Venus Opposite Pluto – All Those Tears

When Venus aspects Pluto, I talk about “corpses”. “Corpse.”, in my vernacular refers to a person we used to be involved with, romantically or otherwise.  The relationship with the person is dead. These things come back to haunt when Venus and Pluto align.

If you happen to have personal planets aspected by the Venus Pluto transit, you’re sure to be impacted. This is the situation I’m in and I am being flooded.

It started a few days ago. I found myself singing songs from twenty years ago, directly tied to a certain individual.  It’s gone crazy since.

I often mention, the opposition between two planets allows you to see full circle. This is for good or ill!  So today, I am recalling a number of people who made me cry so hard, for so long. Man, there are people out there who have really hurt me, hurt me to my core. In many cases they did it over and over again. They had some kind of power whether I gave it to them or they gained by some other means. They used it to torment me.

I’ll tell you something. I don’t miss the bastards (or bitches) the least little bit. They may be haunting me today, but it’s only to show me how far I’ve come. I may have been put in a hole, but as you can see I didn’t stay there.

Is there someone in your life, making you HARD cry? If so, you may want to cut them off. You may have to crawl from a pile of rubble, once you do, but hey!  This way your heart can heal and you can head for your future.

Are you all cried out?

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  1. I’m all cried out BUT not going back, I’ve since found more worthy people with whom to build trusting structures to help aid our social plans. These are people who I can compromise with and give and take, they have vision and the right heart. Not like my previous associates (I was starting out on this new project and this strong pluto type was so compelling – broke my heart with manipulations and restictions but in the end NOW I can see that there are other avenues and wonderful people.) Pluto is currently on my natal merc at 17 cap and exactly square my moon at 17 aries. With Jupiter in libra in the mix this will be a cardinal cross for me. I’m looking forward to this in some way as there will be a fire and brimstone clash!! Transformation will come out of this onem for sure. I’m hoping Saturn close by and trining will keep a relative rein on it all. Roll on, this eclipse season feels reallllly good.

  2. My tears are dried up. It’s reeeeeally hard for me to cry now. Saturn in Scorpio through my 4th transit brutalized my emotions. The Saturn in Sag and Neptune in Pisces square had caught my Venus up in their crosshairs and dissolved most of the old things and relationships I valued. I’ll never be the same. My heart has too much scar tissue now to care. Thank goodness for that because I spent too much time in my life crying and dwelling.

  3. Oh what a corpse came to life and reappeared last night ! After five years of tears, me getting engaged to someone new, trying so hard to forget. Yesterday some talked of the lion’s gate portal when twin flames reappear…I thought nothing of it until…he messaged and said he wants to talk ! Today, he denies sending any message, says it was an email glitch. We both have aquarius moons and the energy was thick. My heart did flips . So now I just forget and go on with my new life ?

  4. The ex I amputated from my life from the last Leo lunar eclipse on February 2017. I still think about him almost everyday. I never fell in love and been intoxicated by anyone’s scent like that before. I see him in my dreams almost every week like a ghost. He is natally Venus opposite Pluto while I have the square. I’ve amputated two more guys I dated after him because none of them reminded me of HIM. However, I know in my heart we are dead to each other. He was never there for me and was attracted to other girls. I’m dying to move on from him so I’m getting into other crappy unhealthy Venus/Pluto connections to fill the void. I stopped dating altogether last month. Gonna focus on my career, self-worth, beauty, etc.

    1. I know the feeling all to well, doing the exact same thing.

      Last Leo eclipse, I was fed to the lion. This one, I reckon it should be our strength/self worth 😉 and get a nice tan while we’re at it. 😉

      1. Oh yes girlfriend!! my sunburns are healing so the tan is coming in real nice and bronzy!! We need our crowns and rightful throne back this time around!

    2. I can relate. I also amputated an ex after he invited me to spend a week with him, ghosted me, and got married to another girl on my birthday….which was within a day of the last eclipse. Now he’s on my mind again and I feel uneasy because I just can’t help myself when it comes him. Very unhealthy. I know I need to stay away if he does resurface.

  5. All I’m doing is crying. And people from the past are coming at me, left, right and centre!

    I think it’s time for a change.

  6. also a time when you have to deal with having been turned into a corpse… makes me think of the “Chod” practice in Tibetan Buddhism (developed by a woman yogin natch) in which you visualize vast field of hungry ghosts and demons and then in imagination cut yourself up and arrange yourself as a meal for same, and then you do it again — seems like it makes you prostrate, but like a lot of what heals involves going *further* into the thing (albeit imaginatively), the way you release a muscle spasm not by stretching it, but by going further into its clench until it wakes up and releases…

    1. That’s so weird. I had a Charlie horse this morning in my leg. I’ve had maybe five in my whole life. I did exactly what you said. I’m also clenching onto an idea that’s causing me pain. It’s slowly releasing its grip.

  7. My sun is at 17 degrees libra so ya:) So far, I’ve just seen a guy I used to see, driving. I’m not interested in connecting with him again. I think it’ll be exact on wed the 16th. I can’t imagine what’ll come up. I’m sure it’ll be interesting:)

  8. Nope. I believe there’s a large graveyard somewhere I killed all the corpses en masse. If one resurrects, I’ll be shocked.

  9. I’m done. No more tears left for jerks. Just a prayer or two for them when I am feeling angry. And that really works. A little prayer releases me.

  10. For me, once I close a door, it stays closed. There were two times in my life where I regrettably went against my best judgement/gut instinct and reopened a closed door; needless to say, I have learned from these mistakes. I do not open previously closed doors anymore! lol.

    Actually, I have found that Mercury Rx usually has more people from the past popping back up into my life…but then again, these are not the “zombies/corpses” you are referring to with the Venus Opp Pluto transit. I am a Gemini, so the Mercury Rx makes more happen for me I guess.

    1. Hmm very thought provoking post by Elsa & these comments. I, too have learnt the hard way to leave the door firmly bolted closed now. I regrettably let my ex back into my life in mid 1991 & I will regret that decision to my grave. As if Sept 1990 was bad enough, he made it a dozen times worse in Jan 2010. Mother was just as bad during both times. She lives on the other side of the country, had no clue what was actually occurring but passed judgement against me anyhow. Most times I never think about them. They’re just not worth it.
      I have seen him occasionally & turn the other way or ignore completely. Not worth even acknowledging the existence. Best to leave the “corpse” buried (love Elsa’s description). I’m secure in knowing how far I have come/grown & how much better of my pysche is.

  11. With Pluto moving into opp with natal venus, I find myself forgiving them. Or maybe I am just forgetting them. I did not even realize I was carrying that anger until I felt the monkey(s) fall off my back. There is still one that needs to dissipate.

  12. Today I found out that my sister-in-law who was my best friend has been cheating on my brother for years. This brought back memories of my mother cheating on my father and my son’s father cheating on me for years. I haven’t stopped crying. But I realize that there is no negative emotion unless there is a negative action. It is okay for me to feel sad and cry and let it out. What would be destructive is if I took that sadness and went out dud a destructive action like fall off the wagon after my 37 years of sobriety. I’ve been through a lot in life and I’ll get through this. I’ve lost my best friend of 22 years, I’m watching my brother hurt because he gave her not only a silver platter with a cake on it and icing and fireworks but he raised her three children from another man as his own and built a business that will make them multi-millionaires by the time they’re thirty. Her children have turned their backs on her and are supporting him. I see their pain and it rips my heart out. So my corpses are not actual people coming into my life but memories and I’ll just cry it out until I feel better and go to work. My work is my savior. I work with the developmentally, intellectually, physically, mentally, psychologically challenged. So everyday I am reminded how blessed I am. I also realize that I can’t fix them I can only support them. I only had to decide whether to cut her out of my life or not. And blessings did come out of the situation today. My oldest daughter whose relationship with me has been strained texted and called me to talk because she knew how bad I was hurting. I haven’t been in a relationship in 5 years and I have been feeling very lonely but I realize there are worse things that could happen to me. I’m trying to maintain perspective.

  13. Yes I have, and I don’t miss anything for a part of my grieving I was so weakened until one day I realized
    I really missed me , I missed how strong how determined and well I pulled it off( my edge) when in constant defense or recovery or survival mode, one has power if only treading water to keep your Head above the drowning line. When I became free, free from abuse
    I got gentle relaxed and am still coaching myself from constant fear.
    The haunting is of the woman who was so strong because now I can be more truthful to myself and know I am vulnerable but that is a human quality before I was a robot.
    Cheers to the soft side to the tenderside to the ones who have a good private cry to how awful some tender humans have been treated.

  14. My ex left me by disappearing into thin air from one day to another back in March 2013. Later on I have found out that he was with another woman too throughout our whole relationship. I cut him off quickly from my mind as cowards don’t deserve my tears. Since then I’m happily married to the love of my life and I don’t even think about him. Btw I just found out that my ex had his first child being born a few days ago – from the woman he was dating while he was with me. I was like whatever… I didn’t feel anything, the past is the past. ?? Venus/Pluto aspects can be deep and painful though ?

  15. I’ve been getting messages for the past few days from corpses left and right. I’m keeping my distance, not interested in traveling those paths again. I am nervous about one though, because he keeps popping up in my thoughts and I don’t know if I can keep my resolve in pushing him away. I think I made it pretty final the last time I told him to forget my name and never speak to me again, but I thought the same about the time before that.

  16. I’m dealing with having been turned into a corpse myself. Usually, when my relationships end, contact quickly fades by itself. In this case, there’s a feeling that our story is far from played out. It makes me think that the famous “kill the relationship and ignore the corpse” scenario is not that healthy. She is ASC Scorpio, Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th, Chiron and Venus in the Gemini 8th. Mercury conjunct Sun in Leo.

  17. Thanks Elsa. Timely post. Had a dream about my ex-husband. I never did remarry and this was over long ago. Dreamt he is not doing so great. My Venus has been squared by Pluto for a while now. And now, my progressed Venus is squaring my natal pluto. Interesting times. Everything you wrote? True – so true.

  18. I have lived to see most of my old corpses crash and burn on their own. While that’s rewarding, I think most of them have done their penance and I no longer wish them ill will. I just want to be happy and mostly left alone. Anyway, if one shows up, it’s a reminder of how fate was my friend. Right now though, I am disposing of new corpses who don’t realize they’re dead yet. It’s painful but nice to be on the other side for once. I don’t want to lose them but I’m sure not going to keep them after seeing their true nature. For sure, they don’t know what’s already coming.

    1. I’m talking about family members who have shown their ugly true colors. I suppose they’re not corpses but more like zombies. Good enough for me. I will string them along, look past them in a room, being that door they see but can never enter. Their pass has been revoked, ha ha.

  19. Thought important to add if you’re still in the muck go down swinging not like an apocalyptic zombie or anything take care

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