Uranus Transit Opposite Sun & Mars – All Hell Breaks Loose?

battery cablesHi, Elsa

Uranus will oppose my Sun (and Mars too as they are conjunct). I am concerned: will all hell break loose. Will I go nuts? Is there an upside to this opposition? Any way I can prepare for this?


Hi, Smiley.

Uranus liberates. Because you’re dealing with an opposition, you’re highly likely to me Uranian type people. Aquarians, eccentrics and stuff. I don’t think this will cause hell to break loose and I don’t think you’ll go nuts, provided you realize you will not be able to control the stream of people that will come and go and come and go during this transit.

As for the upside, it’s huge. Uranus will free your creative self (Sun) and your anger and your ambition. This may jolt you at first, but it’s like starting a cold engine, then tuning it. I’m thinking of my Mantis tiller. It may sputter at first and jump around. But once it’s warmed up and running, I wonder how I ever did without it.

Basically, someone or someones are coming to jumpstart you. You can prepare by exposing your terminals.

Tell us about your Uranus transit…

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7 thoughts on “Uranus Transit Opposite Sun & Mars – All Hell Breaks Loose?”

  1. This is so funny, that last line! About Uranus being a jumpstarter. Natally, Uranus sextiles a triple conjunction of Pluto-Saturn-Mars in dramatic Leo. It occurs to me after reading this question and your answer that a lifetime pattern plays out for me (IF I LOOK AT THINGS FROM THIS PERSPECTIVE) … Uranus can and will jumpstart me when I am crusted over with fear(Pluto) to act (Mars). Thanks so much for this jumpstart to a new day, Elsa and Smiley. “Expose your terminals” … cracks me up!!

    P.S. I’m really enjoying these Q&A posts!

    1. I like them too. It’s interesting to see what people think. But I wish I had locations for these. I like the idea of placing people on a map…for perspective! 🙂

      1. Yeah, I love reading where the questions are coming from geographically, and the cultural angles is wonderful. Wow, what a community you’ve grown here over the years! Amazing.

  2. Hi Elsa,

    Aquarius is on my 11th cusp. I was fortunate enough and had the $$ savings to quit a job that I had finally figured was going nowhere (Neptune had been finishing up in my 10th). Through a friend I found a part time job doing computers, started studies and finished them for a second Masters Degree in Computer Science. And, met a beautiful women with whom I shared a very soothing friendship with benefits (shhhh)!

    Very exciting times indeed.


  3. THANK YOU ELSA!!!…it feels good to reveal your terminals…just told my beloved boyfriend that my son is
    his age…he was a bit taken back at first but said “You are a cougar” and I happily agreed…then asked him if I was ever going to be able to sleep with him every night and he agreed yes I was…he’s also taking me to a work function where the men can include their wives….so all is cool … it feels good to have revealed my terminals…a big relief!

  4. Uranus in my Aries 10th house has been opposite Pluto in my Libra 4th house. Soon Uranus will be opposite my natal Uranus in Scorpio 4th. I’ve been wandering the earth getting fired, or quitting, from job to job and home to home. Not really sure where it’s all going or if I will land anywhere. Even if we see the illusion for what it is, how do we step outside of it if everyone else is playing the game and thinks it’s real? We’re kind of stuck in the hoax, ya know?

  5. The question could have come from me. But i also have Venus and Uranus joining the party. Interesting times ahead. But i think i’m more concerned of Pluto transiting my stellium when Uranus has passed.

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