Funeral Flower Arrangements – Spooky AI (Artificial Intelligence)

flowersWe’ve all had the experience where we shop for something online (like patio furniture) and then we’re hit with a barrage of ads.  I don’t think this kind of advertising is that effective.  Nine times out of ten, I’ve already made the purchase before the ads arrive.

I bought an elliptical a few weeks ago. I’ve seen thousands of ads for the them since and then today it changed.

Today, every website I’ve visited has been covered with florist ads, specific to funerals.  I could not help but notice this…but why? I bought flowers for a funeral about six months ago. Why now? I don’t know anyone who died…

That’s when it hit me.  What if AI gets to a point where no one has died but it knows someone is going to. Ads are delivered a few days in advance…

Can you imagine this?   I can!

I will continue to wrack my brain to recall what I might have typed into my computer to make google think I needed a funeral arrangement.  Because you’ve got admit it’s spooky.

Mercury conjunct Pluto today. Hmm.

10 thoughts on “Funeral Flower Arrangements – Spooky AI (Artificial Intelligence)”

  1. I have to admit that I have gotten bored (annoyed) with ads mirroring my recent shopping/searching…. And put in fake searches, like gay weddings, flights to Russia, etc… Just for some variety. ?

  2. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    That would make me more paranoid than I already am!
    I hate ads, commercials, being bombarded with stuff crying out “Buy me!” when I even walk into the supermarket. Just annoying, wasted on me.

  3. You did just write a post on death. I think the ad bots are getting more sophisticated and tracking even more info. They’ve been weirding me out lately, as they seem to be referencing content only accessible from my text messages! Ugh.

    1. That could be it! They track you everywhere, even when you haven’t done a search. Map apps, apps that you would think are independent of Google.

  4. when you look at flowers real or pictured,smell them feel that delicate texture, use it for smell exercise.I have been told the first thing we forget is how to smell.Each day having smell exercise builds memory blocks,Also ,slightly off point, mustard regrows muscle tissue,connective tissue and facia.So while caressing thoughts or petals or scent dip that pretzel in mustard,Voila memory muscles of lovely.Even our skin is muscle when we get goose bumps those are muscles holding that hair up,Flower power a la mustard ,por favor.

  5. This is strange, because I’ve had exactly the opposite experience last couple of days. I’m doing a small project with a team developing a high tech consumer product. I’m mostly writing descriptions and entering them to a database. The thing that stuns me is that I’m routing everything through an Excel sheet. There isn’t an interface to the database that wouldn’t require some coding experience. That, to me, isn’t 2016.

  6. ghostery, ad-block, and self- destructing cookies have been my friends for years now. soon i will set up my VPN. after that, my own mail host on a server running from my closet, maybe with cloud backup. although google already knows too much from data mining my email…. i dunno… staring into the abyss and all.

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