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vintage zodiac plateHi Elsa!

I just started a new business. I am excited about it and have a great feeling deep in my bones. As a new member here, I would love advice about how to use astrology to get a sense of my new baby’s personality, opportunities, and challenges. Are some types of charts better for this? Thanks a million!

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Hi, Owner.  I love your enthusiasm as well as the way you’re looking at this.  I’ll try to help!  I would study the “natal” chart of your business. I’ll use the chart of my business to illustrate.

The sun is the first thing to focus on. How can your business, “shine”.

My blog has it’s sun, exalted, in Aries. Aries ruler, Mars, is in Sagittarius. This site is known for people all over their world, asserting their views!

Next check the moon. This site has a Scorpio moon, at the very base of the chart. There’s a lot of depth here, and machinations of all kinds.  This site attracts and repels. People have a strong emotional reaction to it.

You can run through all the rest of the planets for insight, but I would also take the chart as a whole. Hopefully you have a vessel that can stay afloat, or in my case, a dog that can hunt!

Now, I don’t know that this is common. It may be a quirk of my personality, but I always check the solar return chart of my business.  It might be the Capricorn in me or my Mars-y drive. I want to see the conditions of the year ahead so I can plan and focus my drive.

For example, if this blog were a stock, I would call this a “trough year”.  It may not be the greatest but I’m setting up for the future.

Right here, is where I would reference the natal chart, which is so vital. Knowing that my business fundamentally strong, I can hold through the trough year, knowing this is a period of time that won’t last.

I hope this gives you some ideas. Thanks for the question!

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    I love this post, especially the part about checking the solar return each year. Never thought of that! I had to start my small business under some pretty crappy aspects, like Saturn Sag Retro squaring Jupiter Virgo and Neptune Pisces and a Gemini Sun. Separation, and having to be immediately self sufficient rushed the process unfortunately. I personally have Virgo on the MidHeaven. Jupiter definitely brought the sense of overwhelm for me during that first year. Saturn touring the 1st made me lose weight in the process. I’ve had a lot of success, but growth has been restricted due to a big conflict between business and family, and having to do it all on my own. I feel like all of the squares/oppositions in the chart have a lot to do with that. Not to mention Neptune transiting my 4th, and now Saturn/Pluto transiting my 2nd. I’m planning on stepping away, spending time with family (that I haven’t been able to do in 3 years), doing some deep thinking and research, and doing a redo/restart, with a whole new birthchart for my business under better stars. And, seeing if Elsa does a consult on determining the right date. It really does matter!

    1. I used the time of my first post.
      But if you incorporate… then use that time.
      If you buy a business…
      The day you open the doors.

      I would use the most logical choice, depending on the circumstances.

        1. Given this choice, I would use the date of the first gig. The other is training that you’re taking, prior to becoming a professional musician. 🙂

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