Uranus in Taurus: The Stock Market Investing Craze

wsb billboardI expected the stock market to become volatile with Uranus in Taurus. I should have seen the bitcoin (currency) craze coming. I didn’t but it’s here.

We’ve also seen the (Uranus-ruled) internet become a major force in the stock market in ways that change very quickly.

We have the reddit situation that came to the front with r/WallStreetBets and Gamestop . Uranus rules social or humanitarian groups. It certainly fits.

We’ve also seen the rise of trading app, Robinhood, which was extremely popular up until it it lost favor with it’s primary user base – “the reddit group”. Now it’s hated.

This is a good example of the Reversal of Fortune I’ve written about. Up one day. Down the next.

Last night I saw an ad for another trading app, “Stash”. I laughed. What a brilliant name. Get yer weed stock on Stash – okay!

gamestop billboardBut what really stuck me was the bar you had to reach in order to use the app.  There is a minimum FIVE DOLLAR investment to get going. If you have five bucks, you begin “trading” today!  Trading is like crack. But besides that, I wondered if there were an age limit.

I mean three year old have iPads, perhaps more than one.  Should they start trading stocks too?  Grandma need not worry about shopping for goods. She can just transfer some cash into her grandkids brokerage account – we’ll all be rich!

I searched regarding age restrictions and as it turns out, the law varies from state to state. Most feel investing in the stock market is a form of gambling. How quick can we get these kids involved, hmm?

Having Libra, I can see the other side of this issue. I’m not really judging this because it’s painful to Libra to come down on one side or the other. But I’ll you something (astrologically) interesting about it…

The last time there was a stellium in Taurus of this magnitude was back when Beanie Babies were a thing.  I had a front row seat for that drama and tracked the astrology closely.

Taurus rules possessions (and money). It’s the natural collector of the zodiac.

If you’re interested in trends, you can catch a glimpse here with this post.

Is Blogging a Fad?

I believe, Martha Stewart, was the “influencer” who spurred the UN-natural collectors to start collecting, though we didn’t have that label back then.  Now we have, Elon Musk, Roaring Kitty and others, influencing “the masses”. That’s a phrase that can probably use an update.  If you have one, let me know and I’ll edit.

Point here is that there are people who a naturally drawn to invest in the stock market. I am seeing legions of people buy their first stock (or coin), the same way I saw people who never collected anything in their life, all the sudden decide they should pay this area of life A LOT of attention.

What do you see out there?

9 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus: The Stock Market Investing Craze”

  1. My daughter jumped on the beanie baby craze. She’s 25 now and doesn’t look at them but won’t let us throw them out. We are storing 6 tubs of them. We are thinking of downsizing,moving,retiring and I sure don’t want to take beanie babies with me!!

    1. I’d tell her to come get them or OUT they go! I hope you would not allow 6 tubs of beanie babies (needless clutter) to keep you from moving / retiring. That would be ridiculous don’t you think? None of us has forever. Don’t be a hoarder for her.

  2. Well what I have been told
    The stock market is a place for the impatient to loose money
    And the patient to make money(Buffet)
    Not sure who’s holding??
    Or who is off their meds ??
    Where the trends of spending mean enough to change it up .
    As always ,unsure who or what’s on third?
    Guarantee,we will still be able
    To try on the next day , bet it is a
    Beautiful moon against that black
    Sky.howling or not

  3. Influencing ‘a large group’
    Influencing ‘a false god’
    Influencing ‘the divine’
    Influencing ‘unconscious collective forces’
    Influencing ‘Archetypal patterning’

  4. I always though beanie babies were the stupidest thing to collect. That’s just me though, with no Taurus and an 8th house sun and moon. I was never attracted to them.

  5. Wednesday early,just sharing
    Went to lumber store yesterday went to nursery yesterday both places told me they wouldn’t take my cash as they can’t get change you have to make an appointment at the bank for change and both groups mentioned how difficult that was in scheduling when they were open so they were just taking plastic which is been trying to avoid so wondering as last summer I worked in a little ice cream store and we too could not get change we couldn’t get pennies we had to change the pricing because we were handing out change running out of it and couldn’t replace it and the bank wouldn’t give it so that might be what’s up or on third I like using my money my cash because when it’s gone that’s not a go without the plastic is always a surprise ending for me OK marching forward
    Still missing the dude but my lips are sealed and fingers tied
    Refusing to be the starving dog on a meat train,I will stick to my Hail Marys

  6. There was a massive increase in stock market investing before the crash in 1929. I recall reading that even the shoeshine boys were getting into investing.

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