Regarding My Bitchiness

Amber writes regarding my bitchiness:

“…But after reading for 6 years I do think I have grasped your main personality, hologram or no, and you have the benefit of the doubt, no doubt whatsoever. (and I didn’t need 6 years to come to that conclusion).”

Amber, thanks for being honest. I have no idea why I give so many people fits. I would stop if it were possible. I don’t think it is.

I think what happens with me and people is they eventually retire. Sick of the struggle, they retire into loving or hating me. What I do seems to have little impact on the situation or the ultimate result.

Now there are some people who just plain like me but for those who struggle, I would say the majority wind up loathing me and the longer the struggle the higher the odds it ends up this way.

I have been watching this since I was a teenager! For the people who do overcome their struggle, it is generally a triumph for them and a heart-opening.

It reminds me of one of the stories in my book. There was this old man I knew once, his name was, “Brandy”.  I was a teenager and he really had a hell of a time with me. I was thrown into his environment and he was jacked up with the 8th house suck and repel energy. He didn’t want to like me but found he did like me. I guess he was just baffled up until the day he decided to give in and these were his words:

“I like you, Elsa. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because you’re a girl.”

And my answer: “I like you too, Brandy. I know why; it’s because you’re a man.”

Everybody cracked up and after that, we no problems ever again.

I am telling you, the smart ones give in. I don’t care how it sounds. I am not a malicious person and it’s hell spending your life defending a myth… fighting windmills and all.

Do you have awareness of patterns of how people relate to you? Can you see the situation in your chart?

20 thoughts on “Regarding My Bitchiness”

  1. Dunno if I can see it in my chart or not but I cant keep friends to save my life. Im not terribly hard to get along with, but it seems people (especially women) end up all pissed at me & 99% of the time I just dont have a clue why. I have neptune in my 7th (which is packed..just found out mom had my birthtime wrong by 5 minutes.. which made a difference in my chart.. the chart now makes a lot more sense LOL) so if its the “projection” planet perhaps thats where my friendship difficulties come into play.

  2. I have never understood all the hate that gets thrown your way, here or on your other blog…when I first read about the hatemail I almost couldn’t believe it because it just baffled me so. I guess I fell into the category that liked you right off the bat and it would take a helluva lot for me to change my mind…not that I’m stubborn or anything 🙂

  3. If someone is significantly insecure, I have noticed that they feel very uncomfortable in my presence. They act like they must control me, as if I’m a wild tiger in the room or something equally scary.

    I try to like them and be friends with them, but they just absolutely can’t see me for myself.

  4. Tam: ditto. I try hard to be open and forth-coming but I also am keely aware that if someone arbitrarily hates me I can’t be too bothered–it would smack of insincerity. Not good for Capricorns, I don’t need to compromise my integrity to get some dipshit on board to liking me and not feeling threatened by a persona they’ve created for me.

  5. I like you too Elsa. I think a lot of your readers do. You are not a malicious person. Malicious people don’t care, and you care very much. You care enough to put yourself out there in your writing…and to actually respond to your readers’ responses to you. You may not agree with their ideas, but you respect them enough to consider their points of view and grant them a response. That seems pretty civilized to me

  6. Tam, you hit it!

    Not only those that are profoundly insecure, but those that hide themselves so deep they aren’t in touch anymore are the people that cannot see people as transparent as Elsa clearly.

  7. I found you going in deep. It took a little time to adjust to, but hey – a girl with 7 planets in either Scorpio or the 8th house recognize depth and the value of it.

    You have made me proud to be a Scorpio and with my Scorpio Venus, Sun and Jupiter opposite Chiron that is no small feat!

    Thank you for that, Elsa, truly I am grateful for it. Scorpio is not an easy sign, neither to be or to be around.


  8. I get along with most people. The ones who dont like me are the ones who figure out that they cant control me. At least thats my guess. Usually theres some kind of battle going on in their mind, that I’m not aware of. Sun/mc/pluto conjunct in Libra.

  9. Respectfully there isn’t a mention of your vibrant Italian nature Elsa. My partner is Aussie, parents Italian and he says the Italian women are bitchy, but so what? Everyone knows, when they need a shot of damn life the Italians are there defending it, the beauty the guts, the passion,the great gardens, the cooking and family, the will to live.Pretty likely no one would bat an eyelid at your vibrancy or competitive nature, perceived or real, in Italy or even Aus.

    1. Interesting. I had a rash of Aussie clients this week. Like five of them in the last three days. They were all open and easy to talk to. The last one, I kept saying outrageous things. She was laughing but I kept apologizing. She told me Americans are closed up. I know what she means. I’ve become that too. I miss the desert in a way. I got to town and they just beat the shit out of a person, especially now. Conform or else!

      I just want to Sat, you’re right!

  10. ps Merc in sag square pluto conj mars in the third here and tired of being diplomatic:) Yesterday I bought a postcard that said ‘you say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing!’Urban dictionary: ‘An adjective that’s supposed to be used to describe someone irritable, moody and whiny. Even if a person is not bitchy but rather, honest or blunt, a stupid person may use “bitchy” to describe that person. Bitchy is the creative limit when it comes to insults coming from the same stupid people.’

  11. I think transparency scares people. People who are confident in who they are and are not seeking the approval of others are an enigma.
    I find that list of the world needs to fit in, people NEED to be liked to be secure in themselves and when they are not part of “the in crowd ” they cannot function.
    I find myself, the more secure I become, surrounding myself with people who are secure.
    I felt that I connected to you quite quickly. I find comfort in your wisdom and a kind way in your conveying of your knowledge.
    I feel that we would be great friends because I love truth seekers and truth speakers. Xo

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      “I love truth seekers and truth speakers.”

      DITTO!! I would choose an honest, blunt, person who knows themselves over someone who wants to be liked. I work with someone who “don’t like not being liked”, yes an actual quote, and he is a snake in the grass.

      The older I get the less I give a sh*t if someone likes me or not…. that’s they’re problem. Oh, that was a little snotty… all this Cap energy has got me going!

      I would love to be your neighbor Elsa and Amy!

  12. Thanks for confirming that Elsa! Cancer moon trine neptune hoped my words weren’t too rough. Hope you build more Aussie connections as your vibrancy will continue to be very much appreciated.

  13. I remember this from your youtube.

    You would not believe the bizarre stuff that happens in my life. The bizarre patterns I have with women if I mentioned it. The strange way patterns repeat in faultless clock like precision, and, although problems with girls will be easily dismissed by general people; I am convinced these patterns are highly unusual in relation to others stories. These are not run of the mill neurosis.

    In my own astrology work I have mentioned unaspected planets recently. Adele/ Meatloaf and Vesta, Leonard Cohen and Lilith, Courtney Stodden and Juno, Jared Harris and Pallas. Most of these show how that element to the person is definitely a strong aspect of their life they are almost powerless against.

    I have an almost unaspected Eros!

  14. I never understood why there was repulsion. You are honest, direct, appropriate, funny and kind, Elsa. And full of life, or a life fully lived. Maybe it is that the repressed souls are envious.

  15. Neptune in the 5th causes people to be enthralled with you when they first meet you, then later they get disappointed in you and realize you just have clay feet like everyone elsa.

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