Saturn In Scorpio – What’s In Your Blood

dnaRecently we had a few discussion on the boards around words like “Hispanic” or “Oriental” being used to describe people. Some people in some places take offense at these words. Others do not.

It’s common these days to try to dictate to people what they should or shouldn’t, can or cannot feel or think about various things. I feel this is a waste of time, for the most part.

Now if you take someone to a re-education camp and torture them, they may spout your doctrine to protect their health. If you beat them until their brain is damaged, you might get some weird results. But in reality and in day to day life, I think most of who we are is in our blood.

My husband and I run into this at times. We agree on a lot, but there some things we clash over. Philosophical differences, moral lines…some of this stuff is big.

Having a lot in common and you’d think we could bridge these things or find some middle ground, but we can’t. Some of the differences are just too deeply rooted. I literally feel that it’s his DNA running up against mine and good luck messing with that.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that you are right and that others should mimic you or take on your beliefs, you might consider that some of what a person knows is not in their head, but in their blood.

Do you have beliefs so deeply embedded, you feel are a permanent part of your being?

10 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio – What’s In Your Blood”

  1. Yeah I have several! I keep them hidden or deeply contained because they are such a core factor in decisions that they are not up for discussion. My Libra Mercury avoids talking about these beliefs, some of them are quite ugly.

  2. From my core I believe this earth is a school. We choose who we are born to for what they can teach us. I believe we are here for the betterment of our souls. I believe every single tragic terrible awful nasty thing that happens leaves a stamp on your soul that thruoghout all our lifetimes we will never forget. I believe we go ’round with the same souls each time. Just in different bodies. And I’d guess by my past performance, i’ll be doing this lifetime over again…lol

  3. I don’t know…My Virgo always knows there is more information and my Pisces is just soooo flowy, I’m super duper mutable. I like the infinite amount of possibilities and information. In fact, I’ve had to come up with some beliefs but I consider them to be more like non-negotiable boundaries.

  4. I once read somewhere..that we pick our lives before we are born every tragic triumphant thing in order to learn some lesson your soul needs.

  5. My beliefs are all subject to change, but there are other parts of myself (such as my taste in food, my interests and the way my mind works) that I do think are in my blood.

  6. My Libra ascendant makes me extremely flexible. I can see both sides of a coin. I have core beliefs but they don’t conflict with other’s core beliefs because I have a live and let live policy. I am considerate,independent in my thinking and my actions. Being empathic and diplomatic,I listen intently if someone’s beliefs conflict with mine. I may not agree, however understanding their thought process strengthens communication.

  7. Wow, so uncanny to see this title and image: I was up until 4am last night reading the results of a DNA ancestry test, which I did in January but just got around to looking over. I don’t know why it is a Saturn in Scorpio thing but it certainly feels like one. Reality + blood, I guess? Ancient structures (DNA) + blood.

  8. Oh yes I do. It hasn’t caused me any problems though. If I feel it to be the truth, what good would it do to try to show people. And really what it comes down to is that I’m self absorbed and I really don’t care people think unless I can learn from it. If its something I’ve already come to a conclusion on, then it’s just boring for me to hear others thoughts on it.

    I think that’s what I like about ee. There are issues that are brought up that I’ve never thought about. I’m not interested in talking about water under the philosophical bridge.

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