How Do People Consistently Describe You?

zodiac-clockA reader said she was consistently told she was selfish in relationship. How do people describe you? What are you consistently told about yourself?

Here are mine:

Talks too much
Fun /Funny
Rude / Loud
Loyal, good friend, responsible
Sweet /good heart
Bad temper… look out!
Too intense

Is your chart reflected in the description?

46 thoughts on “How Do People Consistently Describe You?”

  1. At first I’m intense, seductive, trouble, and potentially destructive. (Pluto rising?)
    I have a big heart, I’m affectionate, loyal, a good listener, imaginative. (Cancer sun).
    I’m selfish, uncompromising (hate obligations – other people’s work events, family gatherings, network of social debts that have to be repaid). (Uranus in 1st?)
    I have a bad temper – Aries moon opposite Uranus, Mars opposite Uranus.
    I read too much, as an escape from reality. (Read too much – how is that possible???) Sun in 9th, Gemini mercury in 9th, Neptune in 3rd?
    I’m not “nice”.

  2. I’m with Jilly. I have no idea because Pluto worked over my 2nd H where my Sun and Merc reside for the past 13 years.
    How will I be remembered? I don’t think I even care. There are so few wise people in this world that I take care in considering opinions.
    I analyze everything under a very high powered mental ‘microscope’ and this includes myself.

  3. Hi Twilight! ::waves::

    I’ve been told over and over that I’m best at ‘letting’ people be themselves. In fact, I encourage it. Recently a friend said ‘You’re the least judgemental person I know.’ To which I replied ‘Half of it is keeping your mouth shut.’
    Only the Libra in the room got the joke! LOL

    Very loving (Venus conjunct Mars)
    A friend to the death (Taurus)
    Bold (Mars opposed Pluto; Sun opposed Uranus)
    Fun (Jupiter in 5th)
    Free-Spirit (Sun opposed Uranus)
    Intense (Scorpio on MC)
    Yes, Alma, you can be told you read too much, lol (Pluto in 9th)
    Imaginative (12/Neptune trine Venus)

    Alma, I do think Uranus plays a part in the unwilling to play social games. I’m the kind of person who’s quite happy to be alone if it means avoiding the puppetry. Maybe in my case it’s growing up in a big family (and of course Uranus opposed Sun).

  4. umm, I don’t know how people describe me other than my Virgo friend is constantly calling me “whiney”…but she thinks all geophysical processors are whiney. And I am a Pisces. Judge for yourself if the sign fits.

  5. That was funny, Twilight. 🙂
    Hey, Ive got to tell you, Twilight, that the other day I was googling the chart of Bill Hicks and was led to your site! I had not made the connection with Elsa’s site ( because I am slow like that) but when I read your Bio I knew you were Elsa’s “Twilight”! I loved your article on Bill and can tell you, without a doubt, that I share your thoughts on this creative genius.
    Love your site, too!

    I had only recently found this talent and was dismayed to see that he had already left this world. If he is a Libra Ascendant then his birthtime would be close to 2 am. Fascinating man.

    Elsa, have you checked this guy out? I’ll provide a link to my favorite.

    A prophet of our time no doubt. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. What am I told? When people like me or when they don’t like me? Because there’s very little middle ground.

    I have a BIG mouth (sun merc cnj, sq jupiter/saturn, and right now transiting jupiter is in on it too I believe) but I’m fun to talk to.
    I can be judgemental of others and too hard on myself (sun sq. saturn).
    I have a big ego. (Sun sq. saturn/jupiter)
    I’m thoughful (this one actually surprised me) and always rememeber to care (Virgo moon I guess, could be 12th house influence too though, or scorpio ruling 11th house with pluto on my mc).
    I always show up if I say I will (capricorn sun, virgo moon, actually physically being there matters to me).
    I’m lots of fun and always have ideas for new places/things to go/see/do(Jupiter in the ninth)
    I’m independant
    I run late, a lot.
    I’m strong willed, and want things my way (1st house capricorn mars, sq pluto) but am willing to let other people do what they want (jupiter/saturn in libra) and consider alternatives.
    I can be distant (capricorn sun sq saturn, and virgo moon – intellectualize my feelings) and vague and confusing (neptune and venus in the 12th) and sometimes I can be like different people on different days (lots of mutable energy in my chart, virgo moon, and 12th house)
    And I can be self destructive (mars sq pluto)

  7. People who don’t know me well would describe me as bright, curious and charming (Libra rising, four planets in Gemini)but those who know me intimately would say I’m intense (lots of Pluto contacts), blunt-spoken and very private to the extent that I will lie in order to throw people off the scent. I have two very different personalities–a stereotypical Gemini trait but very true in my case. I use the Libra shell to protect myself from invaders.

  8. Warm and cheerful – my nickname at school was “sunshine” – Venus in the first
    Competent, responsible – Scorp rising with mars, mercury conjunct it
    Emotionally elusive – Moon conjunct Neptune
    Tenacious – Scorp rising
    Dependable & Sane – Moon sextile Saturn, Venus trine Saturn
    Creative & Artistic – Libra Sun/Moon, Venus in the first

    With a 12th House Sun/Jupiter, Mars/Mercury it takes quite awhile for people to really get to know me. Mostly they see Venus in the first, smiling brightly and being pleasant and tactful. Then they run into the intense, analytical side of Scorpio. I have no temper to speak of . . . and STILL don’t understand why with Mars sq Pluto!! 🙂

  9. Too this, too that. Too shy, too intense, too emotional….and yet not demonstrative enough (in love)….

    Our true soulmates think we are just fine and not “too” much…

  10. Sweet, smart, charming (Taurus Sun. Virgo rising. Mercury in Gem, Moon in Sadge). Cold/aloof, mysterious, un-peggable (Pluto in 1st. Venus, etc. in 8th, Neptune Scorpio?). Extremely mellow (1/2 earth planets). But very excitable (1/2 fire planets). Too snobby. Too nice. Smiling all the time (that one I know). To be honest, right now, I have no idea. I used to know. But then it changed. And now it can vary between such extremes that I really have no idea. Like someone else said, my soul mates know me, or don’t care. My good friends know me. Some in my family know me, some don’t. The impressions I get from countless others, priceless.. (Neptune conjunct IC/opposite MC. AC square lots of important planets….)

  11. I actually did an art project based on a ‘survey’ of people’s thoughts of me. All the feedback they gave was positive. I know this isn’t because everything about me is positive. Obviously that isn’t the case, but I mean, people are more likely to say something nice about you if you ask them directly. I also made a corresponding list of all the negative things I had to say about myself (and I had a lot). I did paintings to represent each of the positive traits (paintings on magnetic sheets that you could cut to any shape). The positive paintings were in color. The negative were abstractive, gray shapes. The words I wrote onto other magnets and put on a giant magnetic board. It’s still in my basement. I have no idea what to do with it. Perhaps I should bring it to counseling…

    Here’s the list (both good and bad) that I can think of and my amateurish guesses as to their astrological influence:

    Friendly (Sag rising)

    Intuitive (Pisces moon/mars/etc)

    Spontaneous (Aries sun/Sag?)

    Anxious (Neptune squares, Saturn in Virgo?)

    Low self-esteem/insecure/second-guessing self (many planets in retrograde–squares and Neptune stuff again?)

    Communicative (stellium in the 3rd house)

    Defensive (Aries? not sure…)

    Fight-or-flight (now this I am not sure, but it could be the water/fire in my chart and lack of earth, fear of being tied down=Venus in Aquarius)

    Compassion/generosity (Pisces)

    Well anyway, there are plenty of other negative and positive traits but that’s plenty I think.



  12. Taurus Sun- Loyal, Dependable, Stubborn
    Cancer Moon- Caring (to a fault!), cozy, warm, intimate
    Scorpio Rising-Passionate, A real “go-getter” = )

  13. Quiet, hard to get to know, a solid friend, dry/quirky humor, dreamy, absent minded, neurotic, good dancer, ok artist, loving & lovable, self doubting, giving, helpful, etc, etc.

    leo sun/mer/mars
    gem moon/sat/ven
    sag jup/nep
    lib uran/pluto

  14. Witty/Funny (Sag sun, merc, venus…)
    Compassionate/Caring (Libra moon)
    Determined/Passionate (Moon cj Pluto, Scorp Jup)
    Defensive/Hard to read (Scorp Saturn sq Mars)

    This ambivalence is reflected at work (social – Sag stellium in the 6th) and at home (homely, private – Libra moon in the 4th). It throws people off BIG TIME.

  15. I have been told I am:

    difficult to please
    high maintenance
    good in bed
    beautiful (this one never ceases to surprise me)
    a good cook
    unforgiving (not everyone has said this)
    a good person (heh, not everyone has said that either)

    My chart has a lot of duality in it (I waver between Tinkerbell and the Pope, as Lupa once told me, and I thought that was a brilliant description then as I do now), but the one thing that comes up without its opposite also appearing is a stubborn, fierce, independent streak. Moon trine Uranus, indeed. Gemini doesn’t want to be held down, Leo Ascendant doesn’t want to be covered over, and Uranus opposite Mars, Venus, and Midheaven, and Saturn square Uranus keep me at odds with, well, everything. I was born to fight. Not to win, but to learn from losing repeatedly. 😉

    One thing that everyone says after the requisite month or two of knowing me, no matter what, no matter who: “Erin, you’re very hard on yourself.” Think that’s probably Saturn in the 12th house.

    Couldn’t say for sure where the sexual intensity comes from. Let’s see. Oh. Venus conjunct Mars. Heh. Yeah, that would do it.

    You would think that my Moon in Pisces would make me more easy-going, but so far, all it’s done is make me fitfully romantic at the strangest of times.

    (Here’s hoping this doesn’t get posted twice by accident.) 🙂

  16. People have consistently said that I am:
    Sunny (4 planets in Leo)
    Arrogant (those Leo planets again, all trine Jupiter)
    Loud and opinionated (Mars/Mercury conjunct)
    Spiritually inspiring (Jupiter trine Neptune)
    Sensitive (Neptune trine Asc)
    Intimidating (Lots of Mars aspects, Pluto on the Desc.)
    Deeply perceptive (Uranus trines, Pluto on the Desc.)
    Brilliant (Uranus trine Mercury)
    Emotionally volatile (Uranus opposite Moon)
    Loyal (Leo)
    A great cook/ artist (4 planets in Leo in the 5th, Taurus rising)
    Unique/possessing a real sense of self or identity (Leo stellium all trine Uranus)

  17. Loner, introvert (Scorpio ASC)
    Individualistic, independent-minded (Aries Stellium)
    Loud, funny, outrageous (That Aries Stellium is in the 5th)
    Obsessive, anxious, hard on myself (Mercury-Saturn conjunction square Cappy Moon)
    Grounded, honest, conservative, home-oriented (Earth grand trine)
    Big flake (Neptune conjunct ASC and opposing Mars)

  18. Avatar

    Warm/Affectionate – Stellium in Sagittarius
    Passionate- Scorpio moon
    Gentle- Mars in Pisces
    Cold/Detached- Aqua rising
    Stubborn- Aqua rising
    Obsessive/Raging- Scorpio moon
    Self-centered- Yes
    Unforgiving- Not entirely true. Some feel forgiveness means reconciliation. I do not.
    Tolerant- Aqua/Sag energy
    Hybrid Introvert/Extrovert
    Blunt- 4 planets in Sagittarius

    1. You never get called weird or quirky or crazy with that rising? I used to.

      May i ask, are you fair haird and blue eyed? Ive been googling and find many aqua rising celebrities are that way. I find they have honest intelligent eyes. I think mine are this way.

      Do you notice any other physical traits of aqua rising? ..’asking for a friend…’ i wonder if they age well.

      1. Avatar

        Have been an oddball and told so all my life, Kri. But it’s normal for me. I was blonde as a child, but my hair darkened to ash brown. Blue eyes yes. And quite tall. As for aging well, could be worse but I’m not someone who looks 15 years younger than she is. I am an okay-looking middle-aged woman, nothing special. Are you fair and blue-eyed as well?

        1. Yeh i have reddish hair blue eyes and freckles. I have a round face and im not thin but not fat anymore. Is not great…

      2. Avatar

        I did read somewhere that Aqua rising is associated with droopy eyelids. Whatever the case, mine are definitely slouching as time goes on.

  19. How do you know all this? Do people really tell you? No one tells me the nice things about me.
    Today I have been told (by family members) that I am: weird (Pluto 12th house, very near the ascendent), rude (Mercury in Scorpio) and a know-it-all (Jupiter in Gemini).

    1. Avatar

      People have told me these things, yes. I’ve also been called fat, a loser, stupid, a burden, a weirdo, and all sorts of other things by both my parents and childhood peers. I’ve been lifted up AND cut down.

      1. Nobody consistently calls me anything nasty. I think most people are aware on some level that I can potentially explode in a way they have never seen (and I can). They have to know I would beat their ass to a pulp and leave them for dead. But I’ve got Aries. I don’t let people fuck with me.

  20. Yesterday, I was just thinking, I’m going to start telling people what I see in them more often. I don’t think people do this enough. I think I’ll start making it a habit to give out at least one compliment a day.

    The only thing I have been told consistently, like really consistently all my life is that I’m sweet and quiet. Well I am a pisces but these people don’t know me very well hahaha.

  21. i once had someone tell me that I was the most positive person they know and that I was an optimist.
    I’ve had people tell me I’m a “bright light” (that exact verbiage has been used a few times).

    I once had someone tell me I was “dark and miserable.”
    I had someone recently tell me I was cynical.

    How can I be both?

    I think it’s that polarizing Pluto thing. What I really think is that people see themselves when they look at me. Whatever they’re not owning is projected upon me. And hey I’m up for trying on a lot of different coats because I don’t really identify with the coat either way.

  22. I really can not stand, when people telling you what they think of you, me. I am strong about it: when they tell you what they think of you, they aspect a response. When people aspect something of me, i am automatically going on a reverse mode, – no response. I am sincerely not interested in that kind of analytical self expression from their side towards me, even if people mean well, – i find it shallow and meaningless. It’s quite easy to reflect on someones behavior for better or for worse. It’s much more exciting and intricate when people find their way to show you in some gestures, – how they feel about you…written words in birthday card – in what they wish you, when they are aware about your love for your cats, your favorite snack…I guess, i myself love attentive, contemplating people,- those are rare, graceful and peaceful and are not opinionated about anything and nobody. I am still working on it myself…Have been there, have done it, have got a t-shirt about telling others what i think of them , – was long ago though. I also thought back then, that it was some kind of way of self expression, some way of communication.. just boring to start with. The end.

  23. Ha!h!a 🙂 Pardon me, i made an English grammar mistake. I meant “expect” a response, not aspect a response. Told ya…working on it!

  24. I get described in various ways as per person:
    *Hard to understand/weird
    *Scatter brained/idiot/space cadet
    *Too Nervous
    *i had a friend who said I “See through rose colored glasses”
    *Slow (mentally/physically)
    *Too Quiet
    *I had a friend call me a “square” frequently ?
    * Good sense of humor
    *Too serious

    I’m a Scorpio sun 5th h, Virgo Moon 3rd h conjunct IC, Gemini Rising 29deg.
    There are other aspects that explain more.

  25. Someone who knows me only through how I write, here at EE, saw Uranus in my chart (without having my chart in hand). That was a keystone turning point for me, an act of encouragement that more often, people are too shy (afraid) to do. Gave me courage to have a few conversations in real life. Being truly seen, and told so, is immensely power-giving. I’m so grateful that someone did for me what I strive often to do for others. Call out something true, I mean. 🙂

  26. Ha! I’ve been described many things, also selfish in love but I obviously can’t see that as I tend to allow my partners the same kind of freedom I want for myself. The list continues with:
    too optimistic
    too generous
    too nice

    Sounds like people think I ought to behave differently. 😀

  27. Avatar

    Ooh, hmm. Sensitive, kind, nice, nervous, perfectionist, quiet, recently they’ve been telling me I’m smart, whoa, must be all that hard work compensating the nervousness.

  28. I am candid. I call a spade a spade. There is no confusion in my mind. I am not able to express myself articulately. I wind up talking muddy. I know what I want but I do not know how to get there.

  29. I’ve been told I’m:
    Annoying (Aries Moon conjunct ASC?)
    Too talkative, should shut up
    Too quiet, should speak up (Virgo Sun, Mars in Cancer, Taurus ASC)
    Smart, in a “scientific” way (Mercury Virgo?)
    My voice is soothing (Taurus ASC)
    I’ve been told I have a good singing voice and a horrible singing voice
    Pretty, ugly
    Weird (in a bad way)
    Some ask if I got Asperger’s
    Stubborn, determined (Taurus)
    Unfunny jokes (Virgo)
    Shrek (Taurus ASC)
    I look sad, tired, when I’m not (Moon in the 12th conjunct the ASC?)
    Responsible, studious (Virgo)
    Cry baby when confronted (Mars Cancer)
    Angry (Aries)
    Lazy (Taurus)
    Dowdy (I don’t know why, I try so hard and have so much Venus)

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