Child With Saturn Transiting The First House

old saturn girl cardHi, I was curious what would be the high-level advice and guidance with regards to Saturn Transit through the 1st House for a child. My son is a 10 year old Pisces, just starting a new school and a new life and I am not sure what this overlap with such a massive transit should mean. I am fishing for some reassurance here to be honest.

Thanks a ton, sending good thoughts from Austria!

I’m glad you asked!  First, I would lose the “massive transit” designation. This is not a massive transit.  It’s routine and simply signals your son will be maturing during this period. He will become better defined and better defended.

The risk with this transit, is that he become disabled by fear.  As a Pisces, he’s also permeable so he will absorb your fear and worry.  It will help a lot if you can keep your feet on the ground and shore him up as he meets this challenge.

It makes sense he would have this transit in his new location. He’s to establish himself as well as firm up the structure of his life in general. “I live here, I stand for this, this is my partner, best friend or whatever, and this is my reputation”.  He’s working on this.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have his running buddy yet; he will recognize that void and fill it when the time comes.  But the main thing is you shore up his confidence by believing in him.

My son has Saturn conjunct his sun. He was quite scared going into high school so I sat him down and told him exactly, this:

“You may be afraid, but in reality, there isn’t one thing they’re going to teach you there, that you can’t learn. This includes the senior level classes. None of it is beyond you and your ability, so just go and you’ll see I’m right.”

My son’s manner changed completely on that alone. This is what you might convey to him. “I know it’s daunting but I know you can handle it. If you need me, I’m here.”

Can you see how you’d be setting him up to be a man? You’re the Saturn figure. Support him, don’t scare him. You might also tell him (the truth), all the other kids are afraid too!

Basically, boundaries. He’s the man. You’re his backup. Step in, if asked.  Otherwise, this is his show.  You want him to be successful so he can refer back to this time.  Made it through that, I can make it through this!

Good luck!

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  1. Yes, this made me think that the mother can offer some Virgo energy to balance any overwhelm from Saturn in Pisces in 1st. If his 7th house is Virgo natally then he will already have experience of a Virgoan ‘Other’ usually the mother initially. This Virgo energy could be comforting during this transit, but with a need for gentle flexibility, because sometimes he will need to flow and experience some chaos! But things like routines, regularly scheduled meals (well balanced meals, healthy) and bedtimes, also relaxing leisure activities, support with organisation for any schooltasks (none of this in a too ridid way, I would emphasise, but a sort of containing ‘frame’ he can rely on) could have a positive balancing effect. Also if he has pets, time with pets!

  2. I love your advice so much. Telling the child they have the means within themselves to handle it, the faith is there, and they will learn how to use it, but you will also be there if they need support, advice, guidance.

  3. As a someone (a bit older) having this transit l wish your son well. He will be leaving the old behind ( there will be some sadness and fear. Completely natural feelings) but he will start afresh…small steps and time help build confidence. And l am 100% behind the advice already given here.

  4. I’m 64 and have Saturn transiting my first after having my second Saturn return in the 10th. Some harsh setbacks and the enforcing of bureaucratic & archaic structures and rules surrounding retirement. I’ve never signed so much paperwork in my whole life and there is fear even at this age. I was born with Saturn opposing my natal Sun and no matter how valuable the lessons, Saturn sucks big time. I hate it and all it represents. Lack, restriction and suffering! Strangely, Saturn usually represents bossy aggressive women for me and not men!

  5. Great, comforting advice for the kids 👍🏻.
    I’m having this transit myself. Organisation and attention to detail have been essential. Fear based thoughts do arise, and I’m working on that.

  6. Thanks for this Elsa, my son also has this transit coming up and this helps as I was worried about it too.

    You said your son has Saturn conjunct his sun. My youngest has this 4 deg. My eldest has saturn opposite his pisces moon/asc. My middle kid doesn’t have any saturn aspects. I’ve read they can relate to parenting and I worry about this a lot. What do you think? I guess I am also fishing for reassurance!

  7. The best thing I was ever told about children; when we yell at children, they do not hate us they hate them selves
    Lots of loves and kisses. I tell them all as I drive a bus the world is yours. The world is waiting for you and by the way, you’re my favorite seems to work.

  8. As an elder now, I can say with experience that Saturn has MOSTLY brought the best things into my life. Babies,homes,careers.. Not easily, mind you.. when I went back to school at age 28 and again at age 41, I had to borrow money and make huge commitments of time effort and energy to meet my goals.But the slow and steady aspect of Saturn bore great fruit in my life. I am currently experiencing some challenging 12th house Saturn stuff, but I try to remind myself that Saturn pares down to what is important,slows us down so we can reorganize,regroup, and find a steadier path as we move into the future, and it hones us, shapes us, I see am image of a potter at a wheel, taking off all that isn’t part of the new vessel she is making..until something of beauty and utility comes forth from the lump of clay..Saturn is ok.. around a child,I see it as a good maturing trend, and Elsa’s advice about NOT letting it be about FEAR.. is SO IMPORTANT!! We can all use some new energy around SATURN. Elsa’s posts help a lot!

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