Venus & Mars In Domicile: November, 2023

Venus and Mars PompeiiMars is currently in it’s home sign, Scorpio. Venus will ingress into Libra on November 8th.  This bodes well for everyone, everywhere, especially if you opt to use these energies.

Venus in Libra is is fair.

Mars in Scorpio has prowess. It conjures up the idea of Scorpio as an Eagle.

Recently, I’ve mentioned this expression of Scorpio seems to be fading out at this time, which is horrifying. High end Scorpio does not crawl around on it’s belly, craving sex and writhing around in pain all day, while stinging itself to death. Don’t let yourself be programmed to that.  Masturbation, basically.

Mars in Scorpio is a hero protector, soaring overhead; eagle eye looking over those in it’s charge.  The family, basically.  If you’re doing this, you don’t have time for that. “Prowess” is as much about handling your own energy as it about working with others.

Venus in Libra can smooth things over.  Peace is valuable.

I don’t know that we can expect our “leaders” to use these energies properly but you can work them as an individuals.

Note these are social signs. If you hole up and hoard your energy, just exactly what is that? A waste of your gifts?

Venus and Mars will be in their home signs November 8th-24th. How might you use this energy to improve life for yourself and those around you?

19 thoughts on “Venus & Mars In Domicile: November, 2023”

  1. Hell yes,yes and yes ! y scorpio mars is totally fine with the mars return there and I have felt it already in terms of confidence and people coming to me without me calling them or running after them. It’s incredible how life is speeding up in terms of people getting out their numbness/hiding away and connecting again. Where in many circumstances this can amount to no good, in my life it seems that the efforts of the long retrograde slush is paying off.
    I am looking forward to Venus crossing my AC and travelling my first in nice trine with my natal venus in AQ. All good here and thank you Elsa for your insight and guidance.

  2. I was just looking at a friend’s chart and she will have her Mars return end of the month, quickly followed by her Venus return (very late Virgo) in early November. I feel this must be quite a rare alignment and auspicious, to have them start new cycles almost simultaneously.

      1. Thank you Estella. I will consider that based on her chart and pass it on. Ps. I enjoy reading your astro interpretations 🙂

  3. I can use that combination to get myself and husband onto a plane for the 1st time in 15 years to be with our family who is bringing us a new granddaughter! This is an action requiring prowess, grand mother love and the hording of energy thing you identify? That’s the tip I do need today.
    My solar return/76 th birthday comes in those times you spot!!
    Whew I need that oomph

      1. There are so many details and unknown that tangle me up. But a FaceTime call with my family is prioritizing what’s important And why we must believe we can do this !! 🌈

  4. l have just caught the Red Riding Hood (related post) my dream of a soldier in red coat and yes, l have South Node in Aries.

    Yesterday, l found a copy Angela Carter’s Collected short stories in an op shop. Reading Wolf-Alice. Day before the small poem l wrote was about a Wolf spider not afraid of me. Fearless.

    What will l do for others? Small picture first. l will break the cycle by not playing my usual role(s) l am not who l was…that is being tested now.

  5. Venus in Libra, sounds good on paper!

    But it has to contend with an opposition to Chiron, then crossing the Eclipse degree, then conjunct the South node, before finally square Pluto, like all the other million planets in Libra has done …. As well as forming yet another uncomfortable Yod, with Uranus Taurus and Neptune Pisces. Venus Libra will be severely hindered from playing out the more pleasant traits we would normally expect

    Venus is also in the Morning Star phase, after the retrograde, which brings in a more “yang” warrior type of energy.

    Mars in Scorpio will oppose Jupiter, right on the Taurus Lunar Eclipse, and both are close to it. Then, to add some more fun and sparkles (not), Mars opposite Uranus, which to me sounds very volatile! Like a Molotov cocktail waiting to be thrown into the fire.

    I can’t see the planets in domicile being of any kind of improvement, more like enabling and exacerbating the already tense energies knocking around.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. There is more to this than meets the eye, which is also important to take in.
      Libra can be codependent too, so all sorts of shadow tactics could be in too, with Mars in Scorpio.

      It’s true that the higher road of these two are as Elsa described though. Alas, we need a bit more extensive take or deep dive, as the waters right now and during October especially is like a shark filled ocean.

      Eris has two faces. And she will be exact to the north note late November, so this conjunction is building up at the moment, with the Sun/Merc conjunction opposite NN and Eris.

      There is two versions of Eris – she was the one to throw the apple into the party and made people question who was the fairest and prettier of them all – and this also started the Trojan War.

      I think this energy is an analogy for fighting inside our own ranks … No person’s viewpoint is “safe” from being challenged right now. So with Mars, Venus in their home signs, they will probably just argue their cases with even more vigor, and this is where we have a choice: Whether we want to be the highest octave of Mars and Venus in their signs, or resort to the Eris energy of fighting inside of our ranks.

      Eris calls us to fight for our (individual) rights, to go against unfairness and injustice, which is very Libra.

      Moreover, Eris is opposite the Via Cumbusta (expanding from Libra to Scorpio). It all makes me think that this Venus Libra period will make the following Venus in Scorpio period look like a walk in the park, LOL!
      Venus in Libra during this time will look like a goddess warrior with a Roman helmet on, in a flashy dress but with lightning in her eyes, ready to tackle any obstacles to fairness and peace. By… tada – going to war for it. Really, these shadow expressions and Eris energy is a pain in the brain…

      Eris is the closest to Earth she can be right now in her weird and wonky Pluto-esqe cycle around us, so the times right now are very volatile and challenging.

      Also, during the COVID and so on, Pluto and her had a number of squares, which was a huge factor in all of the issues that surfaced here.

      That square will is almost reactivated again right now, with the SN opposite this point with Pluto in a square, and the SN conjunct it simultaneously.

  6. Mars was in Scorpio one year and I became obsessed with watching Patrick Swayze videos on youtube. I was like what the what…well I found our Patrick Swayze has Mars in Scorpio.

  7. Great post, Elsa. It’s taken me a lifetime to understand this, that being what the heck I should do with my Scorpio placements. As I am wiser now, I guess that learning process HAS been a part of the point, and I suppose that is what is frustrating to me about what you describe in people’s misunderstanding – it’s about evolving, not just in practice but in understanding, and that idea does seem to be getting lost in the shuffle. In my experience, Scorpio energy is potent, it is intense, but at its highest it is certainly not macabre. Scorpio doesn’t do anything that is superfluous, and some of these modern ideas about are exactly that – just hedonist drivel. In terms of energy, it reminds me of an open fire hydrant just spraying its water wastefully and mindlessly in every direction, there is no containment or intention. Thank you for the heads up and the wonderful post.

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