Venus Conjunct Saturn In Pisces: Universal Law, Money Disappears, Feeling Rejected

hall of mirrorsVenus will conjoin Saturn in Pisces on March 21, 2024.  There’s a high side to everything but this is a tough one.

People are sensitized.  It’s common to feel rejected; to imagine you’re being rejected or oppressed. The simple fear of this happening can disable a person.

In some cases, this may be actually be occurring.  Saturn is about reputation and it can be undermined.

As bad as that is, if you believe in karma at all, the offending person will wind up, humbled when it comes back around.  This is universal (Pisces) law (Saturn).

It’s possible we see money (Venus) evaporate or disappear (Pisces) at this time. Of course others could see money flow in.

It’s also possible to commit to a figment of your imagination, or to simply interact with someone who is deceptive or even deceiving themselves.  See the hall of mirrors with this?

This combination may express as compassion fatigue but some may be shored up by the ethereal, put in a position where they have enough support they can sacrifice for the other.

Far and away, the best way to deal with this is, faith!  No matter what happens, I feel the universe is conspiring in my best interest, even if an individual is not.  Think of the scale of that.

The kids say, WAGMI. (We’re all going to make it.) I think it’s a good motto for now.

Are you feeling this?


12 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Saturn In Pisces: Universal Law, Money Disappears, Feeling Rejected”

  1. Interesting timing, I am applying for a visa to spend the next year abroad. I was rejected a week ago for a missing document. I finally was able to get what I needed for verification after a bit of a battle, and now I plan to return on the 22nd to try again. Venus-Saturn in my 4th. I’m keeping the faith, but ya, bureaucracy makes me nervous.

    1. thats preferable dont know where more monetary loses can take place the economy is lower than whale poop for the masses

  2. I’m taking sewing basics #1 class that night, learning how to use a machine etc and next month or so I’ll take sewing basics #2.
    On the 22nd I’m going to see my favorite band. They’re an orchestra, they play songs about love and death a lot. The bandleader received a kidney transplant as a teenager after the doctors finally diagnosed him w Lyme disease. Him and his wife just had a baby.

  3. When I read this I thought “This makes a good deal of sense to me” – my intuition has been whispering about an upcoming fight with my BF, even if we are on a great holiday now, then when we get home, boom – a fight.

    So… I read this, and have actually had an inkling that I should look at your blog the last couple of days… I go in, this is the post – BAM. I know Venus were going into pisces, but like true Piscean energy, you forget about it! Miss it… Something like that.

    Thanks for heads up! I think I will do a calender notification on my phone…. Just as a reminder.

    What I also thought while reading could be a feeling of “commit to…” something – be it artistic efforts, commitment to work on your craft, work on your relationship or whatever…

    If one is the artistic type it could perhaps be an artist’s block or someone rejecting your application for money / work / whatever.

    As pisces rules addictions, I am also thinking about my father who has recently been assigned a person to run his economy due to dementia + alcohol abuse … Stuff around that.

    Luckily Saturn is finally past the exact square to my Sag MC, so I am cautiously relieved. … Sort of 😉

    1. I guess the important part here is that Saturn will reject unless it has lasting value… That’s Saturn’s job, eh?

      But of course – he is Pisces. Even he can be forgetful or overlook details/value, I guess?

  4. I see it as people also may feel the need for solitude away from others, possibly to recharge their energies. Pisces can tend towards fatigue and lethargy, anything to do with sleep – or the lack of it, and it’s usually to do with expending their energies too much, or being in situations or around people that have drained their energies. Venus will want to socialise, but Saturn may feel too burdened by the pressure to connect to others, which may create distance or a barrier to connecting to others. This is where the rejection part may come in.

    Venus however is about what you attract, HOW you appeal to others, what types do you draw in. Venus in Pisces in particular is about appealing to those who are lost, broken, emotionally adrift, those who need compassion but have never received any.

    Venus conjunct Saturn could be about drawing in those who emotionally have the weight of the world on their shoulders, those who are fruitlessly pushing that boulder uphill, and who needs a sanctuary of serenity and compassion so they can offload their burdens … if only they would ASK! It’s usually those that ask for help the least, are the ones that need it the most.

    Venus may offer a hand of assistance, Saturn may say no, however. Or if you are lucky, a very reluctant, okay maybe!

  5. Saturn has been transiting my Pisces Moon and now moving to transit my Pisces Jupiter. I have found this to be both testing and clarifying regarding faith, which to me means “anchoring in love”. This process (Saturn) is allowing me to create a stronger foundation of reality, my reality – one based on love. I am expecting this to continue with the transit to Jupiter. I’ve really had to dig deep, and overcome entrenched old programming of fear based reality inside me, some peak situations demanding I make a choice internally. All happening whilst being very much submerged in a fear based reality environment which makes it harder to achieve. I had already done a lot of work on this yet the shadow has beeen releasing from the depths and very active. Venus Saturn I’m sure is connected to this process. Neptune energy benefits from a degree of grounding and structures built for and around it.

  6. Stay in the boat or tread water…might need a snorkel…going with the tides…breathing…in and out …a lot of water for this fire sign…waitng patiently for Aries

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