Did You Have Less Sex With Saturn In Scorpio?

scorpio-ring1There is a great discussion about sex, here: How to keep your clothes on for 90 days. It’s about delaying sex in order to gain power, but the conversation took many turns.

MagicZara wrote, “This seems to be a fairly trendy thing, with Saturn in Scorpio…”

I predicted that when Saturn hit Scorpio it would put an end to “friends with benefits” for most. Which it did, to large extent. I saw this among my clients. One gal used to sleep with several men a week. She now sleeps with one a month…or none at all!

With Saturn in Scorpio, death became real.  People have had less energy and they’ve had to focus on survival.

Even the people on top, like celebrities, have seen their brands fade.  It’s got to be terrifying and humbling to be a big star with a string of flopped movies.  You have other things on your mind, besides your crotch.

Things like, where is the floor here, anyway?

Have your sex habits changed in the last two years? How?

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  1. Never occurred to me that’s what was going on. We practice NFP so it’s not unusual for us to go a while. Timing is everything. Yet I got immersed in my career with Jupiter transit in 2-3 houses. Will be interesting to see what changes since Sag is my 7th house.

  2. totally true! I am a Taurus with Scorpio rising and had a really emotionally demanding year due to my parents being in a terrible car accident which caused the death of an aunty.Previous to Saturn in Scorpio I was happy with my casual sexual encounters with friends with benefits…this year it was the end to that…I am totally disinterested in casual sexual rendez-vous…

  3. I was celibate for the entire thing up until October, after I had started a relationship with a true blue guy. We waited for a while.

    It was all very simple, the resolve to no longer cast pearls before swine.

  4. I had more sex. My ex-husband and I kept separate bedrooms for years then finally divorced in June of 2012. I walked into a bar on December 23, 2012 and met the man who would become my boyfriend on and off for a rollercoaster of nearly two years.

  5. My sex drive went down like the stock market does on a very bad day. It was only about two months ago that my sex drive went up again, back to normal. I have a very um…fleshly chart, haha.

  6. For the first year, yes. Then, the 2 main partners were both experiences in which issues around sex was the main theme of the relationships

  7. I was celibate for a year, and then went another 6 months celibate too. And I’m a sexual gal, but I found myself no longer sexually attracted to just any one and instead it had to involve an emotional attachment

  8. I do think that delaying sex is a smart thing to do… I’m highly Pluto/Scorpio… and i used to be so freakin sexual and with all my Aries I’d jump right in, but I noticed a difference in the way men would treat me because of it vs. my Venus Cappy friend that would always wait and discipline the guy to realize that she was a prize to be earned

  9. With one guy though, I waited too long.. just FYI … and I think it made him extremely insecure… and actually I’d say, 90 days is potentially maybe too long… before I experimented with this myself, I always argued, well if he really cares about you then it won’t matter how long he waits, but I learned otherwise… And, the next guy the tables got turned on me, and he did what I did to the other guy and it made me realize how inadequate you feel when someone denies you sex. It was really confusing … I wanted him so badly ya know? and it made me realize that’s exactly how the guy before felt about me, and he would express that… and I didn’t see his perspective until it happened to me

  10. Well, I was pregnant and had a new baby through most of it, so yes, I had less sex during Saturn in Scorpio. 😉 During the pregnancy, I lost all my sexdrive for the first trimester, and after the first trimester, it was more because my Husband was “scared” of the belly. After the pregnancy, I couldn’t even sit up properly for 10 weeks or so. I also breastfed my Baby until she was 1-year-old and chose not to have any. I didn’t realize how much it messed with my hormones until I fully stopped, and I had my first sexdream in a year or so!

  11. I have natal Scorpio Saturn conjunct Moon. I need commitment before anything else happens. Already in a commitment but spouse has PTSD from seeing me give birth to the kids 5 years ago so he never goes down there anymore. I’m not celibate but magic happens AT LEAST every 3-6 months if I’m lucky. Saturn Scorpio transit made me question honestly how I can ever be happy when sex is almost non-existent in my life. Porn would bring me to tears because I don’t know if I’ll ever experience such things ever again. I’ve been enticed with opportunities for casual hankey-pankey with FWB this year but I never went through with them. My commitments are too deep to my spouse and children. I rather relinquish my desires than to see a FWB be in love, in PUBLIC with someone else. Saturn in Scorpio was terrible. I felt like I was gutted alive and now I feel like everything is sewn back into my body and am currently taking large doses of painkillers from the aftermath….

    1. aww, cuspy, i’m sorry. you are not alone, this was me, and just like i you, i chose the harder path of following through with my commitments.

      let’s hope it pays off 🙂

  12. I could never have imagined such a difficult period in sexual relationships than this “Saturn in Scorpio” time, though I must admit that I had seen it coming since Saturn’s transit in Libra. Saturn also touched my natal Moon – which, as I found out by looking for explanations – only made relationships with women worse. For an Aries guy like me, and taking also into account Pluto in Capricorn squaring my Mars, among other planets, this has been a personal death of some sort, phychological and sexual for sure. Survival became THE only issue – and when survival is a priority, one doesn’t think too much about sex, does one? Even the quality of sex deteriorated – how it felt like, it’s intensity, it’s meaning. It’s like I cannot enjoy those I am attracted to – because they don’t respond to my “call”. Whatever this may all be, I wish that better days in relationships and sex will dawn for all of us.

    1. Thank you Elsa, it’s good to be here. And thank you so much for your insightful write-ups. Also, it’s very comforting to see the comments of other people going through – more or less – the same phase. Good work – all the best to you! 🙂

  13. Sex in the 60+ years is the best yet. Love and appreciation for the physical intimacies of older bodies is something special, and very different than at any other decade. Less is more is not just a line. I know more about myself and my aging body, that wisdom unlocks my hesitancies about asking for what I need and want. There is a sweet reward for being in love and sharing love in the second half of life.

  14. I went four months without sex which I am so proud of haha. My coworkers looked at me in disbelief. They were younger than me though.

  15. It’s felt more like Fall to me in that sense – that things lie fallow for awhile. Meanwhile, retooling, confirming that sex isn’t just physical but has to have the emotional aspect to be worthwhile. It’s been less physical and more mental. We still engage each other but on a different level.

  16. well i’d have to say that this was the first year ever that I was comfortable to do something *different*; it’s what my husband has been begging for me to do for years. I just never felt comfortable with it, so no way. But i’ll say that i was pleasantly surprised and it was quite pleasurable. 🙂 It’s nothing crazy, since it’s most “Common” for married or committed partners, but for me, it was, no way i wouldn’t go there. my 8th house doesn’t want to say what it is, but it’s really not unusual.

    1. I think I know what you mean. Said I would never go there. Went there with the Capricorn ex last year because he wanted it really bad. Wasn’t horrible.

      1. awww, misti, you know that joke with married couples? The one where the man says to his buddies, “now that i have her, i can have all the sex and bjs i want!!” and when he finally got married, he didn’t get it. XD That’s just a little hint. 😉 merry christmas!! hope you find happiness and maybe it’s your capricorn guy.

  17. Yes! Definitely less sex in the last two years and most definitely because there were more important things happening.

    What I want to know is, will that change now?

    1. That was my concern too. I think we will move forward with what we gained from this period – maybe a deeper appreciation for what’s truly important and the ability to discern what’s worth pursuing.

  18. Yes! when Saturn went into Scorpio I heard the rafters crack..& the relationship that i was in..It was the end & truly have felt in the deep freeze until just recently..But with a different perspective

  19. OMG! I jumped into a relationship and found out he was -ahem- inadequate in bed. I was stuck, and just had to deal with (out) it. As soon as Saturn hit Sag, I was off to the races with a new lover! …and boy what a lover!

  20. I can’t really say I had less sex, in fact the more pissed off and frustrated I got at life = the more I wanted sex. My husband went the other direction (sort of) decided less sex with me, but more sex with someone else. Not that he had the balls to tell me that. But when I found out early this year (seems like another life ago now), I went pretty crazy doing whatever I pleased with whomever I pleased. It was a really hard time for me personally, but wonderful in other aspects like finally being able to do things I had only read about and wondered about. Met some cool people, a few duds, but gained a lot of life experience. Maybe in all the wrong ways, but I feel more confident in myself in an odd way. I used to always wait for someone to make the moves, and now I make the moves. Now I am in a position where I am trying to get along with the “husband” and see if things can be worked things out, and he still wants less sex and more “friendship.” I still want more sex because I am not dead yet. I’m thinking at this point = its not going to work. I want someone to want me. I’m tired of feeling unfulfilled. Maybe I spent too much time being in the “marriage friendzone” and its time to live my life the way I want . . .

  21. Yes… I got married just before saturn entered scorpio, and went from having frequent sex with FWB to bad sex (premature ejaculation -like 5 seconds – and just incompatible sexual timings and etc) once a month or less.
    Maybe that will end soon, if it’s a saturn in scorpio thing. Fingers crossed.

    I also learned during this time that sex is a way bigger deal to me than I thought it was. I thought I was self sufficient sexually (mars house 1) and I didn’t really need someone else to be ok, but now i crave the intimacy and all the scorpio side of sex. I also want it to be fun and not awkward and frustrating.
    Planning a divorce for next year or so.

  22. I have Saturn in Scorpio in my seventh house this year had chosen bad sexual partner left me feeling bad I agree Saturn in Scorpio bad news for relationships for me happy new year 2015 hoping for better Saturn in sagg. Marian

  23. Yes! Didn’t think about the connection. Also had my hysterectomy during Saturn in Scorpio. Maybe I’ll get my groove back soon. The medications I am taking for other health problems have also nullified libido and it’s not very good for a Scorpio woman’s morale.

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