Psychology Of Stalking Clinicians by Patients

Here’s the original post on this topic : Astrology and Psychology of Stalking

I am still reading, “The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives”. I came across this bit – Venus Pluto personified!

From the chapter, Stalking of Clinicians by Patients, Lion and Herrshler write:

“Plastic surgeons bear a special risk by virtue of the intense expectations fueled by the procedures they undertake to correct: beauty, desirability, social acceptance, even love.   These wishes can be easily crushed as illustrated by  this case…”

They go on to tell of a sixty year old woman who saved her money for a face lift. She did not like the result. She wound up killing the surgeon a month later then going home and killing herself.

Also interesting, nose jobs on males over forty years old result in a high percentage of dissatisfaction so many surgeons refuse these patients. I’d not have guessed that one…

Venus = vanity
Pluto = transformation and death

7 thoughts on “Psychology Of Stalking Clinicians by Patients”

  1. I have venus square pluto in my combined chart with a man I am dating, and boy I really feel it, obsession/repulsion… and also I really like him. Relationships are just too much.

  2. Oh, yeah I could see that one coming. What about the clinician stalking the patient? Obsession and repulsion – definitely.

  3. That is fascinating.

    Side note – I believe that sculpture (one of my favorites) is actually Persephone and Pluto. I know this because I have an exact Sun-Persephone conjunction (in Libra, along with Pluto, no less). 😀

  4. That reminds me of something that happened about 15 years ago when a Dr stalked another Dr. (Click my name for a story about it.)

    The stalker Dr. is out of prison and back to practicing medicine. :/

  5. i’ve never made the vanity/venus connection before…personally it is a profound one. thanks for the food for thought. a little knowledge goes a long way for someone like me 🙂

  6. huh. explains, i guess, my excessive anti-vanity (there’s a point where a little sacrifice in order to look nice might actually be worth it…)

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