Saturn in Scorpio Transit To Natal Pluto In Scorpio

I am planning a workshop on Saturn in Scorpio to begin in August, 2012. I asked people what they would like to see covered here: The next session in the Colosseum

Korellyn wrote:

“I’m really really curious about how Saturn thru Scorpio’s going to affect those of us with Pluto there natally, especially with the threads recently about our generation being broken/violent. There’s got to be a better way to manifest.”

This is a great question. Historically, people have the Saturn conjunct natal Pluto transit much later in life than the Pluto in Scorpio generation will experience. The variance is due to the fact that Pluto transits through Scorpio very quickly.  Pluto was in Scorpio for 12 years, roughly 1984-1996.  Compare that to Saturn’s transit through Taurus, which lasted about 32 years, from 1852-1884.

Generally speaking, it’s a difficult transit.  You come face your fear and the reality (Saturn) of your own mortality (Pluto) for starters, so you can imagine the various ways this could manifest.

Do you have Pluto in Scorpio? How do you feel about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio coming in?

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  1. I think I’m gonna save a portion of my salary for this session. I have Pluto in Scorpio, though at 21°degree. But I think this transit is going to be very significant for me because when Saturn hits my Pluto it also hits my IC. And then there’s the Mercury/Venus in Scorpio as well. I also have tUranus in my 8th house

    I’m pretty certain one family member, my grandfather, will die during this transit. If not before. He’s getting sicker with every day that goes by.

  2. Financial fear, self-protection and disease, I think will be their focus and this generation will be hit hard as they will not have the financial freedom of their own $ as previous generations. Those that have will have to give, more.

  3. I have natal Pluto in mid-Leo, so transiting Saturn in Scorpio will square from late 2013 and most of 2014. The last time this occurred was late 1984, but transiting Pluto was in early Scorpio…a period of many changes, painful at the time, but leading to good stuff later. This time, the mutual reception of transiting Saturn-Pluto will form sextiles with each other, while Saturn conjuncts my natal Sun, Mercury, Venus, and trines natal Uranus in Cancer. Pluto sextiles those at the same time, but will oppose natal Uranus. I think this will be a very positive, eventful year or two…a few downs, but many ups and some surprising events thrown in to dislodge the cobwebs.

  4. Scorpioandproud

    @Solarie (((((Solarie))))I loved my grandparents so much. Grandparents are jewels of love and knowledge. They were very significant in my life …they were my foundation. I miss them everyday and its been years since they have gone. I can still feel my Grandmother 15 years later sometimes… I was blessed beyond measure to have those angels in my life. They saved my life and gave it a richness I would never have had without them….. ♥♥♥

  5. Scorpioandproud

    I am worried because of all my 4th house stuff. My Mother (who has been a handful all my life) is not well. She has been through a lot. Quad/bypass surg. Tumor removal and bowel resection in April…she is skin and bones. Feisty as hell but very fragile. I worry about certain people taking her to the bank. Sleep with one eye opened but can’t do anything to stop that because she is sharp of mind.

    I have no idea how this will turn out. At first I was afraid, now I am just ready to get on with it. Learn the lessons I need to learn to be a better person and take the losses as best I can.

    I have 5 planets in Scorpio. I am still somewhat astroignorant but hey, how is this not gonna take me to hell and back….???

    I’ve already been through hell and back 50 times. I can do it. I don’t want to do it….but I can!

  6. Thank you Scorpioandproud. This Sunday was my other grandfather’s birthday. Seven years since he died and I still wept standing in front of his grave. I loved him, best substitute dad one could ask for. It still kills me that I’ve never had a proper goodbye with him.

    This grandfather, I don’t know him so well, and we’re not as close. I shared a home with the maternal grandfather, this one I’d see once a month. Lately, because of family issues I don’t see him at all. Last time was a year ago. I just hope to visit one more time and try to learn more about him. I realized I know nothing of who he is and was and what his life has been.

    I think if I explore my roots (IC) it will be a transformative experience (Scorpio) and I’ll be able to build (Saturn) something solid on it.

  7. Scorpioandproud

    @Solaire Very important you get there. Go see him if there is any way to do it. Get as much information as you can about his life from others if you have to. You will be glad you did.

    If I hadn’t had grandparents my life would have been a mess. My parents were a mess. I was an accident (if there are accidents??)

    My maternal grandparents raised me until I was 8 years old being overseen by my paternal grandparents who lived a bit away but always made the drive to make sure I had everything.

    I will be forever grateful to them all…but mostly to my maternal grandmother. She was the thing…the one thing that made the difference.

    Go if you can hon….try to see him. ♥♥

  8. no, I have Neptune there…whatever that means. So Saturn will be riling up my Neptune, as if I need any more muddling. My sun and mercury are 12th house, and my Chiron and midchart are in Pisces.

    So if my north node is in Virgo, I have my work cut out for me achieving clarity, function, order. I have more than just menopausal fog going on, and even my Gemini mercury can’t cut through it sometimes.

  9. I don’t but my oldest has pluto in scorpio in her first house conjunct with her ascendant. I imagine that it will be tough. My first three children all have pluto in scorpio. So all three will be impacted. I really like this generation.

  10. To be honest I feel determined more than anything. I’ve got a plan now happening for financial freedom that I think might actually work. I think that because it will require a great deal of work on my part but I think I can do it.

    I am also blessed with natal trines from Pluto to my Moon/Mercury conjunction in Cancer and a sextile to Neptune (also generational and tangled up in this I think). But anyways, darkness and I are old friends, old foes across the chess board.

    Despite recent domestic kerfuffles, I feel like my relationship is more solid than ever. I’m worried about my mom though.

    tSaturn thru 4th house while tPluto opposes the moon. Yeah. Definite underlying concern. I really am trying to maintain a good relationship with her but it’s difficult for both of us.

  11. Do you have Pluto in Scorpio? How do you feel about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio coming in?

    Nope, i dont have that Pluto… mine is in Libra (2nd House). I had the conjunction last year, it was the last time i had an argument with my sibling, and we dont see each other since before that, and dont talk since it. Pluto rules my 3rd house, and my natal Saturn is at my 12th… guess what, we fought over values, moral/wealth ones. When Saturn hits Scorpio ill see how it will definitely be settled up, i want this injustice to end.

    Anyway… put comes, destroys, and we have to accept it. The transformation is part of the Phoenix.

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    Jeff's Son's Airplane

    I have Pluto and Saturn each in Scorpio, so this type of transit seems to apply quite a lot to me. I also have Mars (in Leo) squaring Pluto natally, so I can imagine this Mars-Pluto square we are seeing now will be affecting me quite a bit as well. Workshop in August?? I am a Leo, and all this appears very relevant for me. Did I mention it is near my Saturn return??? I have a feeling it will be, at least, a very exciting time for me. Maybe with some moral lessons along the way.

  13. Pluto in Scorpio (transit in 6th) will coincide with my Saturn return so I’m expecting some rocky times and I’m trying to prepare to handle whatever may come after October. I have some serious decisions to make related to my work situation and I getting ready to tackle that. If I have to face my fears (and I have plenty of them, I just hope I can come out of it a bit stronger in end.

  14. I had a Pluto conjuncting Saturn years backand then opposing my Moon. At the end or middle, can’t remember, Saturn conjuncted Pluto, too. I can honestly say they were the worse. I had severe financial shortages, hard conditions and restraining circumstances in general. It toughened me up, but I have a permanent hard shell as a result of those specific transits.

  15. In my chart, Pluto and Saturn are conjunct but in different signs. Pluto is in Libra and Saturn is in Scorpio. I’m an Aquarius with a Pisces stellium so this Saturn transit hits me good but I don’t know what to make of it yet.
    I’m anticipating some repercussions as well.
    Since it’s also my Saturn Return, I know life is changing for me and I did change quite a bit lately; I lost weight, found a more stable job, am going back to school full-time in another direction. I didn’t have it easy in my early life however it made me tougher. I can be a “slippery foe” sometimes.. I took myself under control and am pushing forward and letting go of negative energy. I can undermine myself and I realized that! Self-undoing is a very poisonous flaw.
    I wonder if Scorpio Saturn transit will be helpful for this process…

  16. Yes, I do have pluto in scorpio!

    I don’t know how I feel about this and the impending conjunction to transiting saturn, because I really don’t have the astro knowledge of what such a transit might mean (it’s not like I’ve had real life experience with such a conjunction before :P).

    I am a bit worried, and I am curious. I am in my mid 20’s and at that stage in life where life, career, school, relationships, LIFE starts taking shape and of course, I’m weary of what the next 5,6,10,12 months might hold for me. This is a pivotal time; I’d like to learn how the saturn conjunction can help and/or hinder.

    If you are able to share you insights, that would be so helpful. thanks!

  17. Pluto in Scorpio but also conjunct my ASC and it will be near crossing over it for the 1st time after Saturn goes into Scorpio. I am already beginning to acknowledge the realities of growing up. It’s an interesting time to say the least. I am trying my best to get through it with the most amount of integrity that I can and I intend to keep that perspective the closer the approach.

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    Pluto in Scorp and like ((Solaire)) I’m afraid a family member is going to pass. I had a funny dream in 2010. A deceased family member came and for this person and I wanted to go with the both of them but the actual deceased said no. Pluto is going over the 4th so crossing the IC soon.

    As for Saturn over my 2nd… I have plans in place but with that restriction of finances and self worth I don’t know if I’ll be able to carry them out. Funding for courses is a bit of bitch at the minute and that is really going to affect my self worth because my job is useless to me. That stellium is going to be hit. I sound morbid unusually.

  19. MY 19 year old son has pluto at 25 scorp so I am concerned, however, he has had pluto transitting his 8th house since about mid october 2004 and it has been hell for him, and for me to be able to help him through it. He is still angry and fear has him feeling especially as he has been in this almost half his life, that he is doomed to this awful life in this horrible unfair world he is also an early aries sun, so has had extreme pressure put on him with the cardinal stuff especially when uranus was on his 5 aries sun as well. It as been a long tough battle to get through the last 8 years as one of his sisters was in an even worse depression thanks to a stellium in her 8th house including sun and as many of you are aware, I am on poverty line, without a place of my own to live since last oct etc, this is predominantly because I refused to go out to work and leave my son or daughter to their own hands, the old fashioned way of just suck it up and get on with it attitude, I cant prove, but as a mother I just “know” one or both of them would not have survived, I have no regrets for making the choices i did, even in the state i have been in. I really do feel that the saturn through the charts of pluto in scorp generation is a do or die type aspect, not intending to stir fear, its just to forewarn, that generation needs help,needs to be able to face fears knowing they wont be abandoned by those who love them no matter how dark they seem to get. It is just a phase that too will pass, but it takes patience and not allowing ones own fears to stop those around them from doing whats right, from doing what will matter in the long run, to me. This generation is being blamed for how they are, yet the nature blueprint has given them this aspect for good or evil and society of the past has created this world and the attitudes they have now, they need to feel they are worth more than what many of them have been shown, they are the ones with huge good possibilities to be reborn and be the pioneers to get this world going after the devestattion we are all currently going through, my view is help them through it with all the love you have.

    Sorry to go on, but this is something very dear to my heart as you can imagine and I do feel there are huge possibilities for good from it too.

  20. PS My heartfelt suggestion to those on here with the pluto in scorp aspect especially with neptune in pisces, there is no denial and if you have any troubling emotions or fears rising already, seek counselling or therapy i think you call it in the states and work through it now, disarm the fear so you are the master of it by choice rather than wait till it is forced on you?

    love and healing to you all

  21. PPS sorry, I just wanted to add, my daughter who hasb also been going therough hell, has moon in libra 7th house, but sun mercury and mars also in libra, but 8th house, so she has given me alot of insite into the saturn possibilites to pluto from a different perspective to my son, but both, I hope have now faced their fears and although still struggling with them, they no longer fear, fear?

  22. Scorpioandproud

    All things point to increased responsibilities for me. Thing is i am already responsible for so much…for so many people. How this is gonna work I don’t know. I have no one to help me with my Mother (who is sick ~ have 4 sisters that refuse to do a thing!) while I run my home with 5 dogs 2 parrots and a business mostly by myself…and then there is the 2 needy sons with three kids between them and 2 wives that do little. I have no clear idea how I am supposed to do more. Hey, I don’t play the part of Martyr…I hate that shit but how this is going to play out should be very interesting. Hope my family doesn’t kill me!

  23. Yes, I don’t know how I feel about it…
    I already have transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn, and it will continue to play at the same time Saturn conjuncts natal Pluto. The SO also has his natal Saturn conjunct my Pluto, so maybe more of the same since transiting Pluto came into conjunction of my Saturn?

  24. Well, I’m going to take it as it comes. I’ve been working hard and learning to be true. I’m not going to have too much problems.

    Now the people I love have Pluto Scorpio and Scorpio planet’s and that will effect me. So, not so much looking forward to that. 🙁

  25. I have a pluto in scorp too. Already I’m feeling the heat. I’m a bit scared but I will survive. We scorps rise from the ashes after all right 🙂

  26. People are always scared of Saturn conjunct Pluto and I recently had this and nothing really much came of it, nothing earth shattering, it is in my seventh house so maybe some adjustments in that area, but nothing I did not welcome.

  27. I have Saturn(27 degrees rx) and pluto(6 degrees rx) in scorpio. my ascendant is at 12 degrees scorpio so saturn will be transiting my pluto in november in the 12th house while the sun is in scorpio. i don’t think saturn is really a bad thing. it depends on who you are. i notice when saturn transits come around(good aspects)i feel an energy assisting me with being responsible and having everything taken care of. it feels good to be on the right track. i’m not sure what kind of issue this 12th house pluto will bring personally for me but the 12th house saturn transit has really been screwing with my head, but i do know that i feel it’s come close to a “do or die” time. i gotta get my shit together or else i have hell to pay.

  28. I have saturn in scorpio in the 2H and pluto in scorpio in the 1H and Im a little scared of the upcoming saturn transit. Im just catching my breath now that saturn is leaving libra and I hate to think that this may be worse….lol

  29. I feel urgency, fear and have an illusion of control since I am familiar with astrology a bit.

    Saturn will start with marching over my ASC at 2” Scorpio.
    Three degreees after it will conjunct my mothers ASC-vesta conjunction, then one by one will over-ride her sun, jupiter, mercury, venus, neptune-all 1stHouse Scorpio. She’s been through living hell & I am so sorry it’ll happen again.

    Then Father Saturn will conjunct 11H Pluto of ‘love of my life’ who’s fighting IVstage melanoma now. we were together for last 7 years and if I remember right- saturn likes this number. So- in 7th Dec Saturn will be on his pluto (this conj. is falling right by both of my liliths conjunction in my 1st scorp.), while his T.Sun will conj. natal Sat.1st, T.Pluto will conj. natal Neptune, T.Jupiter conj. natal venus in 7th, it’ll be ‘vesta return’ and finally- 7th house last degree natal sun in conjunction with Tr.Ceres Rx. – I think that’s when he’ll pass. Or a miracle will happen..

    I know a triple-scorpio guy who’ll has a Nice natal 0′ scorp Asc conj. 0′ Pluto and now Saturn will ride over them both. brr goosebumps.. and his sun, moon conj. & saturn return right afterwords. well maybe he will die too. wouldn’t be surprised. he’s not much of a life enthusiast..

    I have another guy with who I’ve have quite karmic-unbelieveble history. Saturn wil march through his 5th house over his venus (right when we’re planning to meet again, around his 40th birthday, then his mars,ceres and since our juno’s are 2′ apart it’ll be riden over by saturn about the same time. I hope we’ll figure things out with each other finally..
    during our first trip ever he had Transiting Rx Saturn conj. natal Pluto + nodal return conj. DC in 7th + Tr.Venus conj. chiron.

    I wish someone would stop me from ‘seeing things’ here and tell me I am mistaking.

    I’ll go get a Saturn tattoo.

  30. forgot to mention – he was 2 minutes away of death on that day.

    And checked his transits for that day only now- after figuring out my #1 significant man can die during it. #2 barely survived.

    All I am looking at in charts lately is Saturn and Saturn only.
    I have it in Capricorn natally. Pluto in Scorpio. So they both are quite ‘ruling me’

  31. I have my natal Pluto at 0 degrees Scorpio in my 1st house. As we know, Saturn enters Scorpio on Friday. I have been experiencing transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto and it will be exact on Friday. Having this transit occur in my first house has been intense, dynamic, scary, and also liberating. In a short period of time, I have faced a fear I never wanted to face- in fact, it felt like I was going to die; I have made progress in areas of my life that I have haven’t been able to make significant progress in perhaps ever; And I feel I am giving birth to a more full relationship with my personal power.

    This definitely has been a time to delve deep, let old structures that need to die-pass on, and to begin to build structures that are more deeply and authentically true. Of course, it’s going to depend what house this transit occurs in for people as I have found mine to be very all around transformational- body, soul, personality, and my orientation to life. Has it challenged every ounce of who I am? Yes. Was I able to meet the challenges? So far, yes 🙂

  32. I have Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio (Pluto 0 degrees, Saturn 10 degrees), so I’m having Saturn transit my natal Pluto and then my return around the same time.
    So far I’ve seen the end of a lot of relationships in particular one that was very important to me.
    Since both of those planets are in the first, I think for me it’s manifesting in breaking down how I see myself and maybe how others see me? I’m feeling in need of a lot of changes in how I live my life and how I feel about myself. Not all bad, some of it is much needed changes I think.

  33. Saturn transiting my Pluto in Scorpio. Oh no! Through either “crushing ones soul” with rigid structures or, or failing to “build a solid foundation” for one’s life work – and the life work of the Soul.

    A couple things that coincide with this transit I find interesting:

    1) Many of us (sat in sco kids) have our Neptune in Cap being transited by Pluto (conj), or can anticipate that in the coming years. The orbs aren’t exact necessarily in timing or degree for everyone. But, a combination or succession of those two transits is.

    For me:
    Transiting Pluto in Capricorn sextile native Pluto Scorpio 5th; and conjuct Neptune and my DC. This one has already happened for me. In a few years Saturn will transit conjuct Pluto and activate this same pattern again.

    The Pluto part of this transit is already clearly laying the foundation for the Saturn to come:

    End of one very serious long-term relationship leads to celibacy (thanks to that Neptune DC) and then meeting the woman I’ll be marrying and having children with (woah Pluto on my DC, hollering at my natal Pluto in 5). One extreme and then the other, beautiful new thing out of the death and purging of the old.

    Where does Saturn come into this?

    The orb tightens up to that Saturn (return for her) and Saturn-Pluto conj (activating the same Neptune-DC-Pluto natal pattern). With maturity and discipline in creative expression, and yes – children.

    The time-frame between my Sweetie and I matches up pretty closely with the transits.

    For others in my peer groups (whose charts I have) it matches up with creating their own business, starting families, reaching a very impact-ful level of activism and community organizating… The fruition of some life-path aspect which was connected to fear, shame, extremes, intensity, shared resources, or sex… and learning to be responsible enough to create solid foundations and wise structure and rules.

    All of that with either an emphasis of fear and responsibility. Or, with a double-whammy to your ideals and visions!

    All of this plugged into the grander Pluto-Uranus square taking place,

  34. I know this topic is an old one, but I was wondering how come I haven’t felt anything since this transit started. I have natal venus and pluto conjunct (6th house) in scorpio opposite my natal moon in taurus (12th).
    I haven’t felt it I said but actually my heart has been aching for almost two years now with no physical relation (went to the doctor and all). Could it be related?
    It feels like I can’t change anything in my life, there are so many things I’d like to change but I am in an almost complete inertia, and also a complete lack of empathy. My heart was just getting harder and harder until I realized my mistake yesterday.
    Would you please give me any insights? or guidance to manifest the saturn-pluto vibration into my concrete life.

    Thank you very much

  35. Saturn is just transiting conjunct through both my pluto & moon (scorpio 22 & 23 respectively) now.
    It is a little early in the transit yet, but i feel like in this time i have reflected on my power and stance within my group of friends as well as evaluated their ability to meet my needs. I have also been self conscious about my ability to be there for my friends and take care of their needs. I have considered ways to take time and reflect, and taken every opportunity to be alone with myself and think about things. This may be related to my insomnia which has returned, and now I can easily stay up until dawn without a blink of sleep.
    I have found it to be a time where I am also more inclined to get into verbal arguements. I feel like my communications with others may be misunderstood in this time and/or percieved as cold, judgemental or overly determined. So far it doesnt seem to be a very pleasant transit at all, as with all saturn transits they are about doubt and re-evaluation. However i am feeling ok, because i know this is a time of growth and i know that my intentions are pure and that my actions and wants are justified.
    I hope that this short (2 month) transit will bring me growth as it has done for previous generations!

  36. Saturn transits my asc at 16:19
    In the first house also a Pluto it will conj at 20:49

    My asc is opp my moon in taur (6th H)
    Asc sq my natal Saturn in Aquarius(3rd house)
    Asc sextile natal Neptune & Uranus(both 2nd house)
    Asc conj my Pluto (1st H)

    Since this whole transit started my life had been hell literally

    Tech School I went to shut down into the last week I was attending
    It was a run around to get my certificate which the state still has , all the people I thought were friends I had to cut them off, my “love of my life” betrayed me in the worst way had to cut him off, my Grandfather died I was shattered, I lost my job , I can’t find a job especially with all the schooling I worked so hard for , I gained weight (my fault) Lol , I don’t know who to trust , and on top of that life has just been crawling Long despite all my efforts to push in a better direction I’ve been staying strong,

    The only good thing about this … I found myself .

    Anyone been going through something similar ? I’d love to have not been the only one Lol I can’t wait till this transit is over

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