Pluto Transit Progressed Jupiter, Venus & Mercury

Pluto lettersI am definitely running around here, bleating things.  A good percentage of people think I am doom and gloom. It’s possible they’re right, but it doesn’t matter because I feel compelled to state things.

This morning, I drag my shadow-butt out of bed, yet again, to face the storm, which Libra hates – it hit me. Transiting Pluto is (exactly) conjunct my progressed Jupiter in Aquarius.

Could I be broadcasting doom? Yes!  But I may also be publishing the naked (Pluto) truth (Jupiter).

Dianne M triggered this post and I know I am behaving this way…


I don’t enjoy this but I can understand what’s happening via astrology. You won’t believe this.

Not only does Pluto conjunct my progressed Jupiter @ zero degrees, it squares my progressed Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, which are also at zero degrees.

Progressed Jupiter also aspects progressed Uranus in Virgo… at zero degrees, of course,

Now I may be living in some kind of morose, depressed delusion but with Venus and Mercury and more, in the discerning 6th house, it does not seem likely.

I am not putting this out here to defend myself. I don’t feel that’s necessary but I do think this is a very unusual situation. If you’re trying to learn astrology, this is the kind of thing you will see once in a lifetime.

Personally, I can’t believe where I have ended up in life. I don’t like it!  However, it’s got to be some kind of fate of destiny. I’m a bit unnerved to see what comes next.

Check out your Progressed Chart.

37 thoughts on “Pluto Transit Progressed Jupiter, Venus & Mercury”

  1. @Elsa, where have you ended up in life you don’t like Elsa? Sorry to hear this.
    I feel the same but it was not planned. Life circumstances brought me here. It’s not that I’m not grateful on many levels but I am 360 degrees from where I was going! I blame Uranus for this one. The things coming are due to the current transits.

    1. My Scottish great granny used to say “If you can’t be yourself, you can’t be anyone.” Words to live by, I think.

  2. You just have to love the astrology. Things like this make you realize how brilliantly this cosmos is put together!

    The truth may be tough, but even the ugly truth is beautiful compared to all the bs out there.

    I just looked up Kassandra and she’s conjunct my Mercury squaring my Uranus. I feel encouraged to be out there.

      1. This is why you are my favorite astrologer. So much focus on the flowery stuff from other people. I don’t care about the easy, I want to know the difficulties coming up and how I can prepare to face them. You are fantastic!

  3. Is 0 degrees of a sign more or less potent than 29 degrees of a sign? I’m a newbie and have been reading some on the decans… so, I’m curious.

    1. I don’t know. People have theories but this is one of those things – how would you know?

      This is more the planets involved, the degrees, exact and Pluto going into to Aquarius for the first time in 230 years or so.

  4. Based on your description of your progressed planets, houses, and transits it made me think of your astrology consultation work – Jupiter in Aquarius (global reach, many people, being known or in circulation), square Venus conjunct Mercury in Scorpio in 6th (daily transformative, deep exchanges through words, also speaking with integrity, grace), the inconjunct Jupiter Aqua to Uranus in Virgo, with Pluto thrown in – uber service level, skill, craft but the imbalance means people can take it or leave it. It’s like deep also expansive/expanding work with words in the name of service, and Pluto bringing even more transformative potential to the whole enterprise, amplification of potency. I thought more of consultations one-to-one than the blog/newsletter too but it fits too. You didn’t mention the other houses but the planets alone speak volumes.

  5. I am really sorry and surprised to hear this Elsa. I am always so impressed by your cheerful way of seeing things, even in times of trouble…I hope there are good things coming for you!!

  6. Avatar
    Aquarius Lurker

    That chart seems to say you’re up to bat!

    What’s the saying? ‘No prophet is welcome in his home town…’

    May the force be with you! You know /we/ are.

  7. gawd…m with you Elsa P…life not at all how i thought could/should be. not liking it one bit. and it seems ‘the noose is tightening’. thinking i might need to have a session w you as you cut thru the bs and see if there is away i can stop struggling….my preference 🙂 do you take paypal??

  8. I have taken your warnings and guidance and used them, Elsa.

    Doing that changes the mythology –call it learning from history, in other words l am choosing to listen to Cassandra.

    l have always thought: those who write history control the future.

    I think Pluto in Aquarius is about hearing other voices. Those in power who have controlled the narrative dont like that sort of change–for a reason.

    Australia will have a referendum this year about giving the Aboriginal people a Voice in parliament–it will give them some control over policies that affect their lives.Some people don’t want that to happen.

    I don’t like to think of you being burdened because you have to tell it as you see it, Elsa. You will soldier on, l hope…with furloughs.

    Even this fixed sign riddled Old Bull is learning a new kind of free floating flexibility…ok l am working on the ‘free floating’ bit, Saturn is close to my Asc. but l am learning how to Stop. Wait. Breathe. Go. I am doing things differently. Feels weird…but l have this strange inner compulsion…and so far…well we will see …certain things are in place, and some things are out of my control.

    And stuff will happen.

  9. Hi Elsa,

    I got a reading from you back in November and we discussed my progressed Sun in Aquarius. I am curious about how transiting planets influence progressed planets.

    I am guessing it would be similar to transiting planets to natal planets but for a shorter duration but I don’t know.

    Thank you for any insight.


    1. Yes, it’s the same. I’m not sure what you mean with “a shorter duration” because planets progress very slowly.

      For example, my P Venus and Mars will move roughly a degree a year. Transiting Pluto moves slowly which means I will be in this situation I’m in now, for quite awhile, though not at zero degrees.

      I haven’t looked but, Pluto might retrograde back into Capricorn… then it returns to Aquarius and this same scenario could reconstitute, but at one degree rather than zero.

      Point is, situations in progressed charts tend to be sustained. See:

  10. I definitely do not find you doom and gloom but rather appreciate your honest and direct hit on transits. Even though we all have different aspects and relate to them differently, this makes the world go around lol we learn and teach.
    Keep up the fantastic astrology, Elsa!

  11. Pluto in AQ will conjunct my progressed Venus ( which has turned FF last year at 0 Aquarius after many many years retrograde) a few times in the next 2 years. I like to think of it as an increase in popularity and potential income – the last few weeks were already very very different !

    If you write about your progressed Jupiter, Elsa, do you mean secondary progressions ? I never even looked at the outer planets progressing, its super slow, is it relevant ? Or is it solar arc on the Jupiter ?

    Thank you, I’m interested cause my secondary progressed Jupiter also just entered Scorpio.

  12. I don’t know if you know this but I do read most of your posts, since getting my charts read by you. This, even when I was offline, I read your newsletter often, on and off but pretty often lol . Thank you for your presence in my life.

  13. hi Elsa,
    I found your post because Pluto’s recent entry into Aquarius will soon conjunct my progressed Jupiter (it also did last year, when you wrote this post, but since it returned to Capricorn, I waited until now to think about it). I looked at my other aspects, and it’s squaring my progressed Mercury, also at 0 Scorpio like you! and yikes, Venus too, at the end of Libra.

    Likewise, progressed Uranus is now at 0 Virgo (my Sun sign with an Aquarian ASC, relocated Sag ASC). Very similar to you.

    So lots of Plutonian and Uranian energies going on, some for a number of years (also progressed Sun in Scorpio), in natal 8th and 12th houses, if looking at houses, so not easy!

    I’d never thought about progressions before (tho the astrologer I consulted most recently did), so I googled a bit, and was immediately struck by the influence of the progressed Moon, having recently survived a terrible illness during a progressed Moon in Scorpio, a period described as the most difficult, helping explain so much of what I went through – that was truly gloom and doom as I’d never experienced, but on a personal level.
    (I haven’t read any of your purported doom-and-gloom posts, but I would probably have agreed with you)

    Now that the progressed Moon is in Sag, I feel a whole lot better, because I am alive. Even though I have no delusions that there are still a million problems in the world, and the future, both personal and mundane, is more uncertain than ever. But I remind myself of the trials I’d just survived and that life is beautiful, and still try to fight in making the world a better place (Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus).

    It remains to be seen what changes Pluto conjunct Jupiter brings me, or Pluto in Aquarius brings for the entire world.

    thanks, and let’s all hang in there!

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