Uranus Transit Conjunct Ascendant: The Art Museum

JaggerWhen Uranus transits a point in your chart, things speed up. There’s much experimentation and sudden change. The point is to revolutionize the part of the life indicated.

In this case, we’re talking about the ascendant, or the appearance. The ascendant shows how you present, your first handshake, your façade…  you get the idea. With natal Uranus in then 7th house – the transit plays on the love and beauty front and here is what happened:

I was in the Art Museum with my pal, Kay. Kay was the a double Aquarian that bocked like a chicken to pick up a man and only shaved one of her legs.

A man came rushing up to us, he looked like Mick Jagger . He was obviously gay in his tight black pants and his purple shirt. He’s got to be a Leo, that’s what I thought.

He grabbed my hair on both sides of my face and he clucked and surveyed. He was animated.  Apparently, he was an artist and he wanted to cut my hair. I mean he is an ar-Teest and he wanted to cut my hair. I started to laugh because he was funny.

“Yes! Marvelous,” he said. “It would be marvelous! Can I cut your hair? You will love it, dahling. You will love how I make you look!”

“Huh?” I said stupidly. I’d not been in town very long. “I don’t know,” I said, wondering if he was serious.

Well, he was serious. Not only did he want to cut my hair; he wanted to cut it right then, as in right this minute, in the middle of the art museum.

I’d not have believed it, but he pointed up ahead and sure enough he had an impromptu salon set up right in the middle of museum?  There is a proper barber chair, elevated on a red platform no less. Gotta love that.

His voice was  dramatic and kind of breathless.  “I am a famous stylist! I’m WONDERFUL. So? Can I cut your hair? You will be fabulous, I promise.”

I looked at Kay for a vote and she winked and nudged me. “Must be that Uranus whomping you on the head,” she said teasing me. “You said it would change your appearance. Well here’s your chance. I say go for it!”

Hair Styling As Performance Art

denny dentCut my hair on the spot? I had a lump in my throat but I was game. I knew the guy was a Leo. He had to be. My Leo Venus took the stage to complement him.

“Well, come on!” I said with a wink. “Let’s get this show on the road!” He beamed because we had a natural connection.

We walked over to his “shop”, I stepped onto the platform and slowly sat down in the chair. I was wearing my sister’s clothes again, so I looked good and I decided to milk this for all it was worth.

Have you ever seen that artist who does all the art festivals? Denny Dent. He plays his music real loud while he paints upside down in a matter of minutes? It’s dramatic art and this is what this hair stylist was after, I could tell.

People would stop to watch what he would do to my hair. He liked this and I liked it too. I could see I was going to be part of a show, so I started smiling around. Let’s give these people what they want.

Dishy Guy

My hair was long and the Leo took a piece in front and cut ten inches  with great flair. I loved it. I could see the crowd. He couldn’t but he didn’t need to because he knew he has them balls from the first snip. Fuck it. Camera’s rolling, isn’t it? I served up the biggest grin I’ve got.

A dozen people were watching and within two minutes that doubled. My Leo Venus quickly ran through her repertoire trying to figure when persona to play. I scanned the audience for a clue and there is he. A dishy guy, staring at me. Yep. He was staring at me and he was going to stare until I noticed, I could tell.

I answered his stare by looking at him intently. A small smile, a few teeth. I am deadly, I admit it. I looked at him thinking “Yeah I see you, whatcha got?”

Dishy guy smiled back. He was locked on now and he was pleased. I was pleased too. I like men with a heat-seeking missile. There is lots of promise in that.

Meanwhile the stylist was humming as he snipped. Softly. This was an art museum, people whisper. The Leo hair artist was cutting the same hair three times and I chuckled. He was milkin’ it too and that was fine with me. I was in no hurry. I had a man to play with and this is some seriously unexpected fun.  I silently thanked the universe and continued to look at the guy who brought his hand to his face and started vamping, coy.

I liked this, so I maintained eye contact and chuckled. I even managed to blush a little and he approved, smiling and nodding his head. He had dimples and man was he cute. He was cute to illegal degree so I flashed another big smile.

He mouthed to me “you look good” and that did it. This is when I knew I would be leaving this museum with this guy.

Finish with a flourish

Leo gold black red lion

I know I’m leaving the museum with Dishy, but he doesn’t have to know it exact yet so I broke eye contact with him to scan the crowd for Kay. There were forty people gathered to watch the haircut and yep, there she was. She’d found herself a hippie to talk to and she looked happy. I caught her eye and we exchanged smiles when, whoops! Here comes dishy guy again.

He walked behind the crowd trying to determine who I was looking at. Oh how funny. He was making all kinds of faces and it seemed he wanted to know who is more interesting than he was so I laughed. He stood behind the people, pointing at their heads and mouthing, “This one?”

I shook my head as he moved behind the crowd, shaking my head no until he pointed to Kay. “This one?” I nodded yes. “Your friend?” he mouthed. I nodded, yes and he smiled wide. Big smile. He scooted between the people so he was standing next to her and I laughed. What’s he gonna do?

He started talking to her, indicating me, talking to her, nodding back at me. Whatever he was saying, she liked it. Kay was laughing. He was charming my friend and he looked up at me smugly. “How am I doing?” he mouthed.

He knew damned well how he was doing, the crafty bastard. I was kind of in love with him, but then I remembered someone was cutting my hair. Oh crap! I hoped he was doing a good job.

Panic must have crossed my face because I looked up and dishy guy was reassuring me. He was giving me a thumbs up. Way up. Over his head, UP. He whispered in Kay’s ear, and she started doing the thumb thing too. It could not be as good as they are indicating, but that was okay. I didn’t care anymore. Hair grows back! I was having an unforgettable experience, regardless.

Dishy guy continued to play. He was play-acting, putting his hand over his heart like he was overcome with my beauty. I wanted to kick his ass. No really. I want to get out of the chair, tackle him and mount him on the spot but I laughed instead. It was hot in there though. Very hot. I raised my hand to my forehead so he’d know he laughed.

The haircut ended. The hair artist removed the cape with flourish. Dishy guy started the people clapping and I blushed, this time for real.

The stylist handed me a mirror, I looked at myself wearing the best haircut I have ever had in my life. Keeping one eye on the dishy guy, I thanked the stylist and he gave me a card with a slight bow.

Dishy guy was standing off to the side. The way we were looking at each other, you’d have thought we had history 10 years back. I stepped off the stage and headed right for him.

I left the museum with my new boyfriend and my new look.

The end.

(astrology notes… the stylist was in fact a double Leo. Dishy Guy was a Sagittarius with a Pisces Moon…)

8 thoughts on “Uranus Transit Conjunct Ascendant: The Art Museum”

  1. Ooooh I can’t wait to know whether you said yes!!!

    (I have uranus in 7th too, and I definitely would have said yes lol)

  2. Oh my God, if you did it that was so brave! I have had a couple of hair tragedies in my life, and it was not pretty. I am a true-blue hair-obsessed Leo, that is for sure – one of my worst haircuts was an “expert” at the L’Oreal Salon in NYC. My friend and I saved up our money for a couple of months to “treat” ourselves. The cut was so bad, I wore my hair up on my head like Pebbles Flintstone for about 6 weeks. This was early-on in my relationship with my husband, but he will still bring it up from time to time, because he could not believe how completely ridiculously I reacted lol.

  3. Maybe it is Saturn in Leo? (trine Venus) but I take hair very seriously. I have vivid memories of having all my hair cut off when I was 8 and I still think about it, that marked me!!!

  4. I love the story..uranus was going to make you notice his transit !.I have a question about that…why would you look to where natal uarnus was if it was a transiting uranus on your ascendent? I have this transit coming up in december, but it is a square (oh no!)..uranus square ascendant . also, my natal uranus is in my 1st house..few degrees past my ascendant . not sure what to make of this. hope I can recognize myself afterwards.

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