Is The Moon Related To Your Public Image?

vintage girl in moonHi Elsa!

Why is moon related to public image? In that situation, does a moon Pluto transit affect one’s career

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Curious. I don’t think the Moon is related to a person’s public image, at least not in the way that you’re thinking. The idea that the Moon tracks the public, is borrowed from mundane astrology. We’re people. So no. I don’t think a Pluto transit to the Moon would impact your job. Let me tell you more.

I have had Pluto transit both my Sun and Moon. These are very different transits. The Pluto Moon transit is deeply private. It is SO not public as to be ridiculous. It’s all you can do to fathom what’s going on, personally. On the surface, it’s poker-face all the way.

However, there is a tie between the Moon-ruled 4th house and the the 10th house, ruling career.  So if someone wants to make a case for this, they can. But in my experience, the Moon is yin, Pluto is super-yin and this stuff is nobodies business but your own.

Thanks for question. Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Is The Moon Related To Your Public Image?”

  1. Hmm.Interesting question. I think a case could be made for a Cap Moon in the 6th in aspect to the MC/house 4 etc helping to create a scenario where one’s emotions figure in the public mind. But I am obviously biased. As for the Pluto transit to the Moon … We shall see. The conjunction will happen … Hopefully I can use that effectively, so that it is more than about me … Nine degrees … Haha

  2. What if someone has a Moon Pluto signature And a Sun Pluto signature natal, or both transits at the same time? For ex., the luminaries are in the same house, and you got super-yin over there doing its job. Does it play out as multi-layers of the same thing, or maybe a public vs a private issue?

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