Venus – Can You Attract Love With Your Possessions?

aries madame alexander dollI was on the phone with a friend, having a cup of decaf…

“I have some new cups,” I said. “I got them today. They’re plain. I like them. They’re not trying.”

“Not trying?”

“You know. Not trying to be anything. They’re just plain. They are nothing cups and I like them.”

“Everything I have is trying,” she said.

“It is?” I said with a snort.

“Yes. Even my toothpicks are trying.”

“You’re kidding. What you are trying to get?”

“A man!” she laughed. ‘Even my toothpicks are trying to get a man.”

Is your stuff trying? If so, what is it trying to do?

28 thoughts on “Venus – Can You Attract Love With Your Possessions?”

  1. nope, all my dishes are white. my silverware match and are straight and simple. clean. i painted my kitchen an off-white. plain. all my towels are white/plain/no designs. my clothes are the same: patternless.

    what’s the deal? 🙂

  2. LOL! But even when things are not trying, they’re trying……trying to be….well, non- trying!

    Come to think of it, my husband can be VERY trying! 😉

    Twilight (Ann)

  3. My house is eclectic – I guess that’s why I sometimes feel confused – or maybe it’s because I’m not sure who I am just yet? Anyhow, everything is trying in my house. Sometimes, like when I to go to a hotel, I just Zen out on the plainness of a room.

  4. holy shit is that bracelet amazing, Elsa! I think my jewelry box is coveting it. If you ever want to sell it…

    my stuff is trying to take over my life. I have a rotating door and constantly give stuff to the charity shop near my house but I never seem to be free of it.

    I am moving at the end of the month and am loking forward to getting rid of a ton of stuff.

  5. Yes indeed.

    Stuff is fun, but trying at times.

    I feel guilty when I purge it (less guilty when I donate it, but still).

    I like things to be homey and eclectic too (like someone up there said). I like them to mean something. Things are nothing if not symbolic. They are sentimental. They are things given me or saved for a rainy day. I have been in a purging mood, though. Especially during that Pluto transit, but since then I continue to try to identify and purge things that have outlived their usefulness and so that someone else can enjoy them if they like.

    You can’t take it with you but it’s fun while it lasts, right?


    Uncle Hannah, lover of soy wax candles and body products, especially (oh and tarot decks!!)

  6. Oh, ALL of my stuff is trying.. trying to keep me interested in it. I only care about material things if I feel they have little material personalities.

  7. My worst habit it scavenging things.

    In the last month alone, I found a bike (useful if I didn’t already have 2); 3 books, an ironing board (I have iron) and a plant that needs to be re-potted.

    My best find of the last 6 months is an antique Made-in-England picnic basket. Now if only it wasn’t snowing, I’d go have me a picnic.

  8. i simply do not buy plain cups. i love cups-with hearts, pictures, wishes, whatever on them. when i want to feel move love around me, i get a valentine’s day cup. when i want gifts, i get a chrsitmas cup. when i want to feel cared for and watched over, i get an angel cup.

    i never really thought about my stuff that way; i keep it while it fits me and pass it on when it doesn’t, but it’s true that my stuff is often quite trying to be whatever. except to me, it does get there and brings the energy or essences or thought of that whatever with it’s “efforts.”

  9. Similar to gem, my kitchen is all white except for the bright red toaster my sister-in-law bought me for Christmas 2005, because she doesn’t like my all white kitchen 😀 – and plates and mugs and towels and tablecloths and napkins. Silverware, of course is silver. My SIL says it looks like I live in a hospital. The rest of the place is all dark woods and fabrics in blues and greens. It’s fairly spartan, but comfortable.

    As for what my stuff is trying… no clue. The cats, however, are another story.

  10. My stuff says more about me than I do! My neighbour came in to use the phone the other day and left saying she had no idea I was so much into art, history and literature (based on the artwork, books and stuff I’ve brought back from my travelling). She had assumed I was a “regular soccer mom” like herself…talk about projection.

  11. I’m an earth grand trine (moon/mars/pluto/uranus in 2nd,6th,10th house). Me and my stuff have a great relationship. I’m all about my house.

  12. Ummm….. I think my stuff is “trying” to find a new home. Every time I pull something out to wear , I find a new hole that wasn’t there before. BTW: I won’t wear clothes with holes (drives me nuts)…. guess they now know my weakness. <:(

  13. Ha! Toothpicks, that’s too funny!!
    My stuff’s just trying to be different & practical enough, to get me to keep it! Weird for a crab & goat kinda girl, but my 2nd house & taurus are empty, plus I’ve got uranus in my 4th house/Libra. Uranus is also forming a loose square to my sun & ac, but tight trines to my saturn & venus. I may be a water sign, but I’m more the fast moving river than a placid lake :o) Angie

  14. wow–amazing what 3 years will do. I guess I lost so much of importance in the last 3 years since I commented on this, stuff just isn’t as important to me now.

    my stuff is trying to be useful.

  15. My stuff is trying to get out of the garage and get re-acquainted with my life. The stuff in my room is trying to be sophisticatedly bohemian and worldy…and when the stuff in the basement tries to visit, it pretends it doesn’t know who they are.

  16. My stuff is waiting, like me. Waiting to be in its own home again. Waiting for the boxes to be opened, and everything treasured to be ooooh’d and ahhhh’d over again. Waiting to be seen again.
    After losing almost everything to a moldy house and losing my job, I’ve ended up living with an elderly aunt with 50 cats. (God only knows what THEY would say.)
    My stuff is in storage. Feels like my life is too.
    We’d both like to have a home of our own again.

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