Taurus: Famous For Their Memory

The soldier, recalling times three decades past:

“Do you remember our alarm clock, P? The one we had when we were kids?”


“It had one of those sticks in the back you pulled out when you wanted it go off.”

“Oh yeah, I do remember that.”

“Yeah, it used to sit on the nightstand. And then you had that big makeup case in the bathroom and we had one of those phones you had to dial. It was a rotary phone that made a big noise, like this.” He made the sound of a rotary phone and I smiled. “Yeah, we had that big loud phone and then later they came out with push button phones and we had one of those in our next… the second apartment.”


“Yeah, it had big fat square buttons that lit up.”

As soon as he said it I could see the phone so I nodded.

“Yeah, so we had a stick-in-the-back alarm clock, albums, a rotary phone and we used to get groceries with you riding on the back of the motorcycle balancing them. Paper bags stuffed full since they didn’t have plastic grocery bags yet.”

“Uh huh.”

“Nope. No plastic grocery bags yet and no microwaves but we did have that noisy phone, so P? If anyone asks you, you can tell them I’ve loved you since phones went…” he made the rotary phone noise and I cracked up.

“Sorry, P, but I just don’t forget a thing especially when it comes to you. I pretty much know every hair and mole on your body. I have always remembered everything because I have just not forgotten.”

Do you have a good memory? Have Taurus in your chart? What about Scorpio?

8 thoughts on “Taurus: Famous For Their Memory”

  1. No, I have a terrible memory. Moon in Scorpio in the 12th. I don’t have much say in what I remember. Things float in and out.

    Neptune is there in the 12th too and I’m the worst at the “name that tune” game. My musician man is always exasperated with me for being utterly unable to name any song in the first few notes. But random cheesy lyrics will pop in my head when I’m doing a tarot reading or just out of the blue and they will NOT be ignored.

    Taurus on the descendant. I always seem to have partners with elephant like memories. 🙂

  2. What a sweetie he is! 🙂

    I’ve an annoyingly good memory. I read somewhere that Cancer has retentive memory so I put it down to natal Cancer ascendant. I do have Uranus in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio, so perhaps they help too.

    I think my memory bank is filed alphabetically, because if at times a name escapes me (of a movie star or similar) I always know the correct initial – strange!

  3. my memory is either really good or really bad. depends on whether or not something’s important to me.
    but i’m always finding myself correcting other people’s stories about things that happened in the distant past.
    specifically, my short-term memory is awful (or, well, i “space out” a lot- “where are my keys????”) but my long term memory scares people. *shrug*

    my mercury’s in taurus opposite uranus in scorpio.
    and they’re both square saturn.

  4. I’m with wyrdling on this. Depends on how important the memory is to me. Mercury in Aries conjunct Saturn and square Cappy Moon. I’m a typical absent-minded professor type.

  5. Very good memory, starting from nine months old. I always “win” the “When’s your first memory?” game. 😉 And I agree with wyrdling, I find myself correcting other’s stories – especially my Gemini mom!

    I don’t know if the Cancer part is true or not, but I’ve got it rising. My only Taurus is Chiron, which I know jack-all about, but plenty of Scorp influence. Although I’ve only got the one planet in Scorpio, the eighth is the focus of my basket chart and contains my chart ruler.

    (Look! I’m learning!)

  6. Oh! I forgot to say what I was going to in the first place:
    I miss rotary phones! These itty-bitty, “boop boop beep boop,” cordless things irritate me. I want a phone with a headset so heavy you can use it as a weapon, and that stays in one place so people have a hard time getting ahold of you if you’re in another room. 🙂

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