Uranus Transit To The Moon – Mine: “No One Cares Anymore But You…”

The Moon in Sagittarius squared Uranus this morning. In theory this would trigger the Uranus transit to my natal Moon which is exactly what happened.

The soldier and I woke up early, he was leaving today. With Vid asleep, the soldier started surfing Youtube, about 5 in the morning. He had this song playing and all sudden we both burst into tears, completely and unexpectedly (Uranus) overwhelmed (Pisces) by emotion (Moon). We were both stunned.

The night before there was another shock of a completely different nature. We were talking about something and the soldier informed me that I was the only one in the world who still cared. Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine caring about a cause or a person and being the only person in the world with the feeling? How’s that for an emotional shock? It was a shock in my best interest though because check this:

If I am the only one who stills cares, does this mean I can quit caring too? Does this mean I can be detached the way the rest of you are? I think this is what this means.

Whether or not I can manage is another question but I have been introduced to the concept and maybe you can track the Uranus energy here. When astrologers say, “expect the unexpected,” that is exactly what they mean.

11 thoughts on “Uranus Transit To The Moon – Mine: “No One Cares Anymore But You…””

  1. If I were you I would tie the whole world up at gunpoint and force them to care… Oops! That was my Mars in Aries talking!

  2. I care…I care…I have been reading and logging in everyday. I just have been silent and thinking alot….

    Strange thing that crying….my husband was over here a few nights ago and I had my ipod playing and that song, “I dreamed a dream…”, well, all of a sudden, he started crying….deeply and then I was crying and then I was sitting in his lap and we both were crying…..

  3. ok predictable I know, you had to guess I’d pop by to say you aren’t alone in caring. you just sound like you’ve been tossed around in a tornado trying to battle the odds and are plain old tired. Or maybe your weekend was all loved up and you’re weary from that! But you are not alone. People care. Momma Lynne will make you a cuppa while you put your feet up. Anyone else for a cup?

  4. denamaria that was so touching. There have been some powerful transformative moments for people close to us this last couple of days too really big stuff, and actually, strangely, last night hubby and me got v emotional listening to our gifted nephew Kevin age 21 singing Over the Rainbow. Eyes were leaking, but this was pure joy and pride..

  5. You guys, thanks but I think I have been misunderstood. I don’t mean people don’t care. I mean people don’t care about something *I* care about and knowing this is very important for the reason I outlined above.

    If it helps me to make more sense, once I had a friendship rupture. The gal was my best friend and I was devastated. 5 years later I was still devastated as was clear from my tears when I was confiding how much I missed this gal to someone in her family after this long separation.

    He informed me that she did not miss me at all!


    And finding out she had detached, allowed me to detach. So this is akin to that. Knowing no one cares but me is helpful. It is also true.

  6. Hi Lynne E…..yes, very powerful stuff going around….tears of joy, tears of days gone by. Our youngest child just graduated high school and it was very emotional for me…so, yes Lynne, I will take a cup of tea and I will supply something sweet for all of us to munch on with our tea. Cuddle up, Elsa!!

  7. “Cuddle up, Elsa!!”

    I wish. He’s down the road.

    Congrats on the graduation – this is exactly what I mean by “bittersweet”.

    We had a similar experience. It’s just beyond what I can put words to.

  8. If you care about something, does it matter if no one else does, too? I guess if it’s a one-on-one relationship where you suddenly discover that the other person perhaps didn’t really give a damn (or no longer does), as with the friend in your example, then in that sense, I might feel I was caring about a hologram all along, not something real.

    But if it’s a cause, an idea, or something wide-ranging, I don’t know. Some of the things I care about, it sometimes feels like no one else does (altho’ that actually isn’t the case in my particular instances.) But if literally no one else in the world cared about something I care a lot about (altho’ how could I be sure of that?), I’m not sure I’d ever stop caring about it. (I might not feel very hopeful about it, though!)

    On the other hand, if I were wanting to stop caring or wanting to detach, the knowledge or belief no one else did, might help me along. Anyway – sorry to ramble, just thinking out loud. 😉 Hope I didn’t totally miss the point – I do that sometimes!

  9. Earl Grey anyone? It’s made anyway.. and congrats Denamaria on the graduation,( oh that stuff makes my eyes leak lots..sniff..) and on the (to me) all important sweet treat..yum..
    If I care, I can’t stop caring. I care about litter on the streets, I care about teens smoking and drinking, I care about my friend in Oz who’s terminal, I care about the friend in South Africa who’s creating schools and nourishment for kids who need so much and ask for so little, I care about the starving kids, so I send money( not a lot) when I can.. I care about the local council here who are closing all the facilities and no swimming pool any more is apalling.. and when it gets to personal ties, I’d be devastated to lose a friend, and would mend any fences I could, I think.. it’s only happened once but this was an acquaintance not a bosom pal, who made material wealth more important than friendship, by commenting on one of my family being less aspirational because there was clearly not much cash around, yet that person is the best person in the universe.. so I quietly, gently detached..and I don’t miss her one little bit, as she only ever took, took and took from me and mine. Your friend maybe wasn’t really your friend Elsa.. glad you are liberating yourself, but any decent person would feel sad for the bits you enjoyed in that relationship, and sometimes emotions spill to release as a homage to that, and yes as a sadness to changing eras..which we are all in right now, a changing era..

    How typical though that my reponse was to be motherly..I feel like I was rumbled by your mother/Moon post Elsa.. smart cookie.

    Like I said I made the Tea anyway and Denamaria has the cookies/cake..Crackers, one lump or two for you now? Are your hands all clean? Toni put the gun down for now hon, although we may need it later, if anyone drops any litter.

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