How Uranus Square Pluto Affects YOU

Uranus is in hard aspect to Pluto creating turmoil, the scope and size we’ve not seen since the 1960’s. People new to astrology struggle to understand how these things affect them personally.

In short, Uranus disrupts, changes and liberates. Pluto uncovers, heals, destroys and transforms.
It’s easy to see these themes clashing in headlines around the world. We have little to say about it. But you can exercise some control in your own light.

I see the combination of these planets deconstructing whatever they touch, often suddenly and unexpectedly. Then that thing rises from the ashes in a new form.

There is chaos in this process, but if you understand it, you can minimize that. There may be some experimentation before the thing emerges in its new form. I’ll give you some examples.

Uranus and Pluto are aspecting my natal Mercury (siblings, mental functions, etc). Besides all the shock and drama with my sister, the way I think about things has changed, radically. I came very close to losing (Pluto) my entire blog, but instead I am now free (Uranus) to execute my ideas and write (Mercury) whatever I want.

The most profound change is that what I thought was desperately important a year ago has become utterly unimportant today. As positive and liberating as that sounds, the process knocked me for a loop!

To figure out how this energy is affecting you, look at the part of your life that is under total reconstruction. It’s as if a typhoon comes through… and then you rebuild.

14 thoughts on “How Uranus Square Pluto Affects YOU”

  1. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ You are doin good. ‘What was desperately importand a year ago has become utterly unimportant today.’ I am caught in silly cycle because I have a bad habit of taking what people say seriously, like it’s actually true. I flip from moment to moment. I catch myself getting sucked into believing what’s being said and the next moment it often just seems ridikilus.

    1. Oh could that be my natal uranus sextile mercury. Do to prog merc retro and now direct, it’s still near birth point and uranus really doesn’t move much does it? Quick change of mind?

    2. Oops, that was a sunday football fumble, I had to recover. I am out of the prog merc rx zone. Must have been time warped. But it did take me into progressed charts. Oh man, does it make sense now. And good thing. Mercury is fast progressing to scorpio. Read that merc in scorpio can be ferocious in the mundane. Really don’t need to be attracting any more of that. Know what I’m working towards now. And I know it’s never easy, but I am doin my happy dance in the end zone on this one. Thank you for your patience. Will return the favor as much as possible here on the ground.

  2. maybe it’s just being middle-aged, but its very tiring, with no end in sight and the new beginnings yet to be revealed. How did/do you keep going in the midst of uncomfortable, tiring change? When everything ahead looks even worst then whats behind you?

    1. I can relate to this one!
      Birth mercury n Venus in Aries 5/6 house
      Uranus in 9/10
      Still hoping I can find someone who can help me find our exact birth time; window’s clear since it’s Scorpio rising but within that the placements vary n of course that makes a huge difference.
      Can’t seem to penetrate to core truth of that tho have come an extremely long way but this last things still been swathed in mystery

  3. Wow. Thanks, Elsa! I think I read another version of this post before, but it really hit me this time, the significance of what is being restructured.

    I’ve lived all my life in a thin shadow of shaky self-confidence, procrastinating underachievement, fear, nervous energy, giving the unfortunate and involuntary “sick/incapable damsel” impression to others. My current life necessitates that I burn this mask and clown costume to ashes and bury them to move forward and survive.

    Time to get some new clothes.

    Everyday, I have to say, I can do it, I can achieve it, even when every knee-jerk belief is telling me “No”. I think I will be deactivating and deleting my social media again. And deleting published material during a break. Capricorn planets in 9th. Saturn Return. Let’s go.
    Good luck folks with your restructurings!

    1. Innovate (Uranus) my faith in an unknown / unfounded destiny (12th house) to destroy the fear (Capricorn) in learning and growth (9th house) to feel satisfied with myself (Moon), and to get (Mars) what I want.



        I can connect very much with what you wrote. It feels like there has been an invisible barrier in that I did not let myself to cross (limited beliefs/fears), and now I am exploring new ways of relating with myself, and with the world. I was surviving in a mask before…now I am taking it off and am ready to thrive.

        1. Avatar


          Thank you. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty exposed and scared… but it’s got to happen, right? I think I’m taking Elsa’s advice on the blog and digging in there–committing as much as possible to whatever necessary pain and healing happens, through the process. The two planets are taking a fire to my Jupiter. No more second chances left. Can’t fail to follow through on commitments for myself anymore.

          Surviving on the hope that we will come out of the other side, able to ferry / direct more people across. Or most of us will get closer to what we’re meant to do with our lives.


            Yes, I am feeling the same, vulnerable due to the removal of the mask etc. Over time, I am getting comfortable without the mask.

  4. “To figure out how this energy is affecting you, look at the part of your life that is under total reconstruction. Itโ€™s as if a typhoon comes throughโ€ฆ and then you rebuild.”

    Uranus is opposing my Saturn/Jupiter while Pluto is squaring them. I’m leaving my job that I’ve been at the last 8 years, but was able to get a new job within days of interviewing. My family is also having to move in the next 45 days, just a week after Christmas. We are busy! It’s a whirlwind, there is some loss, but there is a lot of change and rebuilding happening.

  5. I have to implode tired beliefs and liberate myself (Uranus) from my old wounds (conjunct Chiron, 12th house) to reinvent myself (in Aries) psychologically (Pluto) in order to unearth and work at (Capricorn) stepping into my own power (conjunct Midheaven, 9th house) which will be beautiful (Venus conjunct North Node, in Cap 9th house).

    Every day I am confronted with parts of my belief system that are no longer working (I am needy and unlovable or on the flip side, I am aloof and better-than-you) and feelings (fear, anger, sadness) and actions that no longer serve (perfectionism, control freakish behaviour, withdrawing or acting out). I only have so much energy and ability to communicate/act in relationships (Saturn/Merc in Scorpio conjunct and hammering my 7th house Moon!) include in relationship to myself.

    So now with every word/action I am finding I have to ask is this true? Is this serving me/others? Is this contradicted by something else I’ve said/done? Is it gentle, is it kind?

    Really exhausting work and at present, all I have is a huge hole where my old self is starting to fall away. Not sure what will replace it, and I’m kind of grieving the loss of Mademoiselle Control Freak. She kept my childhood together for years in a hugely chaotic family of origin and got me through two university degrees.

  6. Alicia: I am also undergoing the Pluto/Uranus on Jupiter/Saturn! You seem more lucky though:)! Can you please share your chart and tell me in which house they are.. what degrees! Did you experience contraction/limitations due to Pluto squaring Saturn?
    You new career ? is it in a field you wanted for long?

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