Venus In Aspect To Saturn – What Do You Want *Really?

“…Ralistically, you may as well be writhing around like you want 400 million dollars. You’re not going to get it. So given the limitations, what do you want, REALLY?”

I wrote that for a client who has Venus aspecting Saturn.ย  Does it really sound that bad?

Is getting what you really want (that you can actually have), really that disastrous? Might it be even more disastrous to live in a delusion?

That question does not apply to the client, specifically.ย  I just wonder what people think about this.

The girl in the picture is wearing a plain dress. It’s not a red carpet dress.ย  Is it not enough?

What do you think?

If you have Venus in aspect to Saturn, Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in the 7th…check out my workshop – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate, which specifically addresses this challenge.

41 thoughts on “Venus In Aspect To Saturn – What Do You Want *Really?”

  1. Natal Saturn in Scorpio (4H) opposite Venus in Taurus (10H). On one hand it seems like settling, the here is the best you can do make it work, and as my mother Virgo mother once said “You’re never satisfied.” Working with my Saturn as of late, I’ve realized a lot of wanting my ideal partner is not wanting to repeat ANY of my Mother’s crap with my Dad or my parents style of parenting. I’ve realized I have to take steps to work on my Saturn placement stuff, honor my Venus so I can let someone in. I also can have a type of relationship I want but perhaps in a flavor more like that blue dress. Hard but with my placement, this Fire girl has to slow down and check and look at the bigger picture.

  2. I have Saturn rx in Taurus 2nd and Venus in Scorpio 9th it’s detriment, and both Square my Aquarius Mars Rising, there are asteroids too.

    I have learned to appreciate the simple. I do not have many expectations of specific excess.

    I am emerging from a few years of survival mode, still there but in a much better place, most of what I want is not materialistic, it may be something more, just someone to share it all with and a solid foundation to build upon

  3. Interesting. This is very foreign concept to me. I am a dreamer, and I REALLY don’t want anything but the freedom to keep dreaming.

  4. This certainly hits home for me. Saturn is the heavy weight in my very mercurial chart. I’ve struggled immensely with Venus square Saturn throughout my life and I have an inkling a big part of it is also due my Venus Neptune opposition. Nothing ever lives up to my ideals, but it’s not meant to either. This is what I’m working on learning. Using my Saturn to not always feel “woe is me why can’t I ever have what I want” but instead working within his limitations for a love based on reality. It’s like bringing love down to earth.

  5. Big time dreamer here,the dream lives on,even after he’s gone.I live in an imaginary world but surround myself with enough smart,down to earth people who can put up with me and ground me when needed.

  6. I’ve had to enforce a “no expectations” rule in my life.. not that it helps much – wants and expectations are sometimes difficult to separate in my focused and intense little head. With Venus exactly conjunct Saturn and both conjunct Jupiter and my Moon, there is very little leeway between what I want, and what I need. The problem is, what I get, rarely falls in line with that narrow scope. That said, living a delusion is worse than not getting exactly what I want. Venus and Saturn are quintile my Mars in the 12th conjunct Neptune, who is square my Moon (completing the circuit). I can use the intuition of Mars/Neptune in the 12th to guide my Saturn/Venus.. and if i let go, there is definitely an act of the divine that has brought me to everything in my life. But the sparks of magic bring me what I need to learn the life lesson necessary at the time… in other words, not getting what I want initially, but getting what I need to show me how to turn my needs into wants. As long as I keep a level head and make sure my Moon doesn’t get clouded over by Neptune on the other end of the circuit, I’m good. Does this sound overly complicated? you bet your ass it does.. but at least I know how the system works, and that’s better than flying blind like I did years ago.

  7. @Rantares “Does this sound overly complicated? you bet your ass it does.. but at least I know how the system works, and thatโ€™s better than flying blind like I did years ago.” I agree that until a person knows the system at work in your real life, there is no satisfaction.

    Elsa, I like the blue dress and it’s my natal Venus in Sag that lightens up all my Saturn-Scorpio stellium squared and gives me a way out of the chaos and deep digging(temporarily). A breather. Fresher air.

  8. Saturn Conjunct Venus in Scorpio. That’s true, finding the love happened late in my life, but Saturn was so uncompromising. Saturn was questioning every guy right from the beggining in what he could do for me, and what he could bring into my life. For saturn love is a serious business, and in fixed scorpio, it’s either all or nothing. It’s exteremely possessive and jealous because for saturn love is an investment.

    Similarily, such combination doesn’t allow to admit to mistakes and just switch to other person, as long as there is some Return on Investment. It gives heavy probes, but, with Saturn, over time, things can only go better.

    Not to mention, that while most of couples decrease in passion over time, saturn with venus makes sex only more and more amazing. (!)

  9. I don’t want a plain blue dress, I want one with sparkles and flowers and ruffles and lace all different colors…..

    Jk, I am learning this too. Its hard to swallow…disillusionment sucks, but it is worth it.

  10. Oh dear, reminds me of a couple of mother daughter disputes lately. Gimme gimme. Not enough. More more more is like an endless wasteland of want. The question is what do I need to be happy. Really not all that much. And it’s much better applying my energy to that than looking for more all the time. What is more anyway? But then again I am old and have had plenty of years to get to this decision.

  11. I think I’m not really sure where this question is trying to go. Is it about being happy with what you can get?

    In that case, I don’t know…I mean, 400 million versus money you can live fine on is one thing. That makes sense. On the other hand, “I can’t get who I want in a relationship and my clock is ticking and I’m 41, and my only option for marriage is this really old skeezy scrub dude I can’t stand….” That strikes me as being more of the Venus Saturn dilemma of wanting what you can’t have and not wanting what you can. There’s realistic compromise that you can live with just fine, and then there’s stomach-turning settling that will lead to hell.

  12. Saturn is in my 10th house haven’t landed a career in my late twenties by a long shot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what makes people indepedent. And its conjunct Mars, so I have been maring for no reason at all.
    Second, Venus is in my 5th house. But I haven’t had a long term / short term relationship. I really feel cursed at this point. I am at anybody’s mercy let alone the angry god(s).

  13. I haven’t a career either and I’m in my early fourties, I do have a job though. Also never had a relationship.

    Cursed no, just not holding the right cards I guess.

    I still have hope

  14. In our composite chart, ShinyTaurus and I have Saturn conjunct Venus, in the 7th. We’ve had to adjust our expectations of each other–a LOT. We won’t have a lot of what other couples have, physically, financially or otherwise. You just learn to lower your expectations and yes, that means settling. We’re both in our 30’s though, we care about each other, and it’s not like there’s a huge line of other potential partners behind either of us. You work with what you’ve got.
    He has Saturn in the 6th conjunct Venus in the 5th, and constantly has to deal with other people telling him he can’t have everything he wants in life. he can’t always have it his way. It frustrates him, but….that’s life.

  15. The dress is not only enough (Saturn) but it’s beautiful (Venus).
    Why would we want more than we need, and what do we need, really? Venus conjunct Uranus, square Saturn-Neptune.

  16. Hi, Conny, good to see you and great point.

    I thought the dress was beautiful as well. I found it searching, “plain dress”.

  17. Hi Elsa, good to see you too. I’m in Germany right now and always enjoying your wonderful blog. Best wishes!

  18. I like the dress too. I’m wearing a plain black cotton dress shaped like this today. I <3 plain dresses. So simple and easy and always perfect.

  19. @jGibney – does this mean if I turn my wish for $400 million dollars into a need, the universe will cough it up because it intends to fill the void?

    I’m not following your logic. Perhaps I’m missing something.

    My attitude is: ask the universe to support you in loving what you have, namely, yourself. You don’t really have anything /anyone else in your possession, at least not for long. I would not ask the universe to give me something else, something I think I need but really don’t in order to be happy.

  20. Why do I need so much stuff anyways? ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s something I asked myself when I was getting triggered a few months ago.

    Fact is, having a lot of stuff burdens me, so.. LOL.

  21. Aqua Saturn in 8th opp Leo Venus in 2nd.
    I attract strange people, strange is beautiful. I never wanted it easy, I never got it that way or I left. Fully satisfied. (0:

  22. @jgibney…that’s my birthday too, August 30 1971!!
    Thankfully I am not into owning or having “things” it makes me feel tied down, claustrophobic. I’m more of a collector of experiences, new adventures,information. I like the dress, LOVE the color that’s what makes it **POW**.
    Less is More, if you know how to work it!;)
    Natally Saturn sq. Venus/Sun Virgo.

  23. Oh and one more thing. I’ve learned over the last couple of years that when I’m just writhing for something that I think I want and I’m not getting it, it probably is the Universe saving my ass from a really big disappointment, disaster, undoing. We humans are very adept at *thinking* we know what will make us *happy* to the exclusion of considering other opportunities. I definitely learned this the hard way. I’m much more chill about it now.

  24. Saturn square Venus is the closest aspect in my chart. Actually, Saturn is the apex of a t-square involving venus and neptune, and they are all on the angles too. I think Venus square Saturn is the hardest of all the Saturn Venus aspects due to the nature of the square aspect itself. Always feeling like I had to earn love, and I’m still not married and I’m 51. It’s a long slow process dealing with this one, but as Donna Cunningham always said, we end up with a relationship that is solid and real and committed uusally later in life. I was a typical Venus Saturn late bloomer as well.

  25. Avatar

    Hmmm this is very familiar to me.

    I have natal Saturn in Scorpio 7th & Venus in Taurus 1st. I’m a bit of a material girl (Venus-Taurus) but i am quite conserving when with my finances within my partnership (Saturn-Scorpio).

    Needless to say i am shitting myself for when Uranus hits Taurus in 2019.. >_< !!

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    I read a quote by someone famous many years ago, have a diary of quotes that i keep if i think they are good & i could learn from. Unfortunately i don’t remember who quoted this one, But anyways it made a lot of sense to me.

    ”Satisfaction is the death of desire, the desire to achieve more, want more, is what wakes me out of my complacent slumber.”

    ‘C’est la vie’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Very “Jackie-O”..a good quality basic that can be dressed up or down. Can go anywhere; like most of her wardrobe. Want/Need, synonymous. Balanced.

  28. Hi. Im new to this sight but i enjoyed reading your blog entry. I have venus conjunct my saturn in Capricorn; I actually have alot of my planets in Capricorn but im an Aqua sun w/ a Sagg moon. Do you have any insight of how personality traits of venus conjunct saturn Capricorn? Thanks!

  29. i feel Horrible im 22 and hearing some women in there 40s and up say that they are Still Single, gives me no hope but know i understand why dating has been very difficult for me,i tend to date older men, where it won’t go nowhere..realistically! but its sad that my chances of having a husband are low by the age of 35…venus Square SATURN VENUS IN THE 8TH AND SATURN IN THE 5TH HOUSE ):

  30. Jairi, Please do not despair! I am more than 40 years older than you and my husband and I have a very deep love and I am earning enough money and professional satisfaction to lead a fulfilling life. The secret is that you must find a path, commit (Saturn) to it, and work (Saturn) hard. The rewards (Venus) will come!

  31. I just want to add that now I understand how it works. An astrologer told me, when I was beginning a new career at 40 and longing for love, that the more effort I put into my work, the better quality man I would attract. At the time I cried! Now I see that the reason is that as you gain professional status and financial independence, the more confidence you have as a person and the better quality person you will attract as a mate. Also, if you begin to feel sorry for yourself, try volunteering or doing something for people less fortunate. Soon you will feel grateful for all you have!

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