Uranus In Taurus: I’ll Meet You In The Future

If you’re highly Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you may be wigging out at this time. Taurus is known to be stable and predictable. The (heavy) furniture is being moved all over the place. This is disturbing to a lot of people. When change comes is likely to be FAST. This hits people close to home.

It’s already clear, Uranus in Taurus will a favorable transit for me, personally. I’ve seen the need to jump ahead of pretty much everyone. I’ve found I have this ability. I call what I’ve been doing, “leap-frogging” ahead.

I don’t know exactly how I came up with that, other than it’s a kid’s game and I have Venus in Leo. Now that I think about it, “leap frogging” is not that challenging. It’s doable. It does not paint a picture of someone struggling to get over and around an obstacle. You can leap over and not only that, if you do opt to leap, it’s kind of fun.

I’ve started trying to teach people how to do this and while I’ve not gotten down yet, let me describe what this this looks like.

You and I are *here*.
I see ahead and know we have to move but you won’t do.

You may not believe what I see.
You may like to call your own shots.
You may be frightened or stubborn or whatever it is.

But what I’ve learned is that I have to go and while I prefer to go in tandem with someone, in this case, under these conditions, I simply can’t wait on the other person who appears immovable. So I do it. I leap frog ahead.

At first, I thought I was going to be out there alone but what I’m finding out is I’m meeting the people I leaped ahead from, in the future.

Make sense? When you do leap, I’m already there. This has been working beautifully.

This is because if you don’t much like “leap frog” but find that you also have to leap ahead, it’s nice to have a familiar face there when you land.  And I never wanted to be alone in the first place!

I’m off to a great start with this transit.  How’s Uranus in Taurus treating you?

45 thoughts on “Uranus In Taurus: I’ll Meet You In The Future”

  1. Volcanic action erupting (Uranus) the Earth (Hawaii and Guatemala)!

    I know this is macro, but I’m surprised the Astrological community hasn’t noted this to my knowledge.

  2. Being Aquarius Rising and having my ruling Uranus at 8* Libra, the inconjunct is coming and I already feel like moving far away and just cutting ties with everyone I know, be it family or friend.

      1. Wow that is so interesting for me Tonya. I have early Aquarius rising opposite Saturn and Mars. Uranus 3 Scorpio. Huge Taurus stellum I am more radical than ever. Started to think about getting an academic job at Hawaii while all my life I am staying in the same area of middle- eastern Europe. Crazy idea.?

        1. I am fighting this inner urge to run. And you might want to rethink Hawaii for a while, the main island is a mess. The others are okay for now, but who knows for how long. Uranus in Taurus is rocking earth big time. And us along with it.

          1. Thank you Tonya! I believe it won’t happen until Uranus will reach the cusp of my third house where I have S Node The Moon and Jupiter, it s 11degrees.
            Now , with retro Mars on Asc i believe I will encounter various bad men from the past with whom I have been fighting.
            Many Hugs

            1. Using the Placidus chart, Uranus is moving towards my 3rd house too. Yes, that rx Mars is heating up my temper, too. Ugh, I have a relative that is driving me nuts and it feels like I can’t escape the sister in law. *n*

              You’re welcome and good luck to you.

              1. I found out reading this threead that you also have Aquarius rising. Good luck with unnerving people!
                We may get catapulted into space? by transits Uranus makes. I have a certain trait – when people really hurt me and they meant it I cut them off. During Saturn going thorough my 11 house I had extreme disappointments on level of associations gathering certain professions and several Court cases later I cut off at least 15 people I thought they were my truly good friends.

              2. I found out reading this threead that you also have Aquarius rising. Good luck with unnerving people!
                We may get catapulted into space? by transits Uranus makes. I have a certain trait – when people really hurt me and they meant it I cut them off. During Saturn going thorough my 11 house I had extreme disappointments on level of associations gathering certain professions and several Court cases later I cut off at least 15 people I thought they were my truly good friends.
                Thanks and the only way to cut off the SiL is to move away from the area. My husband wants to get away from her so badly that he can’t stand it. The funny thing about this is I have never lived more than 4 years at one place and that is with and without my husband. Normally, we just up and move, but this time around we are in a holding pattern and looking to leave when the chance comes. We may move back to Florida or move out west. We don’t know yet. But he wants to move far enough where she can’t visit us. And I second that notion. I had read that when Uranus transits the 3rd house, estrangement from relatives can happen. I guess I will find out. And Saturn is moving thru my 11th on it’s way to my 12th.

  3. I am taurus sun at 20 degrees, but i already feel it coming. Tanya I also feel the urge to move away far from were I am living now! Elsa it does feel like the furniture is moving everywhere yikes! I also have a grand trine in my natal chart and venus opposite pluto so it feels like the astrology today is hitting me left and right!

    I was on Facebook the last week and I see my friend left her husband out of the blue after about 20 some years and I thought I bet she is a Taurus…I had to check yep sun sign at 1 Degree. Astrology never fails can’t make this stuff up

    1. 19 degree Taurus Sun. My husband I moved into a new house in 2010 and both said we planned to live in it for the rest of our lives. One story, hardly any steps to get inside, no-lip shower, in case mobility is ever a problem. And I believed we would.

      I’ve been daydreaming about moving for about a year now. Went to London and Paris for the first time a year ago, and now I keep thinking we could move to Europe. We could have affordable health care. That would make all the difference in my husband’s retirement.

      He couldn’t retire in this house, but if we downsized a lot, we could cash-out on this house and maybe generate enough income to cover health care costs.

      My husband (Aries Sun ) thinks I’m crazy. He’s so not on board. You practically have to set off a bomb beneath him to get him to move or make any changes in his job.

    2. I am struggling against the urge to move, but as a Uranian, I have never had a permanent home and I am heading towards being 48. Anyway, these urges are so annoying, but they are powerful. Things are being shaken up everywhere.

  4. I can glean the big picture of what will impact society, I suspect it comes from my Cancer rising,with Uranus and Jupiter conjunct for company. This is aspected by a Grand Water Trine. I also have a Fixed Grand Cross with Saturn connecting both the GWT & FGC, what happens is that I can glean what’s coming, but since it’s ahead of the curve, I will focus back onto the now and this always tends to take me off track. Anyone else have this experience?

  5. Sunny Cappy here. Taurus, my 10th and mid-heaven, natal Mars planted at 9° Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is not precisely surprises, as I expected things to shift around my career, but more of an ‘Oh, this jumped ahead, sooner than I expected,’ which is OK. Emphasis on the “around” career. And I can deal thanks to your brilliant Leap-frog advice, Elsa. Exactly what I’m applying to this. My career is moving forward but, when the Uranus crap jumps in front of me (people from my past division, who fell on ill-favor), I remind myself Hey, I’ve no longer work with these folks, I work directly with Top Boss. And jump right over them. No middle-man for me! Hurrah! Elsa ROCKS.

    1. I expected the actions, just not with this timing. Time is what seems to be off or triggered by the Uranus transit.

  6. I’ve been feeling this very very strong for at least a month. Changes all over the place. Uranus is still in my 6h. But now it’s hitting exactly my Sun in 4h (1 degree Pisces) and venus in 3h (1degree Aquarius). Changes im my home, I’m finally fixing amd improveing things I wanted to do for ages. Changes in my writing, I finally finished my children’s book. Changes romantically, I finally started talking and flirting with a neighbor I like for ages. Good stuff. Uranus is working like some kind of motor for me. Geting things out of a rut.

  7. My Chiron is at 4 Taurus and my Moon sits at 16 Taurus.

    I’m being uprooted, to say the least. It’s very unnerving.

        1. Nah, I just typed in my old username by mistake. Life’s kind of hectic lately so my mind is slipping up here and there. 🙂

  8. Elsa,
    I think I will need to stop lurking and schedule a consultation very soon. I have kind of a fixed grand cross if you allow a large orb for my sun at 11 degrees Aquarius square Mars 1 degree Taurus and Neptune 2 degrees Scorpio and oppose Leo Uranus at 4 degrees.

    Rising sign Aquarius 8 degrees, Chiron conjunct sun less than 1 degree Aquarius and Aquarius moon 18 degrees.

    For a 1st time consultation do you prefer a 60 minute phone consult or email? I am good with either method.

    1. The phone is best because we can have a dialogue. 30 minutes gets you a lot with me. I’d start with that unless you know you want to have a long, in depth conversation. I don’t chit chat. I go right for the meat, intending to give the client an exceptional value. 🙂

  9. Uranus in Taurus has been great for me, been doing some leapfrogging, and I don’t have a single planet in Taurus, nor any close aspects.

  10. I’m not too worried about Uranus in Taurus, as this is my 2nd house. He will be conjuncting my Venus first, which is opposite my Neptune. This opposition natally has caused me some problems, so I will be extra alert for any scams or get rich quick schemes! Next, it will hit my Mercury, which is natally retro, so that should be an interesting ride! I’ve survived him crossing my AC (changed my name) and Jupiter so, how bad can it be! LOL (Hopefully not fateful last words!)

  11. “When change comes it is likely to be FAST.”

    Yesterday mid-morning, I sent in my application for this (good, steady – Taurus) job that had come up out of the blue (Uranus). Within a few hours (Uranus), I got a call to come in for an interview the next day (today).

    Today mid-day I went for the interview. It was lightning fast (15 minutes – everything that needed to be covered was covered lightning fast – Uranus) (including the money – Taurus). Again, within a few hours, I got a text asking for my references.

    I am expecting a decision tomorrow for sure, at the speed this has all been happening.

    This after MONTHS of slow, trudging, non-progress, unable to make anything happen. All of a sudden, it’s ‘Hang on! We’re moving baby!’

    Oh, and there was some leap-frogging involved. Long story short, Company A also called me yesterday, to set up an interview for Thursday. Two hours later, Company B called me to set up an interview for Tuesday (today). B is the one I want, and the one that leap-frogged, and hopefully the one who will get me! 🙂 (The other company was NOT fast. They had dragged their feet for 3 weeks.)

    1. Good for you. Uranus is unpredictable, so, it is slowing everything down for me. Things had been moving fast, but now I feel stuck in quagmire. Uranus is my ruling planet and has always been contrary to me. Lol! When I think something is going to happen, nothing happens. If I am not expecting something, BAM! There it is. Gotta use reverse psychology with that planet.

  12. About change coming FAST: I’m preparing to move to a smaller apartment in my complex, in about 2 weeks. Loading the moving truck in 10 days. And some things are going to the landfill, being donated, or being taken to my parents’ home until we sell them. LOTS of moving parts here, lots of phone calls, hubby’s final bills and still wrapping up his affairs. My family’s helping me with this, but still……holy cow! I won’t have a chance to breathe until the 19th!

    You know how widows are told not to make major decisions for 6 months to a year? Yeah, that’s bull poop. ? That saying “Life comes at you fast” comes into play, and you’re thrown straight into chaos. Many decisions have to be made IMMEDIATELY and rebuilding your life pretty much starts a minute after the funeral ends.

  13. My Mars is at 19 Taurus — exactly trine my Cap Sun (now in a tango with Pluto) and wide-trine my Virgo Ascendant. Uranus in Taurus is trine my Cap Saturn/Sag Mercury and my Virgo Pluto, AND square my Aquarius Moon/Venus, AND opposite my Scorpio Neptune. Why, yes, things are moving! I am buckled down to make good on my preparations for a new podcasting venture at the radio station where I work, AND a New Thing Entirely is ripe to go Boom sometime in the next 10 weeks. Whoopee!

  14. On the day that Uranus ingressed into Taurus with Mars on top of his late Capricorn Rising, my first decan Aqua husband (and I) learned that he has rectal cancer. It now appears that this whole Aqua Retro period (over his late Cap. Rising and early Aqua Sun) will be about tests, possible chemo, radiation and certainly surgery. Though this is a heavy square from Uranus etc, I want to share that astrology helps me through these times by grounding me. These challenges are scripted and also transient.

      1. My best wishes to your husband. There’s definitely hope, rectal cancer is often fully treated, fingers crossed for him!

  15. Avatar

    I’m loving it! ? Uranus in Aries was very aggressive for me. I’m starting to relax and even write again. I have mercury in Virgo, and Uranus is trining it by 2 degrees now.

  16. An update from a Taurus. In the past 2-3 weeks:

    – My mobile phone broke and I had to get a new one. More features, but a lot more complicated to use.
    – At work I was forced to update to Windows 10. It’s ok, but more complicated than 7.
    – The boxed hair colour I’ve been using for years just changed their formula (for the worse). It had taken me about a year to find that good one… (by elimination) and there’s nothing new on the market since last time I looked 🙁
    – My favourite home flip-flops (which I had for years) broke.
    – My email provider force-changed their layout (for the worse).

    I may be a Taurus, but I do love change, IF it’s for a better version. I was born with Uranus on my Asc after all. But I hate change when it’s for a worse version. And ‘a change for the worse’ seems to be a theme for me so far with this new transit 🙁

  17. Elsa I’m glad it’s favourable for you. What do you attribute the favour to? Any specific aspect?

    1. Uranus in Taurus just doesn’t clash with anything in my chart, except Venus and Venus is Venus! I expect the entire Uranus-in-Taurus period to be good for me.

  18. Uncomfortable start on one level. Usually I am good with Mars retro but this one is different. Square dancing with natal placements. However, I better understand my squaring and realize how that works, the potential pitfall, and ultimately its contribution to who I am. I only fought it for so long because I bought into should have and should be. Uranus realizes the insanity of the constructs for constructs sake.

    What I sense in my environment is oftentimes wacko, but then folks can be wacko. I accept that now. After Uranus in aries, now we got extra long mars in aquarius. Mars Uranus is wacked to me, so I avoid it when I sense it is happening. I swear I spent a past life in an insane asylum. This is just all too familiar.

    I am just so happy that I seem to be moving past what I sense as insanity. I don’t let myself get concerned when I am exposed to it and best of all, being aware of it, I don’t get drawn into it. That was always trouble.

    I am not typecasting those with mars Uranus contacts because sometimes people with an aspect are self aware of it and deal with it better. Move the energy in a focused direction or something.

  19. Uranus is entering my 6th house. Pluto has taught me I can pretty much make it through anything, but…
    I have been doggedly pursuing one of my dreams since I was a child. I’m at the stage where I need someone else to approve of what I’ve done to move to the next step. I’m so very excited about it, and I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, but… I think Uranus through Taurus will be a good transit for me. I’m pretty dang fixed, Scorpio rising, Taurus sun, but I’ve got uranus in my first, and I’ve always been a little surprising to others.
    I just feel so nervous. I feel this nervous kinetic energy out there and I have no where to put it, so now I have insomnia.

  20. My Housemate asked me, “How’s Elsa doing? And the EE community folks?” (He really wanted to know, and he knew I’d been preoccupied with other things… so not keeping up, with news here.)
    He’s going to be hugely glad to hear about this blog post. And, because his chart is very much in fixed signs, he’ll appreciate this perspective – he has Moon & Uranus (in Leo) tied in his chart… Yes, he’ll be really glad, all around.
    Thank you Elsa, for your gift in making life more understandable through stories!

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