Uranus Transit To The Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant Or Nadir

Uranus on the Angles: Ride the bucking bronco!

I’m 58 now, and have seen Uranus cross my 7th house cusp as well as my Midheaven. It’s about to cross my Ascendant, so I’ll let you know about that when it happens. I’m hoping I finally decide that I’ve done with the “being fat” experiment, and start hitting the gym again and shucking off some pounds.

Uranus is called the “Awakener” and tends to knock us out of our comfort zone into the next required phase of our personal evolution. I’ve mentioned before that I think Uranus is linked to pre-verbal, and pre-birth trauma. I think it can even go back as far as cellular memory, if you believe in past lives. My daughter, who has Venus in Aquarius in the 8th house, firmly believes that she has experienced horror with regard to losing loved ones in tragic accidents. It’s never happened in this lifetime, but she just has some sort of strong feeling about it. Uranian detachment can be a blessing in some ways, in that she doesn’t remember the horror, but it can serve to irritate the psyche in the most frustrating of ways. I mention “trauma” because Uranus has been known to completely uproot someone’s stability in very unexpected ways, leading to the kind of trauma that causes PTSD in some people.

But let’s start with some benign Uranus.

When Uranus crosses the 4th house cusp, and a solar return confirms it, it’s one of the surest signs that you’ll be moving house. A change is on the books for your bottom-line security issues, and sometimes this is a good thing, like the first time you leave home, for instance, and start out on your own. It can also mean that you lose a parent— but this is not a harbinger of death necessarily! You lose a parent, metaphorically, when you move out of your parents’ home and begin to parent yourself!

Uranus can be a “liberation” in every sense of the word, but if you’re a very fixed type of person, being liberated usually means you have to let go of something, and that can be difficult. At that point you get the negative side of the Uranian “lightning bolt”, which is usually an “unforeseen event” that catapults you into the next phase. Air and fire people seem to be the ones who love change, look forward to it and can embrace it wholeheartedly; earth and water—notsomuch, because we are creatures of comfort and routine, and Uranus flips the bird to “comfort” and farts in the face of “routine”.

Uranus on the 7th house cusp has driven more people to me for a consult than any other transit, I think! People think there is automatically going to be a divorce, but I have seen far more divorces under Pluto and Saturn transits than Uranus. Plus, again, the solar return really does have immense input when it comes to life-changing events like divorce. When Uranus crosses into the 7th, yes…. There are some changes needed, but if you have an open line of communication with your spouse, it’s more than half the battle. You may hear things from your partner such as “I’ve always wanted to (fill in the blank). This is your time to shout: “Let your freak flag fly!! Go for it, honey!” Uranus in the 7th is saying it’s time to experience who you are as an individual OUTSIDE of partnership. It does not mean the partnership will end, it just means that if you are tightly bound to your partner, you’re going to have to loosen the ties that bind. Air both yourselves out, come back with fresh perspectives and new appreciations of each other.

Uranus on the Midheaven was probably one of my most favorite transits. I moved to my current location, because I was in loooooove. Well, Neptune was traveling with Uranus back then. So I moved to Seattle and was instantly snatched up by a lawyer who thought I was the bomb as a paralegal. Easy-peasy!! However, the lead-up to the transit was not-so-fun because I was very attached (I thought) to where I lived then, and was very isolated. I had some miserable months before meeting my to-be husband and then, in an instant, the lightning struck and I “knew” I was outta there!

If you are in a dead-end job with no chance of expressing any of your creativity, Uranus on the midheaven might signal a restlessness that finally forces you to take some chances. Maybe you don’t quit your job, but you take up something that may eventually be a lead-in to a new career. I can’t understate the restlessness that an itchy Uranus causes. Anything that you’ve been “pretending” about with regard to your reputation or public persona may be hard to maintain… the truth may “out”.

So Midheaven/Nadir angles can both signal a change of life direction, inner and outer, and Ascendant/Descendant angles signal a change necessary in how you relate to others. I expect that the Ascendant transit is a “this is who I am, dammit” kind of transit, much like your partner expresses when Uranus crosses your Descendant. When crossing the Ascendant, if the truth outs itself about you, it will much more likely be YOU that is doing the outing rather than someone else doing it, as when it crosses the Midheaven. If you’re a closet astrologer, afraid to strike out on your own prior to a Uranus/Asc. transit, the crossing might just give you the bravery to announce yourself to the world.

I like to say that with Uranus, you can either be the lightning bolt or the lightning rod. Guess which one hurts less? One other thing that I’ve noticed is that Uranus has to be in almost EXACT orb for events to happen.

Which are you? Lightning bolt or rod?

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  1. Very interesting read. I checked my Uranus transits. I had a big move (out of my parents house) when Uranus was well in my 4H, far away from IC. But when Uranus was at my IC I had a big break up from a long relationship.
    Right now Uranus is trining my MC at 23 degrees Leo. I’m having that restlessness about my dead-end job.

  2. I have Natal Uranus in the 7th house trine my sun and opposite my ascendant, Aquarius ascendant, Venus in Aquarius. I love Uranus transits. When Uranus crossed my ascendant it was travelling with Neptune and I got divorced. At the same time my progressed Neptune was moving across my descendant. My husband had addiction problems and it was the last straw. My first boyfriend, post divorce, with progressed Neptune on my descendant was a Spiritual guru who cheated on me and stole my money. Wow. As Uranus moved into my first house I went sex wild at the age of 47 and had a line up of fantastic lovers – best sex of my life. I think of Uranus as the sex planet. Challenging or supporting aspects have generally had a burst of some type of sexual experience for me.

  3. Thanks to your post I just realized that tr Uranus is exactly on my 7th house cusp!
    I like the idea of “Uranus in the 7th is saying it’s time to experience who you are as an individual OUTSIDE of partnership”.
    Now I just have to figure out who I am!!!!!!!! (Or do I really want to know?)
    Also currently opp my Mars, near my ASC. Very nervous but trying to keep cool.
    At any rate I feel more like the rod than the bolt. Mars in Libra in 12th…slinking along.

  4. Great post!

    I have Uranus conjunct my midheaven natally. Still trying to figure out what to do with myself. Neptune is also right there in my 10th so I’m always unclear as to what star to follow.


  5. Avatar

    I have Uranus in Scorpio 4th house at 3 deg opposite my midheaven in 1 deg Aries 10th. Uranus was barely out of libra in a tiny pocket where it was still in the 4th house….with pluto. Pluto is in libra 4th. Right now pluto transiting Capricorn in my 7th house has felt like a boomerang where unpleasant people are everywhere and loss of jobs leads to multiple moves result. I did lose a parent when i was younger…not to death but to their divorce. Can’t say Uranus is sending me where I need to be. Or maybe i should say not yet. Maybe i keep picking the wrong jobs but damn the time frame keeps getting smaller son the choices are worse. Feels like regressing into less and less pay with random jobs I have no choice but to take so I can pay my rent. I’m guessing it’s because of pluto on the other angle

  6. I had Uranus transit my Asc 2,5 years ago. It wasn’t a bolt, it was definitely a rod. But then I had a T-square in my chart at that moment formed on asc-desc-mc so that might have something to do with the feeling of life falling apart in the space of a week.
    At least I was thin then… Can’t seem to get back to that.

  7. Uranus on the Midheaven for me meant leaving a job I had done most of my adult life, going back to school to learn something completely different and opening a business that has been successful for 8 years! (I have been winding down since August to get well but I am still working!) (and when I get well I am probably going to take it up a notch!)

    My work life changed completely and my desire to take a vacation became something overwhelming and one day I loaded up the car and left because the hubby just wasn’t going to take time off. I just went on vacation. Now, when I say its time to go on vacation ….time to drive away, he takes the time off and grabs a bag because he knows I am going with or without him 🙂

    1. Soup, as always your story is inspiring, especially because I *love* the line of business you are now in, and I know that working with animals heals us on so many levels. Hope you keep getting better and better and maybe some day I will give up my rat race day job and come live by you and do what you do!!

  8. What a great picture Diane for this Uranus in Aries transit in my Ist house Ascendant!
    It’s been a great ride these past seven years and I’m just winding down now gleaning and harvesting all the wonderful fruits of identity and Freedom that this giant planet has brought me before it ends in a little less than a year I believe. Being an Aries rising with a lot of fire in my natal chart, I was able to handle, welcome and actually enjoy the upheaval. But when it moves into sweet strong Taurus….hmmm. I have seen friends, coworkers and family members actually destroyed by the sudden bolts and eviscerated by the rods of power concerning circumstance.
    The thing is while they
    (and I) were both knocked off the bucking horse, they did not pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get back on. I did. It’s the strong Mars in me you gotta reach for it and harness it wherever it is in your chart. They ran away from the Fall and tried to dodge it in all manner of delusion. Can’t be done with Uranus especially in the Rising.
    The best gift I’ve received is Freedom – oh it is so delicious and dizzying!! I wish it to all our Taurean’s with love from a very happy but saddle sore tired Ram! Hang on and enjoy the ride!
    Aries Rising

    1. Yeehah! What a ride!

      I’ve seen the same, people taken down by the wrecking ball, especially when Pluto squared Uranus.

  9. Am due the Uranus across Ascendant transit in a couple of years time. The past 6-7 years have been all about losing the labels that identify me. Most people identify themselves as a mother/father, daughter/son, job title, member of such and such club etc, etc. I’m almost identity-free now!

    1. I can relate, BlueMagoo. When Tr Uranus crossed my Aquarius ASC, I began divorce proceedings. I, too, “shed” my assorted labels. The experience was quite liberating for me and viewed as a shocking move by others.

    2. I can understand this… having been going through Uranus in the 12th for a long, long time. All those unconscious labels that we have identified with for so long, for better or worse, they swim up from the unconscious, or pop up from the unconscious, when Uranus is in the 12th preparing to transit the Ascendant. There is a weirdness to it, though– for me. While yes, it’s liberating, it’s also strange to not have an “identity”, to be free-floating about who you are.

      1. I agree Diane. It’s quite revealing how much we talk to people in terms of their life roles rather than as actual human beings.

        Other people like to assume that the labels summarise people. If you vote Democrat, you must believe in A,B,C; if you vote Republican you must believe in X,Y,Z. But hang on, maybe just maybe I can be a Democrat who believes A, B, Z or a Republican who believes in X, Y, C …

        Losing the labels is definitely liberating because we don’t have to conform to what those stereotypes tell us. But complicates it for other people who like to take the shortcut.

        I guess when uranus crosses the ascendant we begin to start defining who we actually are and what we believe in again.

  10. Am finding I begin as the rod then have to become the bolt because people in my world the liberation form imprisoning views seems to much to ignore. In fact a friend of mine said to me recently that talking to me was exhausting basically. We don’t speak much now. Although I took the criticism and endeavor to know when I am overwhelming and slow down but I am feeling liberated from my willingness to be unaware that kept me pinned in ignoring the obvious. Not that I want to alienate everyone but being alone is feeling quite good these days. Have had Uranus on my ASC,Eris,Lilith,SN back and forth for awhile now. Am also having a lot of good health information coming my way that has been so helpful.

    1. Well, that’s one way to be independent… drive ’em all away! Remember, you have the North Node in Libra… there is supposed to be some reciprocity & balance… LOL, you sound like quick-draw McGraw! And, I think I’ve said this before, Ann… you might be my astro twin as I have those exact same transits. I’m glad you’re having good health info flow to you… my hip is killing me!

  11. The t. Uranus conj. Mars/asc transit was good except for getting hit by a car 🙂

    When t. Uranus moved over 4th house cusp (equal houses) in 2012 I was officially made totally disabled. (Drs./gov’t).

    Now t. Uranus is approaching IC/N Node/BML (and opp Sun/MC) & we are moving to smaller all-one-level house that can be wheelchair accessible.

    1. Jilly…. what? Is that the transit that caused your disability like 18 years ago? And it took until Uranus crossed the 4th to get disability? That’s a crazy long time!

  12. I am definitely the lightning rod, honey! I am ruled by that mo-fo planet Uranus, and I’ve got it in spades natally to my sun and moon, and it features large in my solar return! Uranus is approaching my MC, and I relish the hour it goes exact. I completely agree with the impressions shared by your daughter. I have an 8th house sun, and get a flavor of pre-existent tragedies or upheavals.
    Thank you for your tasty post, Diane.

    1. Karina, you can ask that question on the forum. Start a thread under “astrology” and post your chart. I’m sure someone will respond! In addition, taking beginning astrology classes is about the most fun you can have.

  13. Uranus is about 3 degrees from my 4th house cusp. I have no plans to move. To make matters worse, my natal Uranus is conjunct my midheaven. Hey, maybe this nullifies the transit? Like the surprising thing will be that I’ll NOT move or change jobs, which is totally par for the course in mylife. Maybe? I’ll let you know.

    1. shhhh, did you hear that??? That was the sound of the Gods laughing!! You’re about to have your Uranus opposition! But sure, yeah, It’s entirely possible *nothing* will happen, if you’re very, very, very quiet and hide real good….. 🙂 p.s. nothing changes “status” like getting married…….

  14. Yep. Uranus on my ascendant, conjunct Jupiter & Chiron, opposing Uranus, squaring Saturn.
    Generally recognizing the lack of initiative & basic stupidity of my half-lived life. Trying not to judge myself for not being conscious of what I’m unconscious of, lol, & just moving forward in the eternal present with what I NOW know. I can’t change the past.
    Already made a major move to Hawaii. Living alone. Divorce is in the air. Not knowing how I’ll simply eat & survive is a worry. Plus some health scares I’m ignoring.
    Overall though I am feeling increasingly positive & empowered. It is empowering to know that I am the problem – ’cause I can work on that!! & yeah, I’m a Virgo sun 😉

  15. I’m curious as to how Uranus is going to operate on my 7th house cusp in a few years since I haven’t had a relationship in forever, so there’s nothing to break up. Will it actually affect me at all? I have planets in the 7th (sun/Chiron/Venus), but since I don’t date….

    I’m pretty sick of it being in the 6th though and constant changes and drama at work. Ugh.

  16. I kind of dont want to read this because i am Uranus ruled and Uranus trine my Ascendant was one of the best transits i ever had. I wore and did what i wanted.

  17. Right now I have Uranus inching up to my Venus, Chiron dancing back and forth over my Sun/Moon conjunction, Neptune inching up on my Mercury, and Saturn squaring my Sun/Moon, Saturn inching up on my SN/Neptune/Vertex. All are culminating very close. I know my MIL is FINALLY. Moving out after almost 5 years…. My son is starting high school next year, I’m starting graduate school. My husband and I are getting very active in the catholic church, and we are moving this year… There are more personal underneath things brewinng too. Kind of a big year…crazy.

  18. Wow!! Great post Diane! I’m pending this transit to my midheaven in early June before it dances in retrograde and then goes direct again and becomes exact late September with that exact Uranus-Jupiter opposition, no less!! Because of our angular synastry, it’s going to hit my husband’s descendant at the same time. Should I be worried? I have been because it sounds like triple upheaval… Home, career, marriage ?

    With Uranus in my 4th, I’m usually the bolt in others’ lives but we’all see.

    PS: I snorted at the “being fat” experiment! ?

  19. Avatar

    Sounds like we have similar angles. In exactly 2 months (as in to the day) Uranus will cross my ASC; it was a degree shy when it Rx’ed last year. I could already feel a buzz when it stationed (but it soon subsided).

    I’ve had a mixed bag with Uranus transits; but for the most part they’ve been great. I was young when it crossed my DSC – I don’t remember much about that time exactly, just that my family had the first of many cross country driving trips.

    Uranus (and Neptune) on my MC was fantastic at first – left a confining life, moved across the country, left the career I had trained for and just temp’ed for a while and finally had a childhood dream come true. Then got physically sick which ultimately disabled me.

    Uranus sq ASC, another big move and back to university for another degree. Uranus opposition – a FREEING time, I loved my Uranus opposition. I found a side of myself I hadn’t known existed, or at least had barely scratched the surface of. It was one of the best times in my life. Liberation in every sense of the word.

    I have been dreaming like crazy for the past few months, people and experiences I hadn’t thought about in years. Perhaps getting rid of psychic junk in the 12th just before it crosses? Sleeping a lot rather than the stereotypical insomnia associated with Uranus in the 12th.

    I started a new health regime recently to get my energy up so I can move away from here (ha! I moved here on a major Pluto transit 6 yrs ago – but know Uranus can throw a spanner in the works. Hard Uranus transits do tend to result in a big move for me, however). Half heartedly planning on moving back to where I had lived prior; perhaps I’ll get more clarity in the months to come. Not sure if I want to really go back there, but no other options at present.

    I agree about shedding labels – I am in that space now. Pluto on my MC beat me to a pulp and I’m in the rubble. What once defined me, simply doesn’t anymore. Nor am I interested in labels.

    Good luck with your upcoming transit!

    1. I know this is almost a year since you posted, but I am interested in what you went through when Pluto was on your MC. Right now, transiting Pluto is in my 10th house opposing natal Mars. At the same time, transiting Saturn is opposing my natal Sun from 9th house in Capricorn to 3rd house in Cancer. I was laid off from my job. I worked really hard and got excellent reviews at work. However, during the past year I’ve had health issues that affected my attendance. I think that is the real reason I was laid off, but they couldn’t legally use that for the reason. Also, I had been feeling empty and as if I should be doing something that helps people instead of lawyers whose sole reason for working is to make money. Uranus will be transiting my Taurus ascendant in about a year. I’m open to changing my career direction but am without direction. I’m also going through grief from losing my livelihood and knowing within myself I can’t go back to the same career. I can no longer physically do it. This is a very scary episode in my life, as being born under Cancer, security is very important to me.

  20. Great idea about Uranus and trauma. As a Sun conjunct Uranus I need to look into this (and Aqua Mars). It is my ego and personality and drive.

    I have 20 Aries descendant. I started a committed relationship a bit over 2 years ago after being single for years. I just kind of felt it was time. Other than that I can’t think of any big related events.

  21. I’ve lived throuhgh this one and I released myself from the past reprensentation of my internal security. I sold a family inherited place in order to buy my “own” and realise my dream. I had to let go of the past.

  22. i got married after a uranus descendant transit. left a really bad relationship first. the “other” finally became clear. (pisces rules my seventh)

    lost my grandmother on the uranus conjunction to my sun (0 degrees.)

  23. I quit my job to become a writer when Uranus was on the cusp of my 9th house while Saturn was conjunct my Midheaven and natal Venus. One month later when I’d served my notice, the Sun and Jupiter conjuncted my natal Jupiter in the 9th house. Uranus will conjunct Midheaven and natal Venus next year.

  24. I metaphorically lost a parent to gain another when Uranus conjunct the Ac and square the Mc/Ic axis. I found my biological father

  25. Do these changes happen after Uranus cross the angle or do the changes happen a few degrees before. Uranus will hit 3 degrees Taurus before going Retrograde so it will not actually cross the MC at 5 degrees until next year. Will any changes be felt within 2 degrees of the MC or am I waiting until 2019.. 🙂

    1. Dang! I meant the 4th house not the 10th, although it affects that too. But yes, the changes started happening to my family and home. Now, here I was using the whole house system and boom! it hit like a lightning bolt with sudden deaths and changes.

      Just using this house system and having the transit in my 4th house, l literally lost my mother to sepsis in 2019. Want to talk about sudden break downs in the home? Everything fell apart and well, after my husband’s sister died, his Moon is being squared by Uranus, too, which activates his natal Moon/Uranus square. He decided to move half a state away and we are talking about moving again now.

  26. I wonder, too, if Uranus is going only to 3 Taurus this year, then only changes are if it hits those degrees–and only maybe.

  27. Avatar
    Marina Poliakoff

    Uranus in Taurus, woo goo! I have 6 planets in Virgo and I can already feel a sense of excitement for the trine, which begins with my moon Venus conjunction at 1 and 2 degrees! Haven’t felt this peppy and bold in a long time, after many years of hard Neptune and Saturn transits.

  28. My life changed when tUranus conj MC n I accidentally learnt about Astrology and began classes.
    Now tUranus is almost opp Scorpio ASC and Pluto has just left opp MC. My soul mate died 3 years ago n have already sold house and moved to another State so wonder what the next thunder bolt will be? At least Jupiter Trining Venus/Merc in Leo.

    1. Yes
      Uranus on MC was when I started Astrology too!
      I was working and another said I’m off to Astrology classes
      tonight. And I immediately asked could I come too.
      So she phoned the teacher and she said Yes,
      Changed my life?

  29. I”ve moved houses most of my adult life; 20 moves in 25 years over 4 states.
    Most of these moves were whilst Uranus was transiting my 3rd house.
    Though having Jupiter natal 4th house may also be a reason.
    When Uranus moved into my 4th house I have not moved: 4 years now.
    Sure my living arrangements are not ideal, on the one hand I have had to fight to stay put whilst on the other hand the urge to move is always strong.
    I’ve just learned to be more patient; waiting for the right time and one final move.
    Probably when Uranus transits my natal Jupiter 4th house in a few months time.

    1. Update now that Uranus has travelled partially through my 4th house and has been over my Jupiter before going retrograde.
      I still have not moved house though the urge to do so is strong for years now.
      The biggest changes seem to be happening to my family: properties, deaths, and divorces, including my father moving house after 50 years.
      Something about the 4th house and family?

  30. Got married for the first time when (almost to the day) Uranus crossed my Asc. Third marriage ended (almost to the day) Uranus crossed my IC. Uranus crosses my Dec next year (May 2022). Hoping for good things.

  31. Thanks for the info. In May ,2023 I will have Uranus conjuncting my ASC at 19 Taurus.
    Not sure what to expect as my chart these days is chuck full of “life experiences”. I will come back in a few months to complete my entry about this exciting aspect.

  32. Uranus Conunct my Aquarius Asc, unaspected, late last Century saw me move from Melbourne, home for 32 years,to Outback WA.
    Had a friend come along as well She an Aquarian same degree as my Asc. and also with Uranus transits.
    We led an enjoyable nomadic life for years, and ran some unconvential businesses during that time.
    Independence was a key theme and it seems the more quirky our lifestyle was at the time the happier we found ourselves.

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