Venus In Aspect To Pluto: Power Couple (With A Shadow)

Pluto-abduct-PersephoneI was talking to a young male client the other day. He wanted to know, straight up, what his chart said about his relationship life.

I told him I felt he’d be part of power couple.  They’d be prominent (Venus in Taurus in 10th) and blessed.  “Blessed in general.  Blessed with money, for sure,” I said, looking at the tight sextile to Venus, from Jupiter in exaltation.  “You’ll be known. You’ll have some social position, but there is a shadow to this,” I added.

To clarify, I used, Huma and Andrew Wiener as an example.

“They are certainly famous as a couple, but who knows what’s going on there? We don’t know what’s lurking in the shadows, or what the roots of the thing really look like.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, when people are prominent to this degree, there are usually a number of things…sources of their power,  and other things that people don’t know anything about.  So there is a public image of this couple, and then there is the shadow and a deep root.  How many bodies and where are they buried?” I said, because I’m Italian.  He’s not Italian, so I verified, ‘You know what I mean?”

He knew what I meant. It’s in his chart.


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  1. I read that my Jupiter in Scorpio also was “marrying money”. I don’t know if that’s true. I always feel a bit conflicted when I date men with lots of money because there does tend to be some darker undercurrents. The money or the power seems to be a very real third person in the relationship. It’s a big energy that can distort things and the people within the relationship if not kept in proper perspective. I think when people too strongly identify with the image/energy that money or power provide and their attempts to preserve that image/energy at all costs… it can create some real yucky dark stuff.

  2. I have Venus in Leo conjunct my midheaven, sextile to my Pluto in Libra in my 11th house.

    My relationships tend to cast a shadow. Of course it all started with what I got from my parents – they were money-lenders, prominent in the community that way. So when guys learned who my father was they were usually intimidated. And if they weren’t intimidated, I usually respected them for it 🙂

  3. My Husband has a Venus conjunct MC, in Taurus too like this guy. When I first read about this aspect, and how on man’s chart, it means they marry money, I thought, “Well, then, this won’t be long term, since I’m broke.” But since he is still with me, in the recent years, I’ve taken this to mean I will become rich and famous, eventually. 😉 Seriously speaking, he could have found someone much less understanding about his career than me. People in his field tend to marry each other, since “outsiders” don’t always understand their hours and other aspects of their work.

  4. With venus in capricorn sextile jupiter I recognize the scenario. Did the story include venus trine or square pluto?

  5. Venus is in virgo in the eighth house, squared by Taurus in the fifth house and opposed by saturn in the second house in aquarius. There is no relief for venus except that she’s in mutual reception with mercury in libra, who is combust.

    I tend to wander into abusive situations that waste my energy. Despite three marriages I raised my son by myself. I am powerless in relationships and ultimately exhausted by them.

    I think if an astrologer had told me the truth about that configuration I would probably have never bothered.

  6. Interesting–I have the opposite configuration as your client: i have Pluto in 10th/Libra opposite Venus in 4th/Aries.

    Definitely empowered in public, with my partner. We are a force to be reckoned with. Is there a shadow? Yes. We get along like a house on fire, yet one of the primary functions of this relationship is how it heals both of us from the inside out. That isn’t always easy, fun, or obvious.

  7. I have Venus in Leo in the 6th house square Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th house. I also have Venus sextile Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd house, Venus trine Moon in Sagittarius in the 10th house and Venus trine Mars in Aries Rx in the 1st house.

    So essentially I’m sociable and graceful with people on the surface. I’m a great friend, a witty conversationalist…But I feel uncomfortable with intimacy, I feel like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. When Saturn was in my 7th house, I had several painful interactions that made me realize this.

    Is there a better way of using Venus square Pluto? The best thing I can think of is listening to songs involving love triangles and Almodovar movies.

  8. My Venus is conjunct Sun last degrees of Libra, 10th house, both square Jupiter in Leo 8th house, and Jupiter opposite my moon residing in Mr. Aquarius. I have either been single or in a relationship that didn’t work, and that for years now. I mostly feel that if I, as the woman, don’t do as the guys expect, it doesn’t work. Only, that I am different and have my own mind. The last Mr. Wrong was cash poor. I had opportunities for being with guys with money, and was in a relationship with some public focus for a while; didn’t end well and I always decided against the money to maintain my independence … 9th house Pluto does not connect to those planets.

  9. My Venus is a busy bee. In addition to being my chart ruler (Libra rising) she is 1. conjunct Mercury in the 11th 2. sextile my MC in Cancer, 3. square my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sag in the 2nd, 4. trine my moon in Taurus in the 8th, and 5. also square my Chiron in Gemini in the 8th.

    Also, if these count, semisquares to Mars in Cancer in the 10th and Pluto in Libra in the 1st.

    Can anyone help me make sense of all of this?

  10. Sorry, my last post somewhat missed the point. My mind must have been on the chart with Mr. Wrong whose Pluto sat right on my Mars. Ouch! He let me run against his walls without giving in one bit, ever, and liked to accuse me of projecting my ‘issues’ on him. I find this an interesting approach to relationships, yet, that used to leave my puzzled (and in the end angry because it really doesn’t lead anywhere), but since he was ruthlessly convinced of his righteousness, it was the wiser decision to pull back. It’s when both parties can only loose, even though I learned how fearless Mr. Mars is. Is it only about winning for Pluto?

  11. Very interesting indeed. My Libra Venus is in the 4th house, conjunct 4th house Jupiter and 3rd house Saturn. It is also quintile my North Node. My guess based on this is that my partnership will not be public or prominent, but we will last a long time and be happy and lucky. If this ends up playing out, it suits me just fine. 🙂

  12. I too have Venus in 10th house conjunct mc (my mc is in Aries however). I have saturn in scorpio(4th), and pluto
    in libra 3rd both in opposition to Taurus. My Neptune in Sag trine (5th) this placement and I also have Leo (asc) square my Venus in Taurus. I sort of feel like one of those commercials where they advertise all the wonderful things about a toy and then say batteries not included-Loads of potential but will need work. Oh there is also that quincunx uranus in sag hanging out in my 5th. Sigh.

  13. A friend who has Venus in Leo in the 8th squares Pluto in 11th which conjuncts Saturn and Mars, is obsessed with other people’s money, ie how much they have, how generous they are etc. She is very generous herself though.

  14. @elizabethe

    That’s a good point,

    ‘when people too strongly identify with the image/energy that money or power provide and their attempts to preserve that image/energy at all costs’

    Interestingly, I have seen it happen when pluto and jupiter energy merge-and some sort of semi-bancrupcy happens at some point of life, leaving one a millionaire, rather than billionaire. These people, it seems like, they never get over it. Never.

  15. I have Venus conjoined Pluto in Virgo in my first house, sextile Jupiter and Neptune. And Mars in Taurus. I have not attracted a wealthy man or married one! Dated a money guy with prominent Pluto once and he was a snobby a$##**e (though the sex was good). My long-time bf doesn’t have much $ but does appreciate material things, especially at home (Venus in Taurus conj IC).

  16. I have the exact same thing…Venus in Taurus right on the MC, and it sextile Jupiter in rulership in Pisces in the 8th. No money here….lol. And no relationship either.
    Still hoping one day. I’m 51 now.

  17. Hey Babs – met my love when I was 51. Together 4 yrs now. He wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but maybe that’s why it works! He’s always been good to me, which I’ve learned is the most important thing. Hang in there.

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    I worked on a project a few years ago with a guy that had Venus Trine Pluto & Mars conjunct Pluto, with a huge Libra stellium in his 12th house where Pluto sat with Saturn & Mars. But his Sun, Mercury & MC were in his 10th house.
    We are both Sun/Mercury Cancers. We did a lot of talking to each other with just our eyes. I have Venus in Taurus 1st house, & i was always told by friends that we were considered a bit of a power couple in business, & our chemistry together shined like a diamond in the rough.
    He was definitely power hungry, it was not just noticeable to me, it was noticeable to everyone who came across him. I met him back in 2008, around our birthday’s in June/July..

    We were known, we had a huge reputation within a social scene & within the industry we were in business with.

    It still hurts that he adored his personal power above his closest relationships. It never worked out for us, he cut ties with me, & still goes about his set ways. There was a huge shadow side to us that know body knew about. Only we do..

    & it will stay that way for as long as we both shall live.

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    Most definitely!
    I learned that with Mars Conjunct Pluto man..

    win at all costs!!! Screw the trail of destruction that’s been left behind in its wake.


  20. This reminds me of what you wrote about everything going on below board now. The media is more than often used as a tool to tell us what some would like us to believe or to somehow sway the public one way or another for some reason. And money can buy some to ‘wear a beard’ for whatever reason for the press. It’s hard tellin. And so tangled as far as I’m concerned that what media relays has rendered itself unbelievable to me. I am sure much is going on that is of concern to public welfare but covered over with these distractions. But it can be good entertainment.

  21. I think I am starting to understand what is meant by “shadow” now. It’s that other thing that is not the performed representation? Definitely don’t need to go to media to see that. Am I to believe that there are ‘special relationships’ that do not have a seamy underbelly? That would be news to me. Or is the shadow just the surprise element that would be unknown by everyone. So that, if I know about it, it wouldn’t be the couple’s or person’s shadow?

  22. My FI has venus conj pluto in Leo in 12th. All this stuff would go over his head. Nonetheless, I completely see his need for ‘power couple’ in us.

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