The Dire Weekend Ahead? It’s Your Frontal Lobe!

frontal lobeApparently people are reading things out there that scare them about this upcoming weekend. It would be related to the sun and Mercury squaring Pluto. The moon in Capricorn will join Pluto on Saturday.

It’s not like this is nothing. This stuff hits my chart. I will feel a crush, but so what?

Consider there are people with configurations like this in their natal chart – lots of them. Do the self-destruct? NO.

Saturn in Pisces can easily disable a person via fear. This is not a banana peel you want to step on so I’ll offer simple reality, covering this time period, for anyone who wants to keep their bearings.

  • War. This is completely out of your hands, controlled by others.
  • Financial markets of all types – yes, we’re bound to crash on multiple fronts, but the timing here is completely out of your hands and controlled by others.
  • Your life! This is where you come in. Here you have some control.

The person who prompted this note mentioned the Mercury Pluto square in particular. If you are gripped in fear (Pluto), chances are you’ve been manipulated. I’m sorry but just think about it.

We are flooded with negativity (Saturn in Pisces), as our boundaries of all kinds are transgressed. Borders around the world, but also the blood / brain barrier, our ability to control our own healthcare, etc.

Everything is leaky and you’re bound to be overwhelmed if you don’t find a way to relax. It’s like being a kid in a pool. Thrash around and sink, or lie back and allow the water to support you.

Mercury Pluto? Thoughts have power. Capricorn? It’s about control.

You want to push back against mind (Mercury) control. You want mental boundaries. You don’t have to read what you don’t want to read, or have conversations with people you don’t want to talk to.

It’s your frontal lobe. Use it to make executive decisions, because who is going to take care of your mental wellness, if not you?

This will be a potent weekend, so USE IT. Talk to people who empower or enlighten you, while avoiding people who send your head rolling down the hill.

Cardinal signs, okay? TAKE CONTROL.

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22 thoughts on “The Dire Weekend Ahead? It’s Your Frontal Lobe!”

      1. I look forward to that! Mercury 27 Ariës natal and 1 week off after this weekend. Couldn’t be better I guess (and hope!) Jupiter conjuct my Sun today (opposite natal Neptune) so I wish you all a bit of luck with everything!

  1. If it helps, I am one of the people mentioned: My 19Cancer Sun and Mercury are directly squared by 19Libra Pluto. I definitely struggle, but there is power there too. In fact, I feel these aspects are a gift in that I know I have a lot of power, I just have to tap into it. I mostly forget and it controls me, but when I remember and actually do it, it’s amazing and very helpful. The “take control” advice is something I will take to heart with this!

    1. This is crude but we’re talking about Pluto.
      You know my husband was a green beret. In the army, they call a messed up situation a goat-f-k.

      My husband tells a story about a superior making some remark in one of these situations. His response, “Excuse me, sir, but I’m the the one f’in this goat!”

      The hairier the situation, the truer this is. You are the one who will have to live with the consequences so…

      Translated? Stay in control! Mind your own job, whatever it may be. Draw the lines. FOCUS.

      1. Translated again… this morning, I am making focaccia bread for my neighbor. This is what I am doing. PERIOD.

        I will not be stopped from doing this, no matter what, because I am in control (Capricorn) of my time (Mercury).

        So who is making the bread?
        I am!

        And it makes no difference what circuses acts may be ongoing.

        1. This is funny (as in unexpectedly topical). I’m of the same mind right now. I finally got around to turning all my little distractions off. As in, OFF. Made a commitment. No matter what benefit something may bring, it leaves my mind in such a chaotic state that it just isn’t worth it. Definitely feels like a goat-f-k, to put it that way 😁 I mean, I have lost my ability to focus the way I used to. I want that back. I want to keep my humanity and regain what I’ve lost.

          I’ll be “making my focaccia” as well in this sense. Simply not looking means I’m not affected. At the same time, I have a lot of mental clearing out to do and I intend to do this. That’s another part of that mental power I know I have: when I have decided to do something, I am going to do it. I have always been this way.

          To elaborate on your mention of circuses: that is exactly what they are and they’re coming to town to perform whether I watch them or not, so why watch?

          1. That’s it! Don’t be robbed of your boundaries. I don’t care if I am the last person on earth to have a boundary! It’s my life – my lines!

  2. I think Aries is important energy at the moment – leaning into it allows you to be ok with doing your own thing and not getting caught up in other people’s stuff to your detriment. Positive selfishness as it were.

    That’s what I’m experiencing anyway. People are reaching out in ways to spread their stuff and although I’m sympathetic, I’m maintaining strong boundaries. It’s enough dealing with the collective enrgies in the ether which are harder to boundary off and are intense and draining.

  3. Well well well! Sunday is my birthday! Holy shit burgers! I’m going to have a good time. I came into this world with f+++ing or fighting as my challenge or theme. I’m just coming off my first Covid bought and hubby still has to quarantine til the 24th. I’ve made it this far and I’m getting rid of lots of stuff we didn’t have the heart to throw away for the last 50 years! Great birthday coming up! Thanks Elsa!

  4. Hi Elsa,
    Studying adverse childhood experiences and how they mess with brain development…one side affect is that the executive function part of brain is physically damaged :/ I have been having an extra rough time for the past few months just getting basic shit done…and i often don’t or can’t…it sucks. hope the planets don’t make it worse :/

    1. I suspect that’s true but you can also cut new pathways.

      On the getting basic shit down, Saturn in Pisces *retrograde* is a real hindrance. It will probably be easier to progress in November.
      Good luck.

    2. Been there Never be afraid to receive the good things, can be anything: This tiny secret SAFE room in your mind that is yours and yours alone. This is your new baby that needs protection!

  5. Yes, mental boundaries are essential. I have experienced the Saturn in pisces disabling fear and it was not fun. God gave us a prefrontal cortex (PFC), so let’s start using it ! 🧠 😄

  6. Avatar
    Anastasia Christou

    head rolling from Friday! my colleague told me Im undermining her – WTF?
    that came out of the blue…now we are sitting here in stone cold silence.

  7. this post has helped me and i’m sure many others; just continue doing what i’m doing instead of being sleepless due to the ongoing events. i was even sleepless before, as if i can feel something is wrong. I always get sleepless if someone i know is going to pass away. it must be an 8th house thing because i can tell if someone is going to pass even when the doctors are not sure. i dont know if its going to happen but my reaction is uncontrollable tears. as if my subconscious knows even before i really know consciously; it’s giving me anxiety and fear as i pray everyone will be ok and i even cry at some of the events going on. its not good for my health and i’m sure the entire world who knows whats happening in the world is having some mental trauma. It’s good to get back into perspective and just mind my own for a bit and keep working, doing daily chores and focus.

  8. ‘Talk to the enlightened’ (you said)

    The frustration was too much. l needed to walk. l ended up at a place run my refugees. They delived food during lockdown. Everyone was in the room. Great food. Music.They welcomed me and l needed that.

    On the way home. l saw a woman who l thought had died, Sylvia, the junk shop lady. She had barely changed: she was clear eyed and clear minded. She describes herself as a science and art person…grows a garden. She talked about the world and nature…she says: she’s not into churches…and in that moment she looks, up l follow her eye…light streams through a patch of blue that just opened in the gray sky…beautiful.

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