The Third Saturn Return & Pluto in Capricorn Opposing Pluto in Cancer

1930'sI have a client today, asking about her father who was born in 1932. He’s got planets in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn.  Pluto is one of his planets in Cancer.

This will be his third Saturn return but he’s also got transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing his natal Pluto.

Pluto takes 240 years to move through the zodiac. The time is spends in a sign, varies.  Point here, is most people don’t live to see transiting Pluto oppose their natal Pluto.

This may not impact you but if you have parents born in the early 1930’s, they’ll be caught up in this.

I want to say that it will be interesting to watch. I’d even say it’s a privilege to witness.

But I do think it’s going to be harsh.

Do you know anyone born in the early 1930’s? How are they faring?

17 thoughts on “The Third Saturn Return & Pluto in Capricorn Opposing Pluto in Cancer”

  1. My mother. Cancer sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in her natal chart.
    She’s having a knee replacement on Monday.
    I’ve been watching this since her birthday on the 17th.

  2. Thanks Elsa. Food for thought. They lived through the Great Depression, Dust Bowls, WWII, the Invention of Penincillin, the Atomic Bomb, The Hydrogen Bomb, the Cold War, an Assassination of a President, the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society, Landing on the moon, Vietnam, Watergate, Women’s Equality, September 11, and more.

  3. Both my parents were born in 1932 and so are experiencing this. Both in fairly good health, have some dementia. We haven’t seen any significant changes in their health or outlook yet that would evidence a 3rd Saturn return…

  4. My dear surrogate mother is 87 years old. Mentally, she’s sharp as a tack. In addition to her wishing she had knee replacement surgery a decade ago, she is currently experiencing severe shoulder pain and insomnia. Acupunture and deep tissue massages are alleviating this pain.

    Her Third Saturn Return will occur in mid-January 2020 shortly after her 88th birthday. Rx Pluto is exactly opposing her natal Cancer Pluto. Her Prog Cap Moon is currently sandwiched between Rx Saturn and Rx Pluto at 19*. In mid-October, Tr Jupiter will activate her natal fire trine: Sag Mercury trine Leo Jupiter trine Aries Uranus. I don’t like this.

  5. I stand, als a volunteer, next to this people in the nursery home.
    It’s one of the best things in my entire life.

    1. Avatar
      Dorien Teunissen

      Not a nursery home of course!! It is in a care home for the elderly.
      Sometimes the language is difficult for me! : – )

        1. Yes, it IS a very interesting group and I feel it as a privilege to be with them. I’m coming to help them but I always come home enriched. Their problem is often large!: it mainly concerns Alzheimer’s and dementia in different stages. At times they are clear-minded. It is a great job to do. And yes, some of them have their third return of Saturn.
          I know some elder people who are live at home, they receive a daily visit from a neighbourhood nurse. The Dutch policy is that older people continue to live at home as long as possible. There is a lot of loneliness with these group.
          I often find these people very wise and they carry their lives so coureageously! : – )

            1. I agree Liz! And: on a global level, we are doing so well!
              We must always keep this in mind. : – )
              The fact remains that I see a lot of wisdom, also detachment and I see a lot ot loneliness. And not to forget: physical discomfort.
              That answers the question about the third return of Saturn
              in my humble opinion : – )

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