Venus Conjunct Pluto: Vicious Women

If you google “vicious women” on this blog, you’ll see I write about them from time to time even though I don’t any.  I know people who know vicious women, that’s for sure and when this come up I am always fascinated.

I think I know people who deal with women like this because I know so many people with Scorpio Moons. I know a lot of people with Mars in Scorpio as well and they also seem to consistently run into vicious women and perhaps they have a vicious streak themselves.

I also run into women like this but never for long and they don’t really get to me.  I give this to my Libra of all things. I just don’t like the meanness!  It may also be my 8th house sussin’ ’em out but if so I am unaware of this. I am just not attracted to women or to people in general who are unkind so when I notice this, I immediately beat feet (Mars Mercury), disappear (Venus Neptune), detach (7th house Uranus) and amputate (8th house), pretty much simultaneously and it works like a charm.

I was talking to satori today and she is definitely up to her neck in vicious women as a matter of course. She lives in a town chock-full of them for one thing, they seem to grow on trees around there.

She cracked me up today, “I’m like that woman who lives with gorillas except for these are women.” I laughed, because hey. It’s funny when it’s not you.

I asked satori why she thought she got caught up with these women and I could avoid it and she had a complex answer. Do you have an answer?

Who draws vicious women and why?  Who avoids vicious women and how?

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  1. I know of vicious women, but I don’t know any of ’em. Which is odd, considering all my moon-Pluto contacts (plus Venus-Pluto x2).

    I really can’t explain it, other than they make my skin crawl and I want as far away as possible. Give them no energy and steer clear.

  2. I have Venus Conjunct Pluto in the first house in scorpio… but I have a lovely sextile from Neptune in the 3rd house.

    Vicious Women have always been around me, I’m very sensitive. I also used to hear from people growing up that they were afraid of me, or could imagine me beating their ass, however that never stop anyone from kicking mine

    (I rarely stood up for myself, if things got physical, because I knew I was too weak, I’d act like it was boring to beat me up and sure enough I’d be left alone, which is better than if I threw a couple punches because I’d in up in the hospital. I can think of a couple instances were I’m sure I saved my own life by playing dead on the ground after a couple of punches…I think people also think it might be exciting to fight me or something, and if I fight back it would excite them more!!

    Theres a lady I work with that always is taking digs at me. If I ignore the verbal digs she starts talking down on me like I’m her rebellous child or something. “Hello, look! I’m talking to you! Don’t *what* me!!” I told her one time if she wants to talk to me she can address me polietly, and that got me chewed out by the management…. so now, when she messes with me, I just *act very upset, hurt and close to tears* and when she walks away I take the mask off. The rest of my staff is amazed and bothered by this, but I explain I have work to do, since I can’t fight back, might as well give her what she wants so she wont bother me all day long….. My staff and co-workers are equally disturbed the management allows her behavior towards me, which I shrug and say “Hey, gotta pay bills” But honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the management to be unreasonably afraid of me.

    There have been 3 times in my life, where my emotions have gotten the better of me… and have been very vicious myself. I’ve also noticed that people who were around for those moments now feel justified in their opinions of me, but honestly, people who think the worst of me push me around because they think they have a right to.

  3. I don’t run into many vicious women, if I do I retreat. I’m proud of my female relationships. I’m supportive of other women. Venus in 4th sextile chart ruler Jupiter. Jupiter inconjunct Moon.

  4. I used to run with this gal–she was vicious. We aren’t friends any longer (duh). We walked by this store, the woman working in it was gorgeous, wearing a pencil skirt and heels, hair flowing…she was exuding happy to me. This gal sneers. “C*nt.” I almost fell over–I knew then I’d have to end the friendship (I did shortly after).

    She had a deep repulsion/fear of the feminine and I know why but it was inexcusable to me–to pour that kind of vitriol on another woman. She had Venus/Pluto conj; Mars/Uranus conjunct, all in Libra 7th House. She cast a looooooong shadow…

  5. I would not consider myself naive at this point in my life but have always felt women to be nurturing on some level. When I meet one who lacks this quality, I don’t even think of them as women but as an animal. Uncivilized, basically.

    Matter of fact it reminds me of a book I read about rabies when I was a kid, like 8 or 9. I have the same feelings about vicious women as I do a dog with rabies. You might stare at the thing but not for long and you sure as hell to pet it or hang around!

  6. I’ve met quite a few on my travels and sometimes they have been hard to avoid – friends of friends, and since so many of my friends have been men… You get the picture. So I’ve eg spent time sharing a lunch table with some of these creatures… and certainly often been in the same bar or at the same party, PV or whatever.

    I deal with it so far as possible by blanking them. I don’t give them oxygen: they don’t exist to me and refuse so far as possible to engage. This hasn’t stopped several of them doing their best to seriously injure me, esp given men like me (see above…). Mostly they use their vicious tongues, but they have tried other tactics too. Luckily time has removed them all from my life (and in most cases, from life, period)

  7. Vicious women are like terrible 2’s. They need constant attention, if you ignore them, they will stop and eventually they’ll get tired and give up.

  8. Why criticise? We have good things going on too. Just have to learn to manage the energies like any othe alignment, is neutral.. Depends on how you make heaven or hell out of it.

    I have Venus conj Pluton in scorpio in my 8th house. And I would never change it. I have Piscis rising and Neptune conj Sun in my 10th so, it’s a matter of putting it to good use.

    Don’t forget that what you pick up from somebody else, you have it too. Takes one to know one. I see nothing wrong in the femmes fatales.

    Let there be light.

  9. Thanks Elsa. I love your blog and respect your opinions and knowledge.

    As I told before.. Maybe it’s my sun conj nept conj jupiter, but I see all alignments as neutral until the person works on it for good or for suffering. Is a learning process.

    It’s important not to make judgements about it.

  10. Don’t want to be around vicious women.

    luckily I don’t attract them at all, just mostly supportive women (and I don’t know why either).

  11. I am very gratefull for the amazing women I have in my life. First of all I love my family, close or extended, there are just great women all of them,great mentors.Ruled my the matriarc of my family ,my grandmother(pisces) lovely ,strong and bright. Secondly my friends are the BEST!!!, disagreements happen, but I trust them with my soul. Good hearts!!!

    Why do some attract vicous women?
    I think vicous women leach on to women who they look at as strong (why I think ladies with lot of pluto act like magnets) their ultimate plan is to concer your life. She is impressed with you and thinks she can just throw the queen of her throne and quietly replace her. They don’t understand real strength is built on integrity.

    I’ve personally known 2 vicous women. One was very manipulating. Turning good friends on eachother. The other deeply religous. Seemed sweet ,but was judgemental and wrongly motivated.

  12. I have Venus conjoined Pluto in Virgo, but it’s sextile Jupiter and Neptune. I wouldn’t say I’ve attracted vicious women, but have had some friends suddenly turn on me unexpectedly. Maybe the Jup/Nep gets naive sometimes. But I also have Asc/Moon/Uranus opposite Chiron, so unexpected zinging from women I figure comes more from that aspect than from Venus/Pluto. I have learned to distance myself from women who are prone to that kind of behavior towards me, whereas in the past I used to feel this strong loyalty (maybe that’s the tenacious Venus-Pluto). Had to learn that one.

  13. Mia*, I am not sure where you see a judgment. Do you mean Venus Pluto? Perhaps I should not have put that in the title. I did not give it a lot of thought.

    As for not wanting to spend time with nasty gory women… well I don’t, lol.

    I am from a clan or a culture where women stick together and I am not ashamed of this. If you like a femme fatale, it’s you’re business and I really don’t care.

    It’s sort of like smoking pot. I don’t but you can. I don’t get a benefit from it but you may.

  14. oh nooooooooooo

    I wrote this huge post , HUGE!! And it’s gone 🙁
    I think the culprit is my ass cell…Oh well atleast I exersize my sms abilities.

    I have witnessed through my friends that strong females(assertive) attract viscues women.Might explain why pluto influenced females can have unfortunate connections with cruel b….es . They are jealous and instead of using it for good being inspired, they choose to try to take you down, and gain on your rep doing it. They don’t get how you build real strength,they think they can steal it.

    I am lucky. Women in my life are the greatest , I am also so gratefull I found this blog. Lot of wise women here. Good mentors. Not one in here seem viscues , just kind and supportive.

  15. Oh, not at all. I come from a mostly piscis family, all woman. I believe we all nurture each other. Not only family, but girl-friends too.

    It’s not about benefits, it’s about learning.

    I still haven’t met a woman I learn nothing from!

  16. Lislioness and Mia said it. Pluto is magnetic and transforms every personal planet it touches. The trick is using it properly. When anyone baits me in a cruel way, I think and refuse to play. Also I will simply leave. Silence can also be heard.

  17. I know of one vicious woman and it brings out the defender in me – I watched one of those violent women shows and it was about violent teen girls that behave almost like animals picking the weakest link out and attacking it. 🙁

  18. got it a lot as a kid. now i can spot them a mile away. and know how to stay out of their radar.
    it’s easier now that i can choose my own social circle.
    thought here was that year i was stuck in a classroom co-teaching with one. that was quite an exercise in emotional resilience and my pisces mars invisibility tricks. except when i had to slap her down. there are boundaries, and if you’re really clear about them they will often realize it’s not worth the bother to mess with you.
    assuming you ignore the goading and deflect the attempts to undermine.

    it’s generally a crisis of confidence, in my experience. self loathing, on their part.

  19. er, i have a venus pluto signature. i was raised by one. though she got happier over the years, which helps a lot of it. i’m less likely to be nasty when i’m happy, to. if i feel like a cornered rat i have to really watch myself. particularly my speech.
    i was never one for all the underhanded social manipulation and the guillotine teardowns. my viciousness always came out more as passive aggression. “look at how you’re hurting me.” playing the victim. which really don’t work for an aries, let me tell you. it helps that i have saturn weighing in on it.

  20. Anybody think of a femme fatale like Dora? Say from old movies – not the black widow-type Scorpio but the one you’d never expect in the school yearbook?

  21. Interesting reactions! From something LisLioness said, I wonder if it’s my Venus-conjunct-Sun trine Ascendant which attracts so many of them?

    Lots of women try to patronise me for various reasons (I have no money most of the time, I’m reticent in real life, I have a handicap etc) – then they learn I’m so far from being a pushover, I’m quite the Alpha female… and it really bugs them. Esp as I pull the men (even now)!

  22. PS I also have BML at the dangerous degree of Scoprio, and Vesta tightly conj Venus, so lots of ‘raw female power’ to counteract these women.

  23. My husband told me tonight that, Dora couldn’t pronounce, “whore” and because of this… all these events occurred.

    We talk about, Dora every day, all day.

  24. Eh I don’t know, I grew up with vicious women. My take on this is that they’re not vicious, they’re wounded. They’re like sick wolves. Give them something to chew on and leave them alone — and also stay out of their way. The alphas get pulled down eventually, it’s a natural law. I didn’t make the law but I know it pretty well.

  25. REALLY??? Venus conjunct Pluto??
    l went to a friends party on the 31st dec. and l did her a favour to come and to bring 2 people who had some trouble in the past with eachther…after being stressed about it all day we all went. Both of them were fine with it and ready to move on.
    The atmosphere was good between them, a little tension at first but they haven’t seen eachother in a long time. They talked and were ok.
    l was proud of them and l was happy we were all there! At some point my friend started talking to one of them about THE problem :O l couldn’t belive my ears. She just went on and on. l said this is not the right moment but she wound’t stop so l left…thinking when 2 people decide to make up what’s it to you to fuck it up at your own party?? She was histerical at some point.

    On the beautiful cancer full moon l went to her house to talk about what happend on new years. l was relaxed open ready to forgive and when l got in l got a slap in my face! She was cold, looked hatefull and nasty. l was shocked! saying to me: l really didn’t like the way you left…l was like what???

    l tryed to explain that it ment a lot to me that those 2 people wanted to make up and that l stressed over it all day thinking on how to do it, because she wanted everyone to be there and that it hurt me when she dind’t want to stop stirring in old memories.
    She didn’t get it! l was sitting there shaking thinking what the hell is wrong with you? l said you are not open, you kept this hate in you for 3 weeks, why did you want me to come??? You don’t even want to see that you did something wrong.
    l said sorry and l left after 45 minutes of hate being shooted at me..
    She has Pluto in the 12th conjunct Venus and Pluto square Mars. It can’t be a rule that evryone with V conj.P is mean (l hope), but she is just freaking mean! was all about relationships…she has none now.. l overlooked other stupid things she said in the past…anyhow hate hate and more hate l don’t get it! waste of time if you ask me. It’s bad for your health!

  26. oh yeah she has scopio moon (12th h)…scorpio ascendant…hehe but don’t be nasty with me. l’ll just GO and wont come back and if l do at least recognize your part as l’m willing to do as well. l will still go but in peace! She also has her Saturn return now..i’m sorry for her but she needs to learn about people and relationships. his have been a opotunity!
    Don’t be jalous of my hapyness and how l can still be in good relationship with certain people. l worked hard to achieve that harmony and l very much apreciate when others don’t try to mess with it because they don’t get it or just feel the urge to mess it up…! :/

  27. Well shoot, I’ll try again. Last post went somewhere Neptunian, I guess.

    Yes, like the venus conjunct Pluto woman above, it did me no good, just brought me down, to tell me about this gossip.

    What the hell can I do about it?

    The astrologer (not Elsa, a man) said; “Confront them.” But it’s Neptune in the 7th, it’s like fighting a cloud! It’s everywhere and no where.

    I would love some suggestions.

  28. *shudder* my childhood was all about vicious women. i’d like to think that it helped me in that i know how to spot one and stay far away, but i know i also have a vicious streak in me (natal venus sextile pluto). it rarely comes out as a conscious attempt to get revenge. i mostly channel it into investigating and learning about power structures in the world and in my head.

    but to cite a specific example, i once had a boyfriend whose best friend was a girl. i was sure she was in love with him, even though he wasn’t attracted to her. pissed the hell out of me that they spent a lot of time together.

  29. I have met vicious women at work. Maybe it’s because of Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st, sextile Pluto/Uranus in Virgo (groups) and Saturn in Aries in the 6th (work) at the point of the yod. I live with a lot of projection. At any rate, these women are deeply angry with no way to release it. They use other people to release their rage. I’ve learned that it’s mainly about energy; unhappy people unconsciously pick fights in order to provoke and get access to someone else’s energy. It’s like a drug fix. Like addicts can always ID dealers, folks can identify people who can play the other role in their dramas. Now that I’ve learned techniques to ground and protect my own energy it’s much less of an issue. I heard Donna Eden (Energy Medicine) say in an interview that she had seen people explode and interpreted it (she can see energy systems) as that person would have experienced a heart attack if not for the emotional outburst. That the rage inside them was so strong, they could have died without expressing it. If you look at it that way, you have to consider extending compassion to people who are wounded to their core. It’s tragic that people are living with that much anger and self-loathing. Not to mention painful for those of use who become their targets.

  30. Oh man, I just commented in Satori’s post re: Vicious women/7th house. Now I read that Scorpio Moon attracts this type of energy as well?? Man, I’m just a lucky, lucky girl. Guess this does explain all the torture I had in junior high, sigh. Love the photo here, btw — I used to describe the epic viciousness from a former female coworker as an “alpha female” rampage.

  31. I have owned and worked with horses, the most dangerous horse in the field is not the noble stallion its the alpha mare. I can see a human one comming a mile away and I will project the mare stuff sometimes unconciously ( lol) its called as the dog whisperer says calm assertiveness, it will save your life when dealing with these women.

  32. The most vicious women I’ve ever known all had their Moons in Scorpio. If your is one and claims to attract vicious women, then I’d say she’s either unconscious or lying about her own viciousness. If you’ve never seen her dark aspect, then she hasn’t desired anything of yours yet.

    For the record, I have natal Venus conjunct Pluto and Pluto conjunct Uranus in the eighth house in opposition to a Moon/Saturn/Chiron stellium in the second.

  33. I know a lot of vicious women, I work with them. I don’t know anything about their astrology though. They are all about dissatisfaction and boredom. They channel their negative emotions in gossiping and stirring the sh*t.

    Because it doesn’t work to act perfectly in their presence (they find anything in your behaviour they want to) it is better to accept gossiping or rather make a joke of it. And give them something tiny little thing to gossip.

    For Venus conjunct Pluto (in Scorpio) the only person I know for sure is a man.

  34. I know a vicious woman with Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio as well as Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. I think it stems from her own mothers jealousy and calousness. I think subconsiously when she was a child and even still, she wanted to seduce her father, not literally but she wanted her father to love her more than he loved the mother. This cunt also has BML opposite her Sun in Libra. She seems sweet on the surface but if she wants your mans attention, she has zero conscience. She gets pleasure from attracting or hypnotizing your man…its not really about getting the man but about getting to you. It’s pretty much the only thing she lives for. Total femme fatale…hated by females and mesmerized by men. She has dark hair and eyes the color of the ocean.

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