Who Carries The Shadow For The Collective? Scorpio? Pluto? 8th House?

Busted writes on Suffering In The Collective:

Cool post Elsa. Really smart perceptive idea. Your sister and Elizabeth Smart – how do you think Scorpio or Pluto might be different in performing this suffering or containing negativity function for others? Big questions for me, as Pisces Sun opposite Pluto.

Busted – there is no difference I can perceive. People with a lot of Scorpio or focus on the 8th house carry and contain the shadow for the collective, period. Not to make them sound like victims, though which was the problem with Nancy Grace trying to move Elizabeth Smart. She kept trying to cast her as a poor and pitiful victim and Smart just could not relate.

Also, people under strong Pluto transits are going to have these types of experiences. If Pluto is transiting conjunct your Sun, then tag, you’re it although the effect will be temporary.

When it comes to containing the shadow does anyone perceive a difference between planets in Scorpio, planets in the 8th or people with an otherwise strong Plutonian signature?

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  1. well, i have the eighth house, and my best friend has the scorpio.
    and i can hide it better.
    i think? she just radiates it and people throw their stuff on her like crazy. they’re magnetized to her.
    though i think maybe i intimidate people? i used to think they didn’t notice me, but i’m not so sure anymore….

  2. I have a co-worker with a loaded 8H and I try to do no harm and be helpful. I feel bad for her, but the things she pulls is also her own making…like all of us. We are what we put out to the universe.

    Best of luck everyone. I had a hellish day…neptune or some planet messing with me!

  3. I don’t mean that! I was thinking of my friend who has problems in one area of her life (that she would see as a problem anyway) and we’ve talked about how to change it. I just hate seeing her unhappy and in pain. It’s up to her if she wants to see things differently, change or do nothing. It’s her life and she’ll figure it out. I wasn’t thinking of applying this to something like kidnapping…sorry I may have replied to this in err and w/o reading the post correctly…just thinking of my8H friend.

    Also, I didn’t mean to imply that I wasn’t taking accountability for my bad day by blaming it on a transit or something…I was just writing out loud. My fingers are exiting now.


  4. My sister hasn’t much in the way of Scorpio, but does have Pluto on her ASC and Sun/Moon in the 8th House. She had no interest in astrology until we started speaking of this very topic.
    Let’s just say: her eyes went very big!

  5. Gem – I think I might have sounded harsh, which is not how I felt. I just have this topic on my mind hoping for the time / opportunity to say more and I am afraid I bursting! Sorry for how that came out.

    kashmiri… I am glad about your sister. I really hope I can get more done on this. I hate that I have 11 things going and nothing finished!! I have another 6 or 8 cock-blocking posts in my head, Gah!

  6. Oh, you weren’t harsh. I just don’t like to be misconstrued…when it happens, it’s super frustrating and I can never get out of it and always end up apologizing. My karma I suppose.

    As regards pluto, I have been getting hit heavy by pluto these last few years and it keeps going up and down my venus…so I’m just messed up delusional brain matter today, just trying to keep my heart in check (& on the daily basis). It is such a struggle…feels so heavy…and for all intents and purposes my life is good – awesome in fact! What is up with that???

    Lots of change in the air.

    I hope everone’s day is more grounded.

  7. I was definitely projected on in high school and college…and I never knew why until I got into astrology. That whole time, Pluto was either crossing my DSC, in the 7th house, or squaring my Sun. I wasn’t too pleasant of a person to be around in those days. And I believe that young people who are searching out their own identities and answering questions of fitting in are NOT going to want to be around Plutonian people.

    I also believe that people who have Pluto conjunctions are going to show others the shadow sides of their selves (Sun), their deepest feelings (Moon), etc. I have a Venus-Pluto conjunction, and my daughter has a Sun-Mercury-Pluto conjunction (she is a Sag). It’ll be interesting to see how this aspect plays itself out in her life as she gets older. She’s only 5 right now.

  8. p. s. There’s Sun-Pluto and Venus-Pluto themes running rampant in my family. My H has a Venus-Pluto square. My son has a Venus-Pluto conjunction (in Sag), as does my younger daughter, who is a Scorpio Sun–along with her sister, Sun-Mercury-Pluto conjunct.

  9. I have Sun/Pluto in Leo conjunction also conjunct MC and people are always projecting onto me. I also create major problemos for myself which I then decide to escape from, like Houdini. Wheeeee!

  10. Hey guys.

    Think I might have screwed up my question. What I was wondering about is how PLUTO/SCORPIO/8TH receptivity and suffering and target of projection was different from NEPTUNE/PISCES/12TH receptivity and suffering and target of projection.

    Does that makes sense? Maybe it’s a different post.


  11. Busted – oh yeah. Those are different (I think). But you’re Pisces opp Pluto in Virgo, right? So you’ve got to do deal with both. Or be one, project the other and then change sides more likely. 🙂

  12. The way the shadow manifests depends on the placement and connections in the chart, but I noticed that people with strong Pluto aspects often have Acuarius rising or Acuarius Sun (the Austrian girl Natasha, who lived 8 years in the basement of her abducter’s house, and is now finishing high school). From my own experience, Acuarius rising, Sun-Pluto in house 7, I won’t tell the story but I can tell that Acuarius is able to hadle it pretty well because they know it’s the other’s mess, not mine. After all, the shadow is just that, a lack of light.

  13. Elsa, I just wanted to tell you that until you explained how the shadow business worked on the Elizabeth Smart post, I didn’t get it either. Great connection!

    as to this post, I have a strong Scorpio Rising & Moon/Pluto. In my family, my Scorpio sister & i were the “bad” kids & our two younger siblings sailed through life with very few problems to speak of. It took a series of Pluto transits & time before I was able to move away from the Shadow but I’m now one of the “good” kids. too weird! 🙂

  14. Really interesting stuff about Elizabeth Smart. 10th house sun AND conjunct Pluto… the people I know with 10th house sun have been enormously successful.

    So I’m responding also to the Pluto in Virgo opposite Sun in Pisces, which includes me. I’m still trying to understand myself, so bear with me :)… I also have Neptune and Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house and Mars in the 9th, with all three planets conjunct. I’ve always completely absorbed others energy and sadness and tried to do something about it for a while. I worked with a nat’l organization against the death penalty, then worked with survivors of torture, but couldn’t handle all the pain. Not sure what to do with this all now (I’m in another field), but your posting here has helped me make a little more sense of it, so thank you for that.

  15. Hi again, I just wrote in about my 8th house stuff… to be fair, I also have Sun in the 12th house, which I think = martyr. Probably not a good combination with everything else. I really hate my chart.

  16. I’m a little relieved to read this actually. Pluto has been transiting most of my planets ever since I was born, plus I have Scorpio, Venus-Pluto…This journey has definitely been heavy!

    Are there any good books on this?

  17. Kashmiri, thanks for the encouragement… Interesting… Now if I could sing and act like her… okay, maybe not act 🙂 i haven’t seen her chart before, but her perseverence is very interesting.. she’s had a lot of flak and doesn’t seem to ever care. I love that.

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