Libra With Scorpio

I had a client the other day, she was Libra with an idealistic streak. This would have fine, if not for the stellium in Scorpio in her chart.

If you have a stellium in Scorpio, you’re going to deal with the shadow side of life. I don’t care if the “not nice” factor makes Libra want to puke.

“People like to pick on the weak,” I wrote. “You have to marry pretty with prowess.ย  I don’t think there is another way….”

Who can relate?

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  1. Probably why libra is not always as nice as they would like me to believe? Most libras I know are highly motivated. I’ve been duped many many times. My bad. The cream rises to the top and I like the cream, but it isn’t all there is. Nobody is that simple. I suppose the libras in my life have taught me to look a bit deeper than what I’d like to believe. Thinking about the many libras I know and have known, I finally understand what you mean by prowess. They keep me on my toes.

  2. Me!
    I’m neither a Libra or a Scorpio, but I do have a three-planet conjunction in Libra — including Pluto — that hits my whole chart.

    Sometimes it feels like my entire life consists of putting doilies on other people’s stains. Not that I’m immune, mind you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m pretty interested in things that make other people squirm, so it swings both ways.

    I was with a man for years who had three-planet conjunctions in both Libra and Scorpio. I’ll never forget the day that I finally convinced him that he wasn’t, in fact, a nice guy. *grins* Once he quit running from his not-niceness he became one unbelievably unstoppable motherfucker! It was a sight to behold, lemme tell ya… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i only have 1 planet in scorpio – jupiter. its trine my sun in my 7H, conj my moon (in libra in my 10H), and biquintile venus in my 5H in gemini. jupiter also rules my 1H (Sag), and i will say, i seem to have luck with endeavors that are or start out hidden. i also am not afraid to take risks in love.

  4. scorpio also rules my 11H, and my ex was a scorpio. i get along well with scorpios and have lots of friends who are scorpio… but i dont think i’d be involved romantically with one again.

  5. “If you have a stellium in Scorpio, youโ€™re going to deal with the shadow side of life.-Elsa” My Scorpio stellium squares another(stellium) in Leo. The effect is dramatic(Leo) and deep. The Leo combination includes Saturn-Mars-Pluto.

    There really is no way to avoid or pretend life does not include shadow. My mom used to say, “Don’t be afraid (of your shadow)!” I think I misunderstood her as I dove for the dark closet to hide.

    Repetition is unavoidable. The lessons will be learned one way or another. Saturn sees to that. Anyway, over time, I come to understand my shadow, and the many shadows in living. Easy, not really. Remember the song, “That’s life”? It’s like that! (David Lee Roth’s version of that song is my favorite:)

  6. I have moon and neptune in Scorpio, no stellium, but yea, I have seen my shadow side of life !!
    I didn’t believe I can do it, but I did it!!

  7. My 3 planets in Libra (Mercury, Jupiter Uranus) is full of Guilty feelings !!
    How come I did it??
    Does Saturn has made me do it silently??

  8. My ex. The libra with the Scorpio stellium (Venus/Merc/Neptune) who told me when we brok up (without knowing his astrology):

    “I am a scorpion and you are a frog. I will befriend you and ask you to help me cross the river, and you will oblige because you are a good frog. But then halfway across the river I will sting you, and we will both start to drown. As we are drowning, you will ask me why I did that. And I will say – because I am a scorpion. That’s what scorpions do”

    Can you imagine? THAT was his way of breaking up with me. Points for originality, I suppose. :/

  9. I have a Scorpio stellium. MercuryNorthNodeSunUranus @ 0,3,5,7 and then Mars just for fun at 13.
    He has a stellium in Libra: VenusPlutoSunMars at 1,6,10,13 and Uranus at 27 degrees.
    He was my first true love at 19. We worked in the public library together. I had just sworn off dating people I work with after a bad experience. So, Scott and I were friends for 9 months before we became intimate.

    We both have Saturn conjunct our ascendant, too.

    We had so much fun. We would leave funny notes for each other in our shelving sections of the library. And we kept passing this dried up peep back and forth in our lockers. I was a member of the book of the month club and had accidentally gotten a book of poetry in the mail. I knew he would enjoy that, so I gave it to him as a gift one day when we were just friends. In turn, he found a used copy of the I Ching that I still treasure to this day. He was so shy about giving it to me that he put it on top of my locker and ran off before he had the chance to see my look of surprise.
    We would walk to and from work together and sing. We both knew Morrissey and The Smiths by heart. Sometimes, for fun, we would even have entire conversations just quoting lines from his music.
    One day, I realized I loved him. So, I found him in the stacks, walked right up to him, looked him in the eyes and said “I love you.” He just looked back without a word. And I saw his pupils dilate and contract and I knew he loved me back. I walked away. I didn’t need to hear anything from him. I just needed him to know how I felt. The love I had for him was a gift that didn’t need reciprocation.
    By the time we kissed, it only deepened our bond. Time would fly by. We were a light for each other- encouraging each other to be our best. No games or manipulation. Just enjoying every moment. We would wander around the city and lay in the grass to watch the clouds.

    I had no idea what I gave up on when our relationship fell apart. It was the distance that did it. We went to graduate schools that were 2,000 miles apart. I would write him twice a week and we would talk every week. But, when it came time to graduate, we didn’t know how to make a life together. We didn’t know where to live, how to plan anything. I was only 25 years old and I had no guidance from my family. I remember being upset when he decided to stop meditating. And when a friend told him “long distance relationships never work out”, Scott had taken it to heart as a truth. That was the only time I remember being very angry at him- for allowing that thought to be true. He cowered when I became angry at those words. I can’t stand to see a man cower at me.

    He came back into my life twice in the 15 years since then. He came to stay with me for a visit 5 years ago. He tried to find work where I live now. He tried to convince me to move back to our hometown. Things were complicated by then, though. I have a daughter with another man and she deserves to have him in her life while she is growing up. I did move home spontaneously in 2010 when my mother needed help through her cancer experience. The same week I arrived was the week Scott married another woman. They have a lovely daughter now.

    I can’t know if I was wrong to let that relationship pass me by. I always felt that I would kill him somehow. That the energy that I have- my power- would be too much for him and I didn’t want to wear him out. I loved him so much I didn’t want to be his demise.

    One of the best parts about our relationship was that I was his first. I taught him how to make love. He knew exactly what to do to please me. Even when he came back into my life 10 years later, he still knew exactly what to do. The experience surprised me because I had forgotten how to make love that way by then.

    We are of Pluto in Libra. Perhaps our lives are to rewrite the Book of Love but we have to live it from every angle first?

    From him, I learned how important it is to not judge or criticize beauty. All people have beauty and uniqueness. See that in each other and that is all you will bring back to you.

    As for the lessons I brought to him, I think I stung myself more than anything else.

  10. Story of my life. I have a Libra ascendant conjunct Libra Venus. I am the prototype of a totally nice guy, I believe in good manners, flowers, and a walk in the park. And I have Mars in Scorpio. I just have to get to the bottom of anything, or to phrase it poetically to fuck with the bad boys.. It is possible, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I have a 5-planet scorpio stellium, with MC conjunct NN in Libra conjunct Venus (though Venus is not in Libra). When I was young I thought I was too meek and mild to be a Scorpio. I know better now, lol, ever since Pluto passed over that stellium (now it is Saturn, woe) I always see through the surface of things. It would be nice to gloss over it sometimes, to pay more attention to being ‘pretty’. Though I do honour my artistic side.

  12. Scorpio asc, Sun, Merc & Neptune with Libra Venus & Jupiter. All I do is see the beauty in even the darkest and the grossest.

  13. Yep you gotta get your hands dirty with this combo. But one can do it gracefully:).

    Three planets in libra and four planets in Scorpio.

  14. I have a six planet stellium in Scorpio, and I’m a Scorpio. Yes, I know all about the dark side of life. My Leo husband thinks I have a dark attitude, but I just see though everyone’s shit (even if I don’t outwardly acknowledge it) and embrace the darkness. I will admit my Libra BFF drives me nuts with her urge to please every guy she dates (why, oh why do you think its LOVE each time?). She isn’t too happy with me right now because I called bullshit on her last relationship. And I was right, he was one of the worst! I didn’t even have to meet him, I just knew it. Sometimes I feel bad I can’t muster that positive, light flowy attitude. But being able to immediately cut through the crapola is a godsend sometimes.

  15. I can relate! I’ve got 5 planets in libra, and 4 of them (including Pluto) are in the 8th. People ALWAYS guess I’m a scorpio. They also sure don’t guess I have a cancer moon (moon/n node in cancer/5th, squaring that stellium)

    Watch out for libras, because we have that stubborn cardinal streak in us: D

  16. Sun (12th house) and Asc in Libra
    Moon, Saturn, Venus and Pluto (all in Scorpio and all in the 1st house)

    People see me as either very serious or very laid back

    I am intense and emotional

    I see people’s motivations/motives

    I am very caring and innately a good person

    I have great will power and determination

    I can be ecstatic or depressed

  17. Libra ascendant conjunct south nose, mercury and neptune, wth Scorpio sun in the 1st house. Don’t let the fashion and charm fool you, now that I’m older and have learned to shake off the neptunian fog, I can see truth quite clearly. This also gives the ability to dig for and find hidden beauty.

  18. I dont have a deep knowledge about astrology. What do you think about oct.20 libra sun and venus in the 8th house? Moon, mercury and jupiter in scorpio in the 9th house.

  19. Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Libra in 6th house and Venus, Mars and Uranus in Scorpio in the 7th. Not an easy combination to carry! The first time I realized my dark side I was shocked, I didn’t know I could be so cruel. After a decade, I made peace with it. I scare both men and women unintentionally. But if they really have the courage to come forward and befriend me, they would be surprised to know what a loyal and dedicated friend I make. My husband(cancer with Scorpio rising and Virgo stellium in 11th) was not afraid and we are together for the last ten years!

  20. As a libra sun, and with moon, mercury and venus in scorpio I’ve always had a intense emotional personality, super sensitive inside. In my love life i’ve always been able to love so hard and unconditional. Im the most angry when I feel as though I’ve been treated unfairly or someone is only seeing one side to a story without giving the other side a chance (obviously my libra showing there). But i definitely have mostly always kept my anger and sadness hidden, even though most of the time I’m suffering inside. I hate to talk about myself and my problems, and I’m very shy and quiet overall anyways. I long for a deep unconditional love, is anyone able to tell me what the best possible match for me would be seeing that I have a scorpio stellium (Moon, Mercury and Venus)

  21. Virgo asc w/ Jupiter, saturn, venus, pluto, moon (1,5,8,22,26) in libra + mercury R, sun, uranus (7,13,25) in scorpio with uranus opposing midheaven. I’m genuinely nice to people, just, and idealistic. I’m a true egalitarian who likes the way the darkness gives the light balance.

  22. I had a synastry chart done for my husband and I. The astrologer said that if you look at famous couples charts for example JFK & Jackie O. Their charts seem like they were destined to come together. She said ours was like that and I never understood why but I thi I do now.

    I am a Libra sun with a stellium in Scorpio of Venus, Saturn, Pluto & Midheaven, & a Libra stellium in sun, mercury & uranus. He is a Scorpio sun with a Libra Stellium of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto & a Scorpio stellium of sun, Mercury & Uranus. Our only difference is that 4th planet otherwise we are opposite but same.

    Is that an unusual thing to see or is that more common than one would think? We are almost 5 years apart too.

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