Vicious Women: Opposition, Projection, The Moon And The 7th House

the abyssI am surrounded by vicious women in real life. I’m like the Jane Goodall of vicious women and am mindful not to “look long into the abyss” (Nietzsche) lest I also become a monster. When I mention the astrological aspects in regard to this condition please be mindful that I am talking about the low use of such energies. Even a cheerfully painted cookie jar can be a means of destruction in the wrong hands.

I know a married woman who works with the public who is constantly running into men she thinks are tasty. She also thinks they are interested in her. We have a mutual friend who is single and attractive. The mutual friend complained to me that this first woman was constantly giving her phone number to these men and telling her what great guys they were. She’d go out with them and find out they were terrible candidates for dating and the other gal was no more than an acquaintance to them. This was realized after she was in so deep she was hurt. Yet she continued to go out with each new prospect.

What is going on here? The married woman and the single woman both have water moons in the 7th house. The married woman has it in opposition to a 1st house sun, square a 4th house Mars. Both have Neptune involved seriously fogging up their intentions, internally and externally. The single woman has moon-Venus aspecting both Jupiter and Mars. They have similar signatures. Both very much want a tasty man, want to be wanted by the tasty man. They need it. The married woman sees a tasty bit she can’t have. She projects herself onto the single woman (sun, herself, opposing moon, the other woman, double whammy in the 1st to 7th houses), sets up the scenario, then calls her up the next day to experience satisfaction vicariously. The other woman, even knowing how this ends badly for her, permits this projection. They are both getting some measure of their needs met through the other, Moon in the 7th.

The married woman also has Pluto opposing the moon which may speak to her ability to hold the power in this situation, as well as the taboo sexual voyeurism aspect of all this.

I got drawn into this scenario when it was MY man who was targeted by the married woman. The single woman is a good enough friend to me that she notified me immediately. I tactfully and calmly (I think) confronted the married woman and she flipped out. She immediately defriended and blocked me on Facebook and I’ve heard through the grapevine that she is gossiping about what a venomous, possessive and controlling bitch I am. Maybe I am and maybe I’m not but what seems pretty clear here is the projection. She took her venom and nastiness, projected it onto me and castigated me publicly. She is all het up about it. I remain fairly nonplussed.

I have seventh house planets and oppositions in my chart. I have sun opposing Pluto from the 7th to 1st. I am prone to giving and receiving projection. However, I am mindful of the matter and try to live the higher end.

Here’s a happy-ish ending for you: the single gal stopped dating the married gal’s tasty bits and found a man on her own. So far, so good, and I was happy for her that she chose to step outside of that very pathological connection.

Do you have 7th house personal planets or oppositions? Are you prone to projection/projecting? How do you handle vicious women who attempt to project their nastiness on you?

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  1. Hi Satori,

    I left a post but it got moderated and was never approved. Is it because I disagreed? All the comments, up until what I said all agreed with you. I thought my disagreement was polite and it now makes me wonder what other comments don’t get through if they are not in agreement. :/ Or perhaps it’s how I worded it. I’m so used to writing my own blogs… and it wasn’t until tonight that I read up on “blog comment” etiquette… Please let me know so I can adjust my comment style, as necessary… 😀

    My post was:

    Hi all,

    I’m going to go against the grain a bit and say EVERYONE projects in the 7th house of self AND other (cusps included). It’s not a one-way street.

    Mars in the 7th means that there’s more “overt” aggression, assertiveness, boldness, and activity. If you own the house themes, you will have more conscious knowledge of what is yours and what is others.

    Yes, if you have Mars in the 7th you will see the other person’s (for example) aggressive actions towards you but you may not see your own. Having said that you are NOT crazy or just *plainly projecting*, “other” IS being aggressive, active, bold, etc. as well.

    Other may not “normally” have their buttons pushed in that way so they don’t realize they might be negative stuff onto the 7th house Mars person. They don’t “own” that part of themselves.

    The 7th house is insidious because of the mirror, double projection, and sub-plots. It’s really really really hard to unravel…

    but projection belongs to EVERYONE, not just the native with planets in the 7th.

    What’s your 7th house cusp? What are “you” projecting on to other and what is “other” projecting on to you and know you are doing that to each other? It’s a “double projection”!!


    1. FYI, Abella, no post of yours was “moderated”. I had a super busy slammed day and I may have dropped something but if so it was unintentional.

  2. Oh, something told me “this” one would go through… and it did… mon dieu… It got approved immediately. *hitting my forward — sigh*… Mercury RX shadow? I’ll just shuddup now!! grrrr

  3. Abella, when I changed my email address, my post was put into moderation. Something like that might have tripped it off.

  4. My fault!! I was having a Mars Square Saturn day. Getting moderated all over the blogosphere… I didn’t expect THAT one to go through. *ugh*

    Please accept the deepest of apologies…. I’m gonna kick Mars in the ass!!! *ugh*

  5. I am dealing with this. I have Neptune in the 7th and projecting goodness/ idealization of people occurs sometimes to my detriment. I also get projected on. I had no idea a friend of mine was the way she was and was shocked when she targeted and projected a lot of nasty shit on me. I think it was to make herself feel higher than.

    It was a poorly woven quilt of assumptions and some straight up lies, accusing me of things I didn’t do and taking my words and actions out of context to paint a picture of a monstrous ogre, whom I was supposed to be. When I disagreed I was told that I couldn’t see reality clearly and that I needed someone (her) to interpret it for me!

    I don’t agree with her world view or her take on life so why the hell would she be so arrogant as to assume she had the key to THE ‘reality’. Of course she just kindly wanted to share it with me since apparently I can’t see adequately. This girl has sun square neptune so I doubt her view on reality is the most accurate! She basically showed me that she is a shallow, judgemental person who lacks empathy and is easily swayed by the opinions of others close to her, in this case her tight-ass, vegan, passive aggressive, holier than thou pisces boyfriend who I sensed I threatened even though I was kind to him. I am plutonian so sometimes this happens.

    She accused me of basically being a homeless, smelly, fat, harpy who is not fit for society. But the funny thing is that people like me and are nice to me, and I do get hit on so I doubt I objectively am a repulsive ogre like she claims.

    I could not believe the web of lies she had spun that I was hearing, based on erroneous facts such as the fact that I had dirty laundry and was broke at the end of this month! Recently she has ‘moved up in the world’ because of a job and I think she wanted to take me down a notch because she is still not truly satisfied. Her life is full of fun frivolity but lacks substance and she is secretly unsatisfied so wants to project that. I find that she is stingy and selfish to the extreme, and we just view situations so differently.

    Her boyfriend works with the homeless yet they both scorn people who are less well off than themselves. They blame poor people for their poverty and sick people for their sickness. I would just hate to see when life hands them something (but if I am honest secretly would love it) because then who are they gonna blame. They are arrogant young people who lack suffering and basic compassion for others.

    I was so deeply offended by her assessment that I amputated a friendship that I’ve had since freshman year of high school. I can’t believe who she thinks I am, and the person she actually is, I was so busy idealizing her that I missed the (clear) signals. I am so shocked that I stayed friends with her for so long.

    I also realized that to most of the people I was close with in my hometown I am a mere object. To be handled, used, to entertain, and to be told what to do because obviously I am not smart enough to live my own life for myself, But never a real, living, breathing, bleeding person in her own right. I am and was an idea to them, an idea which was alternately exalted then scorned. Of course I don’t have feelings. I am just a projection, a figment of their imaginations. What a great thing that I left.

  6. great happy ending 😀 dont have anything in 7th,empty. but still have to be mindful of who i interact with, living a higher life. also, hilarious written article.

  7. Only Chiron in my 7th, in Pisces. Her ruler is over in Scorpio. I have moon-Pluto in my first. I don’t get much projection. Sometimes I feel like I see way more than I want to, especially in real life.

    1. Pisces’ ruler, I mean. Chiron is opposite the moon-Pluto so….somehow I feel like that’s something I’m supposed to do/fix/work on…..?

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