Uranus Transits To Venus And The 7th House

uranus“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”
–Woody Allen

This morning a client in a new relationship asked, “I’ve been reading about “uranus square venus” transits. A lot of them have said that during these times it will begin a relationship but a lot of the times they will end when the transit is over. Does this always happen??” The client gave their permission to share part of my response here as it may help others who have the same concern.

Uranus is about liberation, innovation. In relation to Venus (and the 7th house) it often manifests as a need for space or distance. When one has it natally often the result is difficulty just sitting still with the energy of a relationship. There’s the need to constantly innovate one’s love life. You don’t have a natal Venus Uranus connection, but you do have a natal Mercury Uranus connection and you have the same effect with your communications. You are working on them.

So with Uranus beginning this transit to your descendant and your Venus you began this relationship. You began it while you’re innovating the way you handle relationships.

The reason people will lose relationships they acquired during a transit when the transit (of any kind) passes is because people change through transits. When Uranus moves out of your relationship area you’ll be more relaxed about this area of your life and move your innovative focus on to something else. Relationships break up when both individuals don’t roll with the punches and grow together. If someone becomes attached to you because of the excitement of the transitory energy then they will miss that energy when it moves on. If it is who you are that they are attached to, they will roll with it, move ahead and grow with you. If they’re not right for you, you’ll likely have innovated them right on out of your life!

Where is Uranus transiting your chart? What areas are YOU innovating?

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    Merlene Shedlock

    I have uranus transiting my 12th house? I am trying to learn to understand it? I have another 3 years to go with this transit. I spend alot of time in quite contemplation, this routine has just developed of it’s own accord. I have not been incarcerated, as apparently that can happen under this transit? Thankfully. If anyone has any info on 12th house transits that they could share with me, i would appreciate that? Thank you.

  2. I have Uranus about to square my descendant and my moon, while Pluto conjuncts both. Looks like I won’t be sitting in any stable relationships for awhile, but I’m actually quite ok with that.

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    Merlene Shedlock

    Satori, just my south node?
    Does uranus transiting a house shake planets up?
    Interesting you should ask that Satori? Now that i remember my south node is in there? I could be living quite comfortably with my south node stuff knowing full well i should be living the north node stuff?

  4. Uranus transits my 3H. I spent a bit of time reviewing the 3H and love this: the 3H is about innovating the ways I communicate: who AM I and how do I send that message to the people around me/the world around me. So much has happened over the last five years, the ‘I AM’ quotient has needed innovation, big-time. Old friends and family haven’t known where we have been, let alone who we have become.

    So, thanks for pointing out the Uranus transit to my 3H giving me a chance to update my message and tune-up the way I get the message out. A Scorp-sun like me needs to take a chance on open communication. I see this as an opportunity, good reminder, Satori.

  5. It’s nearing the 6th. I’m trying to figure out (after much NOT WANTING TO…okay, I still don’t but I give in) how the hell I’m going to start my own business sometime. I think I’m going to get forced into it at some point when that goes official.

  6. OMG!! Thank you for posting this Satori. This really gives me a amazing example the cycle a person is going through under a transit.

  7. I have Uranus conjunct Juno & gunning for my Moon. Guy I was seeing just had Uranus conjunct Chiron. Hmmm. Interesting stuff as always Satori! Thanks.

  8. Uranus is retro through my 2nd right now. It just came out of my first while in Pisces. If I look at the 14 or so years of it traveling through my 12th then my 1st, I realize, I’ve changed my mind about the way I think regarding many things. And, through my first, I gave my “identity” a complete overhaul–literally. Going into my 2nd, I’m sure I’ll innovate not only what I value but how I deal with what I value. I saw a preview of that while it was direct in Aries. Considering I am just beginning to get a handle on my money and realizing..uh, yeah, I do deserve it. And yeah, its ok if I have it I’m expecting to come out of this 7 years more geared where I should be in regard to finances. And as for what I value, oh yeah, I can see how that can use some innovation in regard to how I think about it. Of course..I like Uranian energy. I thrive on change and want to grow! 🙂

  9. If anything, Uranus transiting my 5th has left me feeling even more, that I do not want to sleep around, and that anything casual is not for me. Of course, if it were, I’d probably have men all over me – if I were absolutely sure that I did NOT want them.

    I have Uranus:
    * conjunct ascendant
    * opposed my ceres/chiron/sun
    * trine Mars
    * inconjunct moon/venus/south node

    I somehow want both vibrancy and stability, and I know people who have that, and are very happy in their relationships (that weren’t always easy, but thrived).

    Uranus aspecting all of the above by transit = a great time in my life. I wish I’d used the energy more/better.

  10. Uranus is sitting right on top of my Aries Sun in my 5th House, which is also being squared by Pluto at the same time. I’m pretty sure I’ll be unrecognizable by the end of this powerful transit.

    One thing I’ve realized is that I spend way too much time feeding my Moon and not enough time ‘living my Sun’. I’m looking deep (Pluto) inside for creative (5th House) ways to change (Uranus) that.

  11. on 7th till June 2014, when it sneak peaks the 8th for a few, right before coming back for a little more till end 2015…

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    I dropped over here just because of the title, as I have Venus square Uranus with Uranus in the 7th in my natal chart! My love life has mostly been non-existent and that’s how I like it. I haven’t dated men looking for a long term relationship. I’ve dated the rare man for the excitement he brings for a while, yippee! But I prefer to be an independent lady.

    Uranus has been transiting my 12th. No planets there in the natal, so I just let planets adventure through that house without me paying much attention. Although, Jupiter-Uranus through my 12th in Oct 2010 was devastating. Probably has something to do with being square my natal 8th house Neptune. Uranus through 12th has neat dreams though!

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    Merlene Shedlock

    Family Secrets on my mothers side has made itself known in the last 12 months?
    That’s a 12th thing. Secrets being revealed?

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    Merlene Shedlock

    This is just my opinion, i am not 100 per cent sure, but uranus transiting the 12th will reveal family stories secrets?

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    @Merlene – now that you point that out, I can see that with my own experience of Uranus through my 12th…

  16. 4th – I hope I’m not puking for the rest of my life but probably will.

    Maybe with Saturn in Scorpio some smart genetics scientists will have a breakthrough.

  17. Hi! I´m about to experience an Uranus transit conjunct my descendant. It´s about to last 7 years moreless. Should I expect to remain single and find no mate at all during the transit? When Uranus was transiting my 6th it was really horrible about my career, unstable and changing Jobs continually. I also read that this transit in 7th means divorce when in a relationship. Does this mean if you have no partner then you´ll have to wait till the transit ends? I´m not into light affairs at all.

    1. I’m about to go through transiting Uranus as well! It’s actually conjunct my descendant from the 6th house. I can’t wait for it to leave my 6th house because I just would like a stable work life for once! However, I could take some excitement in my love life! I’m single.. and have been for a very long time. I am 28 and technically haven’t been in a long term serious relationship. I’m kinda anticipating it, actually..

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