children managed it to find a whole in the net, because she got so sick that they had to take her to the hospital, and that’s where the investigation started. So, this 19 years old girl liberated the whole family.

  6. “But do they actually feel liberated?”

    We have no way of knowing and that’s my point. Further, one feels one way and the other feels another I am sure.

  7. Life may have not have been normal for this young women right from the start, but she certainly had a life, hopes and dreams OUTSIDE of a basement before her captivity at 18 years of age. So she was NOT born into captivity. Her life was unfortunate perhaps right from the beginning but she had family,friends,siblings and a mom she would have naturally loved and had that was all ripped away from her along with the hopes and dreams of falling in love, getting married and having children with the man you love not your father. Having children by her father while WRONG in every sense of the word is probably what kept her going all of these years. She also probably clung to hope for the children taken away from her to be raised by her father upstairs not knowing at all if he was raping them too. This women is an inspiration both as a mother and as a women. She deserves to be recognized and admired not for her inconceivable ordeal and the horrid details of her story but for the incredible strength she clearly had and has in showing the world what SELFLESS love really means in the way she cared and nurtured her children in such grotesque conditions. She took a negative (and that’s a clear understatement) and made the best of it, again showing incredible strength and love for her children holding out hope for a better future for her children the way us parents do in this world. The difference being she showed it’s possible to love and raise children and put ourselves aside even in the most dire of circumstances! What an AMAZING AMAZING woman!

  8. I understand her situation because I to was sexually abused by my biological father for a total of 7 years (began at age 7). It lasted until I got on my bike and left one day. He started abusing me when my mother starting working outside the home. Shortly after it happened, I told her of it but she never did anything to save me. I’m glad I was able to get away before something happened before things got to the point of Elisabeth Fritzl’s case. Like her I felt trapped for a longtime and thought I had no choice but put up with it. I guess I will always have a recentment toward my mother for not doing anything. I love her, but I never will understand why she wanted to continue to stay by my father’s side after knowing what he had done to me and my other half sisters, who are much older and from a previous marriage. My mom pretended to be in denial of my now deceased father’s actions.

  9. you were not imprisoned and did not mother children from your father. Im sorry that you went through what you did, but to say you understand here situation is NOT true…………..

  10. this story of Elizabeth smart and Elizabeth Fritz was really sad. I had a look at both their charts. Both Aries /Scorpionic strong energy and Aquarius (with Aquarius venus being possible for Fritlz) and Elizabeth Smart has an Aries Moon, Aquarius rising. What is it with these energies that draw certain types of energies/men. It’s like the men want to “control” the power or something. If you do not bend to their will, they want to destroy you and everything /anything of life inside of you.

    1. That s very true, about the men bit. Persophone myth? I have this big time. It really gets in e way with relationship with men. I’v kinda given up. I don’t understand. Blind spot? I dunno.

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