Uranus Square Pluto – Structural Change and Transformation

Mercury is under fire and will continue to be stressed through the first week of May.  With Uranus and Pluto aspecting the planet, I am seeing people assert themselves, issuing orders that change (Uranus) and transform (Pluto) the structure (Capricorn) the structure of their lives.  In many cases, this is in response to a crisis and it’s a good and proper thing to do.

For example, my son has horrible transits right now. Rather than wait for them to end (in 2-3 years), I took decisive action yesterday. Where he’s spent 12 days a month with his father since we separated 10 years ago, he will now spend zero nights a month, which is his preference. He’s still see his father of course. It’s just that the schedule we’ve been on is old and outworn and so I tossed it yesterday and all parties involved are now enormously relieved.

Still you can see what a huge change this is.  Vid has spent roughly 200 hours a month with his father and will now see him about 12-15 hours a month. This kind of thing that has be done.

If you have a crisis in your life right now, think of making a sweeping change.  You don’t want to wait for things to go back the way they were because it is simply not going to happen. Also, little tweaks will have little effects and when you’ve got a crisis on your hands, little effects are now what you want.

Also remember that change begets change. It’s like climbing on a raft, to run down the river. Once you’re moving, you’re movin and the place where you stepped onto the raft is left behind and quickly becomes irrelevent.

Have you recently made a huge change in your life?  Alternately, do you sense you should?

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15 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto – Structural Change and Transformation”

  1. Elsa, you seem to be reading the collective mind very well:) This post is so in time! I am contemplating big changes today- even had to take a day off cos i am too stressed and this has affected my lungs again (mars-mercury square in solar return). So i started realising if i want to get better, i NEED changes.

  2. I just love when kids are able to participate in the choice of where they live. From parental legal rights to what’s best for the child. Applause, applause, applause. And everyone is happy with it. Alleluia, what could be better. Thanks for sharing your success story.

    Overall, this piece made me giggle at myself. The easy way would be to go get back into that old worn out raft I left back there somewhere and make some dollars and probably be miserable. But I really like the new raft even though it is not generating much income. I’ve tried to do this before, go back. I get as far as filling out the app or entering the building for an interview and I turn around and leave. I just don’t have the energy to do it anymore. The work has to give something back to me or I deplete.

    It’s not really a crisis, but there are so many options right now, I don’t really know exactly where I am going job $$ wise. I’m allowing the doors to open as they open and perhaps a wallet will open up and share. Am thinking about saturn moving into scorpio and sharing resources?

  3. Yes, the structure of my life is changing. Thanks for your vivid Vid example to give flesh to what I’m not sure of. I get that the change will be significant … and probably large, and deep. Exhale.

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    curious wanderer

    Big change is on the menu from a month ago until the end of summer. Good change, shaking things up for the better.

  5. Yes I have made huge changes on a mostly internal level. This has been a 7 year process since pluto crossed an angle in my chart. I am more than ready to initiate all kinds of external changes. I am committing to putting this cardinal energy to great use. I have a heavy natal Saturn signature in my chart which gives me a fearful, cautious nature. I love the caution but abhor the fearfulness. Because the last 7 years have been filled with barrels of shock, trauma, and loss, I would say that this 7 years was worth it because I recieved the beautiful diamond that is true fearlessness and learning to let go. I am grateful.

  6. This is showing up at home where I’ve begun initiating changes with my stepkids this past week. I had to set down some house rules as they were beginning to take advantage of me. I had been feeling sorry for them ever since their mom took off months ago so I spoiled them a bit. They now expect me to continue being a supermom but my work has suffered so much this past year and I’m feeling burned out by their constant need for attention and their expectation that I spend all my time with them. They’re 13 and 15 — old enough to plan their own weekend activities with friends! If I have to play another round of Wii resort I’m going to fuckin’ explode.

  7. I felt compelled to respond to your post, Elsa. Thank you, as always, for providing such keen truth and insight. I’ve been working to re-establish a more sacred relationship with the divine feminine for years – but especially so this past year. It’s become so clear to me that we protect what we love – but we need to become clear about what we love, what we value, cherish and regard as precious. Once you are clear – protect it! Preserve it! Whatever changes that need to be made structurally or otherwise – make them! Do you love this earth? Protect it! Do you love a relationship in your life? Preserve and protect it! Do what is necessary to sustain and nurture it — not tomorrow or sometime in the future — now, today. The Aries energy in me (Sun/Mercury Aries) feels an urgency about this and a need to speak up and out…

  8. I sense I should. I think that if I make one sweeping change it will change a couple of other areas in my life too.

  9. I should. I was going to. But now I am freaked out and frozen and don’t know how to handle any of it, since the plans I made to do so were utterly unfeasible and I’m not at all sure what IS feasible.

  10. for a long time there’s been a desire to escape from home and lead a completely different life. I’ve mostly tried to keep it down for the sake of being practical, but it’s getting incredibly strong lately. I sorely want to just get away from my stuffy family and get out into the world, but I know I can’t because I don’t have the means or the funds…

  11. Hmmm…after living out the morning with this post perculating I see where a big structural change is happening: My 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and communications. Uranus transits my 3rd H in Aries and the fire is burning:
    Both my brother and a neighbor (born with Sag Sun) called me up and want to “ask me some questions” … the sweeping change is in my communications. With my sibling, I have turned my cellphone off and created a “Planned Retreat” for myself giving me the time and the power to choose when or if I call back with answers. With my neighbor (new to me) who wants to have conversations about things “Because I inspire her,” I’ve said the one question she had I am not able or willing to answer because I’ve made a commitment to not talk about it for at least 6-12 mths. The other question is about exploring how she might be ‘taught’ but no offer to pay for it.

    Uranus is in my 6th house naturally/natally and health and sudden on-set or recovery from a illness is in the recovery mode. The insight is mine. Somewhere on this blog Elsa, you wrote about no longer getting colds because you discovered who your triggers were. OMG how long does it take, geez.

  12. I also let this one percolate…and am very glad.

    Being struck by lightning (metaphorically, ahem) is kinda fun, when you know that is what is likely to happen. Riding a wave is massive win. Getting hit by it, unawares…er, not so much.

    Tonight, I had the most amazing and authentic meal that reminded me of the place I want to call home, in the place I refuse to call home. And it gave me the strength to not have to turn up the volume to say: I am going home. I do appreciate how much you want me here, but you guys are killing me with it. F everything you care about, the details that do not please me…what does one say, except: I love you too, shrug, no.

    If your love is poison I don’t want any more than my system can process without getting sick. Recently learned what healthy feels like, and I like it much better. N

    Thanks, Elsa. You make the difference between a high score and epic fail, in my game.

  13. Yes 🙂

    Moved out own my own.
    Told boss I want to be included more on tasks.
    Began working out.
    Stopped feeling sorry for the world & myself. <3

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