Uranus Direct In Taurus: January 26, 2024 – Love Affairs & Bitcoin

roller coasterUranus is currently stationing at 19 degrees Taurus.  The planet will turn direct on Friday, January 26th, midday. 

 The moon in Leo will be tightly square Uranus when it corrects it’s course.  This could be a trigger of some kind.

It could be an upset stomach (moon), but Leo is tough in that regard. It’s more likely to trigger a love affair!

This could also trigger the stock market, crypto and other financial concerns.  It’s all unpredictable; we’re talking about Uranus here!

Note – Uranus is tied to Pluto now, seeing as the latter has ingressed into Aquarius. If something does occur, it’s likely to be drastic.

If you have planets in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you can expect a jolt. Hey that’s me!  Well, I could use a reversal of fortune, truth be told! Here’s to hoping we all get a nice kick out of this!

What are your expectations for Uranus turning direct?

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24 thoughts on “Uranus Direct In Taurus: January 26, 2024 – Love Affairs & Bitcoin”

    1. I’ll see you there Dianne M! 23d Taurus sun myself. Where does it fall in your solar return chart? Venus and Jupiter should be close by. Mine is 11th house, which is the same as my natal sun placement. I do feel like I’m about to hatch a new version of myself, but I have no clue what that might look like.

  1. I have Scorpio rising, Taurus sun stellium, Aquarius moon + Leo midheavn & NN. I’m a bit spooked. So I’m praying this is good news. I’ve lost so much the last several months. I really can’t afford to lose more.

    Glad to see the site is up btw! I hope this get better / easier for you, Elsa 💝

  2. I think the feeling of things not moving will improve. I’m a Taurus and these Uranus stations are always pretty noticeable. I’ve definitely got more used to Uranus energy since the Taurus ingress in 2018.

  3. Oh boy. Sorry to spam, but when this happens the Sun will almost exactly conjunct my Uranus and the Moon/ Uranus square are going to make a T-Square with my natal Jupiter also in Aquarius. Houses 2, 8, 11 will be affected. It would be cool if my love drama got zapped, but I can’t count on that and I think it will get more dramatic because Leo and 8th house. I do think some money will fall out of the sky.

    As for Uranus itself, it’s approaching my Mercury and I’ve gone back to CC to finish my Associate’s degree there. I need to lock something in because my life periodically goes crazy.

  4. I’m expecting a kick to my finances – natal Venus at 22 Scorpio. Whilst I like it when Uranus is direct, I kinda cringe when it gets close to my inner planets.

  5. Will play the lottery this week
    Uranus 11* Leo
    I would like to visit one daughter in UK and one in Santa Cruz Ca with a beautiful long haired blonde grandson whom o haven’t seen in over a year
    Snow covered here in Catskills
    Would love a traveling adventure
    My Cancer moon in 9th house!

  6. natal Uranus- Leo in the 10th at 25 degrees, within range from a square to the Taurus Uranus 19 degrees. I’ve felt like a revel-rouser for about ten days now. Releasing some stagnancy in my relationship to my birth family’s health issues. I was the “different” kid in the family- stepped out of the catholic energy from an early age, but always felt satisfied staying w/in a comfortable range. Although, I recently relocated from this area where generations of my family have lived. I’m beginning to bust up the boxes I’ve put myself in and I feel both excited to be here in a new energy as well as unsettled to have that rebel part coming up…. practicing soothing her so I can sleep at night.

  7. Hmmm. Well for starters, this New Moon has kept me tweaking and good sleep has been hard to come by. Second, I have Uranus IN Leo but it’s in the 9th house while Uranus in Taurus is transiting my 6th house. I have joined a Meditation Club on line! Spirituality combined with Tech. You can’t make this stuff up! Plus I am due for X-rays and another uncomfortable procedure I shall not name. *sigh* Just hoping it all turns out well.

  8. With Uranus going direct at 19Taurus, which is exact conjunction my 19Taurus ASC. Plus squaring my natal Mars at 20Leo, 4th house. Yes, Elsa, a reversal of fortune would most definitely be welcomed. Not sure what the outcome will be, but sitting in the grandstand observing all the activity leading up to this event.

  9. It’s been ten awful years with Uranus transiting my 10H wreaking havoc and spreading misery. Currently it’s conjunct my mars opposite my moon. It’s been aspecting those planets for about a year now. It brought so much pain this energy and have no idea when it stops. I ve had enough of Uranus

  10. I havent even looked at solar return CocoPeaches. I have so much happening in the natal chart…well it is too much. Trans. Saturn conj Asc. exact. (That 24 Taurus in the 3rd sq moon squ Chiron, opp Jupiter).

    1. I thought to check out my solar return, since the exact Uranus-sun conjunction will be just a day after my birthday… turns out Venus and Jupiter will be both there for the party which is fine by me!

  11. My reply slipped down the list CocoPeaches. I have a fixed square activated by this and a Grand sextile too…its enough. I feel like everything is being swept away…for a reason, but l dont know what thst is yet. A similar feeling perhaps…sliped again.

    1. That does sound like a lot of excitement for your already very dynamic natal planets… Hopefully that 9H Jupiter can keep you afloat while the rip tide carries you in a different direction!

      1. No, not excitement CocoPeaches…it is all happening on the inside. Inner work. I havent been wanting to see anyone…l dont feel bored or frustrated.l feel self-contained. This is a big thing for me.

  12. Maybe the question should be, “what are your UNEXPECTATIONS for Uranus turning direct” 😂😂

    I feel that Uranus stationing direct will free up the current logjam of uncertainty that is swirling around this week. I’ve noticed people around me starting to unravel mentally under Pluto Aquarius. Real uncertainty of the future and a surreal feeling of “what now?” but one that is bringing a futility energy with it, a sense of lost hope. Think the Star card in Tarot reversed.

    I would say to anyone on here feeling this, hang on in there 🙂 February is set to be a rollercoaster, so embrace the void for now and rest. Nature abhors a vacuum, it will be filled sooner than you know.

  13. I feel February will be big too, Mermaid. I dont work with reversals, but l know Star reversed. I throw 3 cards with a qualifier each day. 5 Towers, 5 days in a row…l have changed. I look back and see how l have given away my power…l called it compromise or ‘that is just the way they are’. That is true, but l dont have to prop ‘them’ up at my expense. Repetitions. Re-runs.
    The Catherine Wheel is a reoccuring symbol atm…St Catherine, the historical figure…not the Wheel of Fortune (but if it turns up in a reading l wont be surprised). I wrote a poem about finding centre and being broke on the wheel and was writing to a bloke (Saturn 24 Taurus) about it and how poems work. Turned on the radio: a song by Megan Washington called: Catherine Wheel was playing. It has been said: that you will do what you never thought you would do with Uranus transits…we will see.

  14. That is an amazing synchronicity going on there, Dianne! I love it when things like that happen, when you see signs and synchronicities 🙂 it does feel like the Cosmos giving a nod of acknowledgement there.

    February will be interesting, as Pluto will reach the stationary retrograde degree of May 2023 (0°22’Aquarius) on February 1st.

    Even now, it’s only been 5 days of Pluto Aquarius and it’s already zoomed forward to 0°10′ 😮 so it’s moving way FASTER through Aquarius than it did last year.

    Over the course of February, we will have the inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars all conjunct Pluto at 0°Aquarius. A lot of activations there!

    With Venus and Mars in particular, it will be very close, a three planet stellium. Around Valentine’s Day (of all days haha). There could very well be a paradigm shift in relationships, both romantic and also platonic, friendships, and group social circles too. A new cycle is beginning there.

  15. What will be will be, Mermaid. I am going to pace and be open to what comes…and try to work with it all.
    This Uranus direct first and then all the rest (Taurus can take its time-l should know). First one foot then the other. Tower again yesterday – an image of breaking up a log jam came to me…a good Tower metaphor.

  16. I have natal Venus inconjunct Saturn at 20 degrees Taurus. The Venus is also trine Saturn. On this day, a clerk said to me “young lady, your parents have done a fine job raising you” when I helped him picked some items he had dropped on the ground. This was surprising to me cause I turn 37 this year, I’m definately not that young anymore.

      1. Whoops it was Venus trine Ascendent. This made perfect sense to me, absolutely textbook astrology. It was a nice surprise, just wanted to share!

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