Astrology And Social Psychology: First Impressions And Changing Habits

I’ve been reading a lot lately and came across some ideas on first impressions. Humans by their nature judge people very quickly and once they have their read they tend to find ways to support it rather than to be open to the idea their first hit might have been off. You can miss a lot this way… it definitely makes for a lousy astrologer.

Separate but related it also occurred to me people get in habits with their behavior and these are very hard to change and I mean this in the broadest sense.

For example if you act as a decent person and you have for many years… for decades, it is very unlikely you are going to start acting like a jerk unless something goes in wrong in your brain. The opposite is true as well. If you routinely act like jerk, anyone expecting you to act otherwise is probably going to be very disappointed.

In this way the past predicts the future but as always awareness and astrology can help those who want to develop new patterns because via a chart you can see a person’s energy described.

It is just energy so even if you have done rotten things with your energy for months or years or even decades it is fairly simple to redirect once you know what you’re dealing with if you have this desire.

Where people get in trouble is when they try to give a person a desire they do not have. This is as common as sunshine I’d say.

How often do you come off your first impression?

4 thoughts on “Astrology And Social Psychology: First Impressions And Changing Habits”

  1. very rarely. unless there’s a thunderbolt 😉
    but it factors in more than i think… i adjust my impressions over time but i have more than once been given wrong information from a first impression.
    (but i don’t trust my judgement as much as should, either, it seems.)

  2. Right, so not clear on my answer to the real question, but totally clear on the power of astrology to describe energy. I am so thankful for your insight and that of the last class group’s in terms of showing me some thinking I’ve accepted as habitual, which I’m working on identifying and then shifting. The empowerment is mind-blowing!

  3. I’m not sure about myself, but you just described my father, and to a lesser extent my mother, perfectly.
    I think it’s because they are afraid of the unknown, so a little bit of information gets extrapolated, then analysed and then this person is a “known quantity” and not scary. But when behaviours come out that do not fit the original analysis they get ignored or brushed off as atypical, because that would mean that they were wrong from the start.

  4. OMG, I am a Libra, so I make so many rationalizations for a person’s bad first impression that it is crazy. Then after the bad first impression turns out to be accurate, I’m half surprised that I was right to begin with, and half not surprised because, c’mon, I always *knew*, right? But, yeah, I generally give people the benefit of the doubt to my own detriment.

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