Venus Neptune Seeks Substance – What Do You Really Need?

kashmiri writes regarding “erasing” people who sell you cheap:

I have Venus/Neptune too and always feel guilty about erasing people who f**k me over. Usually I erase, so well that in a year or two I forget, then start to feel guilty for being harsh. I’m dealing with that right now. Was this person so bad? Well, yes. They were. The people who’ve screwed me have done it WELL.

I hate grudges. Sometimes I feel just as trapped by my “erasing”‘ as I have by staying somewhere painful. I worry how this erasing jives with my principles of kindness.

kashmiri – I have similar feelings. I also forget what the person did and wonder if I should still know them. However, if I reengage the whole thing behaves like a hologram. Where there was once something of substance the reconstituted relationship is like dealing with a paper doll in comparison to a human being. It’s like shaking hands with Casper. I can do it, but why? Why bother when there are flesh and blood people around which Venus Neptune really needs.

There is a reason I run with all these Venus Saturn / Venus in Capricorn types. And all these Taureans! The last thing I need is someone tricky or even worse, someone who thinks they are tricky. Because if you’re actually tricky, I’ll never know I’ve been tricked which suits me just fine. Unfortunately most people are nowhere near as tricky as they think they are.

Based on your chart, what do you really need? Do you get it?

2 thoughts on “Venus Neptune Seeks Substance – What Do You Really Need?”

  1. With Venus trine Saturn & sextile Neptune plus Taurus on the 7th, I avoid tricksey types if at all possible. There is a very good reason I’ve been with my Aries S/O for 17 yrs . . . he is self-described as “too honest”. People who set out to deceive or play mind games make me weary/pissed and I WILL NOT deal!

    The people that have successfully deceived me were those who completely believed whatever lies/delusions they were putting out there. Not that i didn’t find later . . . Mars/Mercury in Scorpio is damned hard to hide anything from! 🙂

  2. I know of a father who has Venus in Pisces opposing Neptune in Virgo. He literally erased his young adult children out of his life because he had since remarried. The kids frome the first marriage were no longer convenient. To make matters worse, his kids from his first marriage had no other family foundation since they’d been raised overeas. And when both their mother and step-father died, this sudden turn of events forced them to return to the US. Everything was gone in the blink of any eye.

    The father’s second wife produce a secone male heir and all attentions and opportunities were afforded him AND his two half-sisters. I have seen many men become become distant from their children. This case I found to be rather extreme.


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