Sagittarius Woman Bereft After BreakUp

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Dear Elsa,

I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. He is 37 and I’m 26; I come from a conservative family in India, and he is Canadian. We went out for 5 months and it broke my heart when he said that we should call it off. It’s been a month now and I don’t feel better.

He said that I’m looking for a father figure and that he feels that he is ‘in control’ in the relationship and that though he could get comfortable with that, it’s not what he thinks he needs. I feel rejected and so broken-hearted that I don’t ever want to get into a relationship ever again. I can’t bring myself to feel any better.

Is this what love is? Or is this infatuation?

Brokenhearted Sagittarian

Dear Brokenhearted,

I am sorry you are hurting but I think your ex-boyfriend did you a service by being so honest with you. That is rare. And perhaps my saying this will make you miss him even more, but there is another way to look at this. A Sagittarian way, which should work well for your Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. You just need a new story.

Here is your story:

I met this guy, I fell in love, he rejected me and now I am crushed.

Here is mine which you are welcome to substitute for yours:

She met a foreign man. He was older than her and she loved him. He told her stories of far away places which enchanted and educated her. Five months passed and he had to go. He had other people to meet and so did she. So they said goodbye sweetly and went on their separate journeys both knowing that no matter what, they were richer for having met and believing that if it were so destined, they would meet again.

Good luck.

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16 thoughts on “Sagittarius Woman Bereft After BreakUp”

  1. Oh my God, I got all emotional over this. What a lovely answer Elsa 🙂 I’ve got that conjunction too, so I might have to start telling myself new stories. Ooh and I love stories 😉

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    Empowered Sagittarian

    That is beautiful Elsa! Thanks for making me see it in a different light. Though it will take a while, I think I will feel better..

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    I keep pretending that the story ins’t mine for about an year… me, “Sun conjunct Neptune” conjunct his “Venus conjunct Neptune” in Sagg… each time we get a little closer he rejects me in front of the others… but thinking that will never happen something between us seems dezastrous, it’s also seems that we know each other from other lifes and we definitely communicate on a higher spiritual level.

  4. I have Sun Conjunct Neptune with my sun in Sagittarius! I have learned so much about that conjunction, and if any of you lovely ladies would like to talk about it–i have gained some insights about it. We are mirrors of the soul! 🙂 Thank you for all of this. I would love to talk to more about this magical tilt of the the planets.

  5. Brava, Elsa. BF of 6 months and I broke up the other night, because he said he couldn’t see me on my birthday (Fri.) because he had to pick up his daughter from the bus station and I dunno, maybe hang out with a family (ex?) thing he doesn’t want to tell me about. It’s too weird and probably has a lot of elements I’m not aware of, and I have been beating myself up for being so delusional and gullible. I had a poison pen letter all ready, basically to frame our entire relationship as fantasy and to accuse him of using me. Pick out and articulate all of his weaknesses and shortcomings and deficiencies and make them his tools for intentionally hurting me. Ending with a “I am so sorry that I met you.” Scorpio sting and all that.
    Maybe I’ll hold off, having read this. Maybe I’ll just be the injured party, which I am, and not make myself guilty of anything.
    Thank you.

  6. What a lovey response. Way in to the future, this client will really appreciate this “story” and may some day tell it to one of her children or grandchildren. Very wise.

  7. Hi I am a sag with Neptune and Mars conjunct in my first house in Libra. I love “you just need a new story”. That is soooo true. Thanks

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