Weekend Love Forecast – Sun-Neptune Field Of Dreams

dancerFriday afternoon through evening, the Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini sextiles Aries Mercury and squares Pisces Saturn. The mood ought to be popping, a myriad of options and interest-based possibilities. However, it might seem like there’s a stick for every spoke.

It’s one of those days when it feels like your intentions are clear, but somehow there’s confusion that jams a necessary circuit. Best practice is to slow down, give yourself (and others) grace (if you can), and unravel the knots. Consider it a puzzle or action-based meditation, and the answers will come.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon trines Aquarius Mars, conjoins Gemini Vesta, and squares the active Pisces Sun-Neptune conjunction (in effect both Friday and Saturday, exact early Sunday). The collective mood and drive align in ease in air; malleable mood meets agile, fixed physicality.

Practice makes perfect, but perfect is merely the framework for the goal. It’s the backboard the target sits on. We’re aiming for more BINGO than BULLSEYE. Variety and novelty make up the body of the game. We’re feeling it when what we’re doing scratches our mental itches… and the physical ones as well. Real solutions in theoretical actions.

It gets more complicated if you expect others to just “get you” and play their part. There’s built in confusion as well as devotion to a two part narrative: a belief in one’s inherent connection to universal understanding of a thing, and a snappy insistence that one is being clear and to the point… when that is either not the case or is not perceived to be so.

Both Friday and Saturday, it’s important to slow down and lay out your ideas and expectations in a concise and simple manner. It’s like trying to explain zen… you really can’t do it; but trying matters and it’s all we’ve got. So be zen about it.

Sunday morning, the Moon moves to the sign it rules: Cancer. It immediately quincunxes Pluto then spends the day in trine to Pisces Venus (and a trine to Pisces Saturn in the night). You can power up early for deep satisfaction, or you can go deep “underground” in relaxing dissociation. There will be some who use this to their advantage to manipulate, to get you to rise and shine to do their bidding, but there’s still plenty of Pisces shimmer to slip away unnoticed on.

Sunday’s mood favors flights of fancy. In your secret heart, there’s something of an untouchable yearning. Merely allowing yourself to feel it can be daunting, a door better comfortably left shut. But secretly we want what we want, and feeling it is the first step to demystifying the unknown. You have to let it out of you… to you… feel it, to begin to make it possible.

There’s a secret beauty in all of us that wants to be known. It’s something we all share, a beautiful, quiet ache to be. It can shine, or it can fester. Not deciding is still a decision.

With Mercury in straightforward Aries and Mars in innovative Aquarius, ahead and behind all that Pisces, we’ve the tools to unpack a fairly amorphous field of dreams.

Do you have any weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Sun-Neptune Field Of Dreams”

  1. I have an untouchable yearning alright, for some me-time alone! Just me, my cosy fleece blanket, some nice snacks, and junk TV – yes I am watching Married at First Sight Australia. It’s cheesier than a Swiss fondue set, lots of clearly staged and rehearsed drama, and couples that are clearly ill-matched purely for entertainment value and high ratings, despite what the “experts” claim. But it’s still weirdly addictive.

    Alas, I am working, no rest for the wicked!

    1. It’s been a weird, rough week, but I’m on the futon sofa with a faux fur blanket and a kitten sleeping on my chest. They jumped in my car in a bank parking lot on Thursday. Cat distribution system I guess.

  2. Yes, a very weird rough week…l went out once and had a sort of fight over cheese (Goat or sheep was the issue)

    I can’t watch ‘Married…’ Mermaid. I have once or twice…you are right it is manipulative. It left me feeling uneasy. I think most are belly up in the real world.

    I did watch ‘The Gentlemen’ the series…and 15 mins of La La Land…l tried a rom. com at least.

    l love l thought of the kitten…but wondered how many cats, Satori.

    I have had very strange cats…or very strange cats have had me.No one owns a cat.

    The symbolism and the edge of dreams is exhausting atm

    For the tarot readers: King Swords/Queen Cups/ 2 Pent. (Emperor Qualifier.

    Blending. Balancing….not all head and not all heart. l think/feel Emperor is about my personal authority.

    Good luck and take care.

    This next bit will test.

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