Mashing Art With Spying & Margot Fonteyn

margot fonteyn in phone boothI watched a documentary on Margot Fonteyn.  I love programs about dance or dancers, especially ballet. The show was nearly three hours long. A slow and lasting, feast for the senses.

The film was filled to the brim with beautiful things and people to look at but for some reason, I was struck by this image of, Margot, in a phone booth. She’s beautiful and elegant but beyond that, I recalled how it felt to step into a phone booth the make a call, back when this is what people did.

I realized, immediately, I liked this much better than I do talking on a cell phone. Odd thought in it’s randomness.

This image stayed with me. I thought about Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus. I’ve been writing about true art and beauty in my newsletter lately. I am drawn in this direction and this is a good example of what I’m taking about.

margot fonteyn in phone booth close upMargot had her sun, Mercury and Mars in Taurus. Look at her! So beautiful talking on the phone!  The woman was art, walking. This is apparent in every frame of the film.

I thought about writing about this. I knew I’d need a picture so I searched, “Margot Fonteyn phone booth”. I was hoping for some dumb luck but it didn’t work out. I realized I would need a screen grab if I wanted to write this piece. The next day, I went to the beauty salon.  The Venus-ruled beauty salon, that is.

I loaded the forum on my blog as I waited for my hair to process. I was stunned to see an ad for phone booths on the page. You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought. I was struck by the speed of the ad-matching (less than 12 hours), but I also wonder, who is selling phone booths and why?  I clicked the ad and it took me here.

I can understand how something like this might be desirable. In the old days, you stepped into a phone booth so you could talk privately and/or not disturb other people with your conversation.  If you step into a phone booth with a cell phone, it’s a bit silly because there is nothing private at all about using one of those!  But the feeling you get stepping into a phone booth is unique and quite special.  The feeling of walking around, not tied to an appliance is pretty appealing as well.

What do you think of all this… or any of it? How does it strike you?

13 thoughts on “Mashing Art With Spying & Margot Fonteyn”

  1. She seems like a charming lady indeed. This could be an interesting documentary. But on 4 different astrology data bases she’s not listed as venus in taurus though, her mars is in taurus and her venus is in cancer.

      1. Hi,Elsa! It was something tiny. My jupiter in virgo is a bit too into details. Thank you for the link by the way! 🙂

  2. The other day I was sitting next to a lady at the bar who was facetiming with her daughter. They weren’t talking, but the daughter was eating Mike & Ike’s out of a box, chewing with an open mouth. Rattle rattle, chew chew. They were on the phone doing this for 9 minutes! What the everliving… I’d go back to phone booths any day.

  3. at least in a phone booth booth you don’t see advertisements for what you were talking about on the phone that day. creepy. although , maybe an operator was listening in?

  4. I love the memory of phone booths and the connection to private conversations. A time out on so many levels. One day my husband and I were sitting in our car at one of our favorite harbors. A family of tourists were strolling the dock. There’s a seashell of a phone booth … no door, for people to use to make local calls. The young boy picked up the hand piece and caught the eye of the rest of the family. “That’s what they used to do in the old days,” was what I thought he said.
    Did he see it in a movie that ‘history’ or on his iphone? To me it was a piece of living art. I live in a very white community, the tourist family were Latino, speaking Spanish. I felt part of a big piece of ART.

  5. I love to watch good movies made in the 1970’s. There are quite a few scenes featuring those now nearly nonexistent phone booths. I’m very nostalgic about those days gone by.i was a kid in the 70’s and I really enjoyed it.

  6. Not exactly the same , but I miss landlines and phones with cord. Spoke about this with a friend recently. I have great memories of dragging the phone and cord from the hall to my bedroom, closing the door and spending 2-3 hours talking to my friend while my body contorted it self in the small space between door , closet and wall. Remember both me and my bestie crying when they removed the last phone booth in our neighborhood. Pee smells broken digits and stuck coins , or those who required phone card to make a call ? do not miss ..Miss being unreachable the most , and it being normal.

  7. I miss phone booths. I have to make calls outside and you canNOT go anywhere private and there is ALWAYS construction or a noisy car going by.

  8. Phone booths were everywhere, like clocks on the wall. When Timex appeared Wall Clocks everywhere disappeared. I only see those Highway Emergency phones now. I didn’t like the idea of using a phone in the City where they were they harbored germs and ripped up phone books…but I DO miss their presence. In London the red booths are merely decorative anymore. Sad. I dislike rude usage of cell phones and even I have been guilty. We are forced to use them. They have kidnapped us and there is no one to pay our ransom.

    I love movies on dance and ballet too. And I have read many dancer’s bios. Will check out the documentary too!

  9. Loving everyone’s comments! What a memory-activating post!I took ballet as a 5year old (until 12). A photo of Margot Fonteyn was in my teacher’s office. Little did I know until age 40 my parents sent me there because of gross muscle development issues, lol. AND, phone booths were also an reoccurring icon of my childhood. The bus station in SF had great ones to play in…I felt SO grown-up. I tried to purchase a traditional red box British corner booth for my British husband when they were mostly decommissioned. Unfortunately, delivery to California was too dear. It would have looked great in the corner of the front yard….just like going to the corner by “the shop” in the Midlands to call the US.

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