Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto Conjunct My Ascendant – Is This Pain?

My lumbar spine scolosisThta’s my actual spine. I figured I’d put this up here, eventually. Today is the day.

If it freaks you out, please check the picture below. It’s (a tiny portion of) my actual garden, which I plant and care for, myself. I just want you to understand, I understand it is very bad but there is thing about me, where things like this can be transcended.  It’s some kind of grace, I’ve been given. I live with this.

I’m not telling you, it doesn’t hurt. Look at it! You can also see my replaced, hip replacement. I’ll tell you something else… my neck is just as bad; it may be worse! But if you saw me, you would never in million years think I had spine problems like this.  I just don’t appear to have any problems at all.

Saturn Neptune, see? It’s an invisible burden.

In fact, the second time the worked on my hip, I woke up after surgery, screaming bloody murder. I mean, I was SCREAMING.  The nurse looked scared! She could not give me drugs fast enough. No doubt it was trigger by being contorted in surgery.  Now you can see what my surgeon was saying.

my garden“I understand my back has collapsed on a nerve.”
“Nerves”, he said.

Look at it, because he’s going to fix it. Like the other surgeon fixed my hip. Yes, it took two surgeries but it is fixed.  And it’s going to marvelous.  Can you imagine? Maybe not. But you can take my word for it, because my word is good. It is going to be great!

Obviously, I think so because I’m planting a garden. I am either gloriously stupid or gloriously full of faith.  We’ll see about that.

So there it is. I’m the type to put my money where my mouth is. I’m betting my back is repaired and I’m up canning sauce by the end of the summer. I really can’t envision anything but.

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  1. Elsa I’m truly moved by this, oh my, thank you for showing the XRay, it is humbling to know what you manage to sort in your life let alone your body! fabulous!

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    Clifton Greene

    Beautiful garden. Are those grass clippings that you use for mulch? That’s what my grandfather used to use.
    Is that broccoli on the lower right?

    1. You’re looking at broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. No mulch. Those are weeds… and I see the cauliflower u s cropped out.

      I also have romaine lettuce which we’ve been eating for a few weeks. Radishes, parsley, and snow peas on the verge of producing.

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    Clifton Greene

    My grandmother, grandfather and father used to can everything: cherries, peaches, peppers, tomatoes, tomato sauce, string beans, venison. That’s so cool that you do that too.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. Is he going to do a fusion? I hope he fixes it. I think you have a good doctor and you will come through this.

    1. Fusion? Yes and no.

      This has taken forever (nearly five years), but I have an awesome surgeon who specializes in “spinal deformities”.

      He’s actually going to go through my side – minimally invasive – and fix the super-duper hot-spot you see. That’s it. Then in the future as it further degrades… he’s just going to work on it, in stages, as opposed to cutting me down the front, moving all my organs out, etc.

      To be honest, if was going to have to endure the latter, I really don’t think I could or would come through it, “the same”. This my personal feeling. I think I would be psychologically scarred from that. I would very likely retire. I mean, no one can believe I’m working now or that I even want to.

      But I do want to work. I love this work and apparently I’m going to be able to continue. I was not at all confident of this, three months ago.

      Also, my neck is just as bad, if you can believe that. We’ll be looking at that next, though I’ve been really lucky with that as well. Basically, the killed some nerves and it hasn’t bothered me much since, three years and counting.

      I really think this stuff is up to God. I don’t know any other way to see it.

      “You’re working?” the last neurosurgeon asked. I was taken aback at the time.

      “Yes, I’m working…”

      He just shook his head. I was bewildered. But then I realized, I’m disabled, unbeknownst to me!

      1. It sounds like you have a really good surgeon, and doing this incrementally is the right choice as it won’t overwhelm, and that will allow time to heal. I hope it goes well. I am sure it will go well.

  5. Yes you will ! get it taken care of and you will be finding the goods of your garden, and I know this !cuz you are
    A bad ass strong chica !kisses and that’s how we get shit down:
    We make plans ,say prayers and dive
    Deep, and have that good book ready!
    I’m sure you got some stuff in freezer too ,more kisses 🙂

  6. Elsa! You are a brave lady ((())). My mother was just like that.
    She could have written something like this

  7. Basically you won’t be stopped: you’ve got things planned to do.

    All the best with your health, Elsa. Your veggies are looking good!

  8. Wow! It hurts just to look at that curve!
    And it looks like nothing will keep you away from your garden!
    Best wishes for all your endeavors.

  9. Elsa,

    You are such a lively soul that things will only get better for you!! Even when I read your articles, I can sense the positive, optimistic person behind those words!!

    I would like to know your whole horoscope or please send me your birth details and I’ll draw your h’scope and attempt an amateur analysis (more on the psyche) of your h’scope!!

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you but I don’t publish my chart. I figure there is 15 years of my work here, that people can’t peruse. That should be sufficient.
      I really am shy and I don’t like being analyzed. This is not easy to do. I ask people to keep it to themselves. Thanks again.

  10. Best wishes, Elsa. The garden is key. Growing plants definitely support recovery. We are all stardust. Love

  11. I will hold you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery with minimal pain. If you don’t mind I will visualize all your healing angels surrounding you, the doctor, the nurses and everyone who comes in contact with you for healing and anything else you need.

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    Susan Steffen

    Dear God! That is the most godawful, frightening x ray I have ever seen. I thought I had back problems!

  13. Hi Elsa, your transparency and vulnerability speaks volumes about who you are and how you move through the world. Holding thoughts of love for your seamless recovery and highest good. Take good care.

  14. Dear Elsa
    Seeing you all fixed up Straight spine & out of pain
    You go girl, you have this covered & we all have your back !
    Love Tamayra ??????

  15. Wow! So, even though I read Monday’s post, I didn’t click over until now, after having read today’s. You are amazing, Elsa! Your strength and outlook is so gratifying and it has lifted my spirits which had really sunk into the toilet after listening to the news today. I, also, envision you up and canning sauce by summer’s end.

    You will remain in my thoughts and prayers as you move forward with this and heal fast!!


  16. Wow..wow.. I have all these planets on my ascendant right now too and I’m a Cap asc. I have a herniated disc in my lower spine, and have nerve pain too, don’t know how it started, and it’s got bad fast. And nothing has worked for the pain. I’m afraid surgery might be next. Feel like I’m falling apart at 36. Thanks for the post, I can relate to the whole back pain thing.

  17. @Candice, try to see a doctor that specializes in the spine, look for a spine institute. I had the same problem when I was 26 yrs old and it took a very long time to get it diagnosed because doctors assumed I was too young to have a herniated disc. At one point I was taking 5 Advil a day and I had a limp for a couple of months. Ask the doctor if you are a candidate for the chymopapain injection. If the rest of your spine is healthy, it might be an option for you. It worked for me! Surgery should be the last resort. Also, sleep in the fetal position with a pillow between your legs.

    My ascendant is 25 degrees Capricorn, btw.

    1. Thanks so much Geminimoon, I’m actually booked in with a spinal institute in a few weeks. I’ve also had a limp and I’ve been on pain meds that have done little to help. I had a cortisone injection 2 weeks ago which didn’t work either, so I wonder if that’s the same as what you are talking about?. Ps- I’m 25 degrees cap ascendant too!! Does the degree have any significance?

  18. @Elsa, thanks for sharing your xray with us. Showing any kind of vulnerability is a beautiful thing. And your garden is amazing! What should we know about these retrogrades and conjunctions, these powerful planets just hovering on our ascendant?

  19. i was born with this in my natal lol. I got a stellium in the 12th libra – moon,mars, saturn and pluto on the ascendant. then right over the asc i have jupiter. i was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease (ulcerative colitis) when i was 28. i think it started around my first saturn return (diagnosed may 2010). i have a handle on the ulcers now (frankinsense boswelia was a gift from the wise man for a reason!). If you’re curious, my dob is 12/19/1981 2:44a Fairfield, CA. venus rules my chart and my midheaven is leo — yes i am an actress and a model and i love love love feng shui and beauty (although my plutonian nature adds, erm, ‘spice’ to The Beauty Way lol)

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