The Astrology of Taste: Venus at the Movies

Venus beauty“Fascinating.”
– Spock Star Trek

A Leo with Gemini Moon Rising once tricked me into watching a chick flick. I suspect he had more interest in putting one over on me than in watching The Notebook. Needless to say that involvement didn’t last long. Oh, I was moved; I cried. And boy, was I pissed about it. The fact that I appreciated it is not the point.

I like action, war films, films that make you think, and the mother of all films I love: sci-fi. I just finished re-watching the new Star Trek and took great pleasure in welling up with tears when the star ship Enterprise burst into space at the perfect time to save the day. If you love your Love Story, GREAT, but for me I’ll take space.

I have Aquarius on the descendant, Neptune flavored Mercury in the seventh (for a general love of movies) and Venus in Aries. Space, war, manliness, these are things I like. Try to sneak The Notebook in on me and my Scorpio Mars WILL END YOU.

Of course, your mileage may vary; that is the beauty of astrology. We are all beautiful snowflakes, um, er, I mean space junk. Snowflakes are girly.


What gives you joy? What kind of movies do you like, and can you see it in the astrology?

57 thoughts on “The Astrology of Taste: Venus at the Movies”

  1. My Aries Venus gets angry at chick flix too!
    It’s conjunct Saturn in the 5th, so I like difficult stuff. Arthouse, indie, characters with emotional complexity. Nothing better than a well acted film about some fucked up relationship,
    Conversely, I’m also a big fan of really dumb vulgar comedies, too. The crasser, the better!

  2. Oh man, I have Venus in Virgo and I don’t like movies at all unless I can actually learn something from them on the cultural/historical front (and this is why I prefer documentaries).

  3. Venus in taurus 4th. I like emotional things, realistic and cinematic, deep characters that are well made, not pretentious. Usually detective bent but can watch other types too. But sometimes finding gems in unexpected places is an experience. For example I am not into Spider Man movies at all but if there’s nothing to do and it’s on, I’ll watch a bit. The amazing spider man 2 had the most beautiful death scene I’ve seen in a while. Emma Stone- she has something in leo in her chart, right? The movie is put in bad movies category and I can see it with all the cliches and dryness for its genre. But that scene.. it stuck with me and I felt it to the core. It’s something worth seeing. So things like that, that personally touch me.

    1. Forgot to write some proper examples, Bicycle Thieves, Time Crimes, A man called Ove, Before Sunrise, Signal (tv series). I am also a merrily watcher of Father Ted and Black Books series.

      1. Just finished a mystery crime drama and can’t get over the feeling of how good it was. So well done. Crime movies have started to be tiring and consuming themselves in the plot with revenge, too much action and unhinged people for the sake of it but not here. I am in love with the main character actress steely eyes, softie heart, when I made her chart I named hers boss lady. Super awesome scorpio sun, scorpio moon. I love the lack of romance and such a beautiful portrayal of friendship between a teen and a 40 something old lady. And other teens and cops. It has complex relationships and multifaceted people- all of them, the villains, the smaller roles. Friendship, companionship, it made me re-evaluate some things. The only minus is it’s a bit of a slow burn initially. It’s also very beautifully shot. The name? Nobody knows.

  4. For some reason I could watch “Chocolat” or “The Holiday” over and over again. Both have Venusian and Mercurial themes. I have a Mercury-flavored Venus.
    Same goes for “Something the Lord Made” (not a religious movie–Dr. Blalock and his assistant Vivian created a bypass for the heart and that’s what he said it looked like). Again, the Mercury Venus theme. I enjoy watching these two form a connection through their work, solving a heart defect in babies that no one had ever been able to fix before.

    Venus in Virgo, 9th house. Gemini descendant, Mercury in Virgo (9th house). Frat boy movies are not for me! LOL Give me movies, occasionally set in a foreign land or two, with smart people.

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