Attracting What You Lack: Taurus the Bull

I am still surrounded by Taurus and meeting them everywhere I go. I have four birthdays to tend to this week alone, never mind the Taurus Moons I know.

When you are inundated with people of one sign, invariably you need their energy in your life very badly. And considering that Taurus grounds you, and I met two more Bulls last week alone it’s obvious to me that I’m (still) unstable and I am gaining more respect and appreciation for their qualities by the day.

Who are you meeting these days? Learning anything?

12 thoughts on “Attracting What You Lack: Taurus the Bull”

  1. Libra first and foremost. I love them for their opinions, they offer me different views that I hadn’t thought of. I hate riding with them in large parking lots though….up and down…back and forth! I finally told one to them to “just park”!

  2. I’m a Scorpio. My immediate family are all Scorpio, except for a Leo and an Aries. The vast majority of my friends have been Leo and Aries as well. Except for the two men in my life that I might have married had things been different. They were both Virgos. Leo/Aries aren’t scared of my energy, and I find Virgo energy calming and intellectually rewarding.

  3. Lately I have met nothing but Libra/Scorpios. I need their energy badly because they are forcing me to deal with my Libra South Node. These people never want to get too close too fast, and always keep new people at arm’s length. This is exactly what I need since with my South Node I tend to attach to other people way too quickly. They balance me out.

  4. Funny, I’ve had a lifelong relationship with Taurus. I recently found out that my (older) half-brother, who I’ve never had a relationship with, is a Taurus, and suddenly it seemed to make sense. Somehow, I was supposed to have a big Taurean influence in my life. There’s no way for me to get it from him for various reasons, so the Universe has seen fit to place Bull after Bull directly in my path! So far, I’ve had 2 ex-boyfriends, 1 lover, and I don’t know how many friends, close and casual, who are/were all Taurus.

    Also, I pick up the occasional Scorpio… Two of my best friends are Scorpios, the other is a Bull. *boggle!*

  5. Now that you mention it, I have a lot of b-days in Taurus to celebrate as well, but I wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t all told me.

    Could it be that Taurus is just more into birthdays? Because these people are not necessarily here, they are just having birthdays. Come to think of it- I always have the most fun with Taurii, who better to go eat and drink with? but I wouldn’t call them the heaviest presence in my life. I attract water for sure. and cardinal signs.

  6. As a double Sag that I am, I have something with Gemini, I suppose I´ts the complementary energy or the fact that my NNode is in that sign, opposing my sun and ascendant.Two of my best friends and my worst “opponent” at the workplace are Gemini, all busy bees, quick and rather tricky. In Celtic astrology we would all 4 belong to the same tree, the ash.
    Then there are plenty of aquarians,like my father, with which friendship and communication is easy (Aquarius moon myself) and a bunch of edgy/critical virgos, like my mother, who teach me that details are important, even for a jupiterine.
    And scorpios, like my husband…I have no special knack about them, but they seem to have it about me!
    Sorry to say that, of all 12 signs,Taurus is maybe the one I relate to the least!

  7. As a leo, most friends and relationships in the past were with air/fire signs. Lately more earth/water. Last few b’friends were cancer, virgo and now pisces. I lack earth/water in my chart…so am likely needing it badly. Maybe this has to do with my house purchase two yrs ago….

    And not that it’s conscious or I don’t like these signs, but over the course of my entire life I have known one POSSIBLY two Aquarians, Taureans, Scorpians, Geminians and Cancer sun signs. I don’t seek them out…and the one’s I do meet, are not actively in my life.

  8. I’m a Taurus.

    I attract a lot of water signs in my life. My two sisters and dad are Cancers, and my best friends are mostly Cancers, especially female Cancers. I attract alot of Scorpios in my life both male and female. And my Descendant is in Pisces which is also the missing leg of my Venus-Gemini MC conj opps to Neptune-Sag IC t-square Saturn-Virgo AC conjunction.

    Coincidentally, I go gaga over women with alot of Piscian/Neptunian traits similiar to Drew Barrymore, a quintessential Pisces. My Virgo AC and 7th House Aries Mercury opps 1st House Libra Pluto HAS TO HAVE total mutual honesty and trust in a relationship or I start going batty. For an evolved Pisces that’s not a problem but for an unevolved one that keeps alot of secrets and makes alot of ommissions on the truth – it’s going to hurt and I’m going to have to get out of that relationship.

    All together, I’ve noticed I tend to get along better with people born on the cusps (my b-day is April 23). I also noticed I get along with Virgos, Leos, some fellow Taurians (the tastefully inclined, most bore the shit out of me), Libras (if they can put up with my rambunctious Uranian traits) and the occasional lonely Capricorn (though usually best never to talk politics and religion with a Cap, it’s scary).

    In general I can’t stand Sags (I have a few in my family) and there are going to be fights with Aries.

    And Aquarians don’t know how to keep dates though they are always up for doing new things IF they can keep a date. Aquarians give Taurians a run for their money for being the biggest hard heads of the Zodiac. Nonetheless Aquarians are a lot of fun as long as sex isn’t involved because they don’t know if they are coming or going.

  9. I’ve been getting alot of people with air sign ascendants but with a key water planet in the first house. @_@’ Weird combination..dunno what it means…mostly moon in the first house people and a couple of pluto in the first houses.

  10. I am a pisces sun, virgo moon, cancer rising. I have a lot of taurus in my life. One of my sisters is a taurus. My husband is a taurus. (I dated a lot of taurus me.) Two of my children are taurus. TOne of my good friends is a taurus.

    OTOH, I notice among my siblings, we seem to have an attraction to people with some leo. My taurus husband has a leo rising as does my pisces daughter (we share a birthday!)My taurus daughter has a leo moon. One of my sisters had two leo sun children and another with a leo rising.

    Nine years ago, fate must have decide my earth-water nuclear family composed of 3 taurus and 2 pisces needed a kick in the pants. At 41, I gave birth to a double aquarius with a gemini rising.

  11. i used to meet alot of Aries dominant so maybe it meant i needed to be more brash, more courageous, independent; but that’s usually in the partnership realm. However, i’ve deviated away from that many years ago. As for attracting friends/friendship i think it’s everything. there isn’t a specific lack. I still kept my long time friends from my first long term workplace from when i was 20-27 twenties. they’re Aries/pisces, one scorpio, one sagittarius with heavy capricorn. Before, i had best friends in my middle school who were Scorpio sun/libra moon and a Capricorn with Pisces moon/aqua venus/mars. i had one taurus good friend in between. But we kept losing touch. my son turned out to be a double fire, but with libra mars. i still have a good friend in the Uk, cancer sun/pisces moon/leo venus. When i went to visit her, i bought her alot of nice beautiful things: perfume but good quality, purses, scarfs, blouses, chocolates even, and the best kind, as i was staying at her home as she offered. And took her out to dinner. She really loves it alot. I didnt really think about it, i just organically knew she’d love to be spoiled. (maybe it’s my sagittarius parts because sag is super generous just like the other three fire signs) lol However, living from a distance is difficult so we keep in touch by phone or free phone app every so often.

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