Scorpio On Manipulating Energy: Pablo Picasso

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”
– Pablo Picasso

I agree with him.Β  All energy is neutral until it’s directed.

Some people direct energy better than others.

What do you think? Do you have Scorpio in your chart?


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  1. Hmm. I do agree, but I also think some people just have naturally good energy while it’s neutral, if that makes sense. Venus and Uranus in Scorpio in the 8th. I have a lot of trouble with mine.

  2. Scorpio helps you focus that energy…The only Scorpio I have is my Neptune-like most people in my generation- in the 12th, but itΒ΄s very aspected, trine saturn and chiron, sextile uranus/pluto and venus!! I wish It would help me a bit more to focus my artistic side!

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    I have scorpio rising and venus and neptune in 1st.Also i have my sag moon in the 1st( which i dont get but oh well )MY energy can be very direct at times or intense ( whatever, i’m thinking the neptune makes me a bit delusional about it all lol

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    I agree- all energy is neutral until directed. I also agree with the idea that some people have a naturally positive type of energy and others tend to throw off a more negative type of energy… It all gets out there and interacts in some interesting ways.
    I have Neptune in Scorpio, so does my hubby… His energy is really positive and steady and gets him a long way in life. I always say that he has extraordinary luck right there in his chart… He’s proven me right more times than not. My own luck is there, but I have to be careful of the Stupid Jupiter in my chart… πŸ˜‰

  5. The only Scorpio I have is my black moon lilith, I have no eighth house planets either, but my Pluto aspects lots in my chart. To start, it squares my sun, moon & venus. Sextile my asc, mars & merc, Trines my NN.

    I can see where energy would be neutral, but not seen that way becuase of how it’s acted out/upon/directed. Whether it’s consiously directed or not by aspects tells a lot to me. An example, as I’ve said, my sun is in cancer, when I was a little girl, I remember my gemini Mom being very short tempered on days when I was overly emotional. Pluto squares my sun from my 3rd house of communications, what I learned was how to reform that emotionalism/ transform it into positive energy to use somewhere else in my life. Was my overemotional energy negative to start with? I’m not sure, I was too young to judge & my Mom’s a true gemini, so everything’s overemotional to her?? So I don’t have any scorpio, but I’ve got pluto :o)

  6. Sun, Venus and MC in Scorpio.
    I believe it depends on whether you really want to direct your energy somewhere or if you are faking it. I’m quite good at detecting people faking.

  7. Scorpio rising, Gemini sun. I find the mix of these two continually pulling me in two opposite directions. The Scorpio in me is militant about my privacy and deep cerebral connections yet the Gemini in me needs and wants frivolous socialization with people. I seem to be able to balance these two aspects the best when I stay in one area a long enough time to establish close friendships with people who accept these two sides of me and are okay when I need to go into my cave for a bit. But, I have a bad case of wanderlust and move around more often than not so in new situations (work) people usually only see the Scorpio –keeping a distance until I know who to trust which usually takes a year! Numerous times people who finally get to know me say: ” I thought you were a snob b/c you didn’t want to do things with us,etc… but you nothing like that!”

    I love the Scorpio in me for the depth and need for spirituality in my life but the sensitivity to other beings and their feelings can be overwhelming at times.

  8. I have Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Virgo sun and rising.Moon in Capricorn.

    Can anyone tell me WITHOUT SUGAR-COATING what does this mean?

  9. An artistic North Node/Uranus/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, so I do get the concept. Wish Picasso had remembered his own words, especially in the later years, when he became the Art World’s equevalent of The Rolling Stones (or, more lately U2).

  10. :). Hi Elsa. I have a lot of Scorpio. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about my chart over the years because — planets in fall, moon in scorpio, heavy eighth house, afflicted this and that. So I’ve had to be almost painfully self-aware because of all these people who always wanted to tell me I was a bad person. Once I asked this astrologer for a reading and he told me he wouldn’t give me one because he thought I was a criminal and I was going to rip him off once he saw my chart!

    But I have a lot of Virgo and my chart is cardinal on top of that so I want to be a good person, I want to be “right”. And the truth is I’m still not a very good person, but then with Scorpio you realize nobody is.

    Sometimes people behave nobly and bravely and sometimes they’re idiots and jerks and that’s just human nature. But the thing I don’t understand is a kid like Joran Van Ser Sloot or Hans Fritzl, people whose behavior is so evil and sociopathic that you’d never guess in a million years it was in them, or in their chart. That’s really mysterious to me. Most people with Scorpio, you’d assume can either be incredibly vindictive and underhanded if the conditions are right, or tremendously insightful and brave and loving. But the polarity in most cases would never extend to OR you could be a serial killer.

  11. Propersina you are seen as having a sharp tongue but even sharper mind. No one can successfully analyze a situation the way you can. However life calls for some round edges too, and your Capricorn Moon wishes people could see it. You have a good heart but worry who to give it too.

    How’d I do??

  12. Because of my year of birth, I have Pluto in Scorpio. It also sits in my eigth house and is trine my Ascendant. I’m scared and excited about Venus being in Scorpio tomorrow because it’s in my eighth house. I’ve been feeling the effects already. I shot down a suitor in no uncertain terms after he tried to convince me that I was the one into HIM. Ha! I’ve also been extremely vengeful with a Scorpio ex by giving his number out to all of my friends and having them harass him (he contacted me out of the blue trying to “rekindle” things, completely omitting the fact that he had a gf! I did some digging and called him out on it. It was beautiful). I also got very upset with my Scorpio mother and did a freeze out and didn’t talk to her for days. She broke down and called me.

  13. Well now that’s a good question. Can relate a lot to the things I have read here. But my Sun,Mars (Mars a few degrees from my 11th, but my Sun smack in the middle of the 12th)and ASC are all in Scorpio…but when I was younger I used to say I didn’t feel like a Scorpio might feel. I felt more introverted and gentle. Well now I know why, plus my Moon in Virgo. But as far as my energy it never feels “neutral” but always poised to be aimed at doing SOMETHING! As far as other people’s energy, I can feel it and depending on their mood, it can be neutral. And a lot of time it seems to be misdirected or wasted, if not literally neutral. Maybe this is what Picasso meant.

  14. Dear Chrispito

    You are dead on. Just dead on. Psychoanalysis is what my life is about. The unconscious, the unsaid is what I go for. I have acute perception and sixth sense. I am too vibey too.

    Thanks a lot.

  15. Does this mean that if you’re having say, a difficult transit, that if you consciously direct that energy into something that uses it, that there is less of it around to do harm or to go its own, undirected way?

  16. I think energy is way more dimensional and complex than neutral/positive/negative. There are a lot of factors to determine whether an action is positive or negative (usually multiple people are affected by an action including the actor). Or you could even look at energy on a continuum – less positive, more positive, etc. Some actions that harm some are positive to others, as well.

    However, I definitely see that some people definitely have better control over their energy!

    I’m sure having Mars in Scorpio shapes my views on this (also have Jupiter there). πŸ˜›

  17. @Elsa again,

    What if an individual is unaware of a certain energy or aspect of themselves, and so does not consciously use it? Is this the same sort of thing that Jung referred to when he said that unconscious “energy” manifests itself externally as fate? Is this why people sometimes have the drastic experiences associated with certain transits? If so, can you undermine the power of certain transits by consciously applying the energies in question? Just wondering. Thanks.

  18. A-Rae, the short answer is yes, or at least, “sort of” but really I don’t like to address something like this on the fly. I have my own thoughts / copious amounts of information and personal experience and examples around this and would really would want to lay out my own case, my own way to answer these questions.

    Unfortunately my attention is elsewhere and I can’t do it right now, I am sorry.

  19. Thanks for understanding. I really don’t like Jung to think for me, LOL. It gives me a predicament in this circumstance but truly, composing is hard with Mercury Rx. I have been misunderstood for days now and just don’t want to talk right now, I think most can understand. πŸ™‚

    It’s that and I consultations to do, errands to run, kids to feed and very annoying phone calls to make about mix-ups, etc. and really, I just can’t address an important topic with this many other demands.

  20. Greetings! I am wondering if anybody can tell me what having Saturn in the 9th might represent…it is the one planet that I always seem to have trouble deciphering, esp. now since my sun is in Libra (which is currently being transited BY Saturn). Also, my Pluto is in Libra, also in the 9th house. I guess that would indicate a conjunction in the 9th (both Pluto and Saturn all up in there)…still getting comfortable using legitimate astro terms. Novice here! πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance!

    (I have also been told that my Saturn is in the early degrees of the 10th house, so maybe this is part of my overall confusion…however any charts Ive looked up have said its in the 9th…)

  21. I have significant natal Pluto aspects. True Scorpio’s know that Life Is What You Make It, because they tend to direct their intentions and energy quite intensely, and they get definite results coming back into their lives because they do this. And they soon figure out their personal part in bringing “helpful or unhelpful” (positive or negative) results back into their lives, and modify their ‘modus operandi’ accordingly. It’s all about awareness, and Scorpio’s tend to be very aware people.

    @lola: The 9th house relates to philosophy (among other things) and Saturn in 9 looks into all the different philosophies on offer in a very methodical, serious, thorough, down to earth, concrete way, and comes up with wisdom for philosophical seekers. No ‘flaky’ personal philosophies for Saturn in 9 people!

  22. Hey Wizron,

    Thanks for your reply. That definitely makes sense, about the “no flaky” personal philosophy type people. I used to think of myself as very fun-loving (and indeed, was very capable and enjoyed being irrational and silly)–but as I grow older I realize how serious a thinker I can be (and am becoming more and more).

    I will definitely be looking into this more….thank you.

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