What If A Chart Has No Oppositions?

zodiac signs dress“What about a chart without oppositions? Or a chart that has only one, for example — compare that with a chart that has many…”

If a chart has no oppositions then it has something else. This is like asking, “What if a person does not have long hair?” That would mean they have short hair or perhaps they are bald or their hair is medium. But I think you mean to ask about oppositions and projecting.

Everyone projects. Is a person who has an opposition dominating their chart more prone? Absolutely.

If you are in a relationship with someone whose Sun is in opposition to one of your planets, is there going to be projection in the relationship? Absolutely.

Is this bad? Not necessarily.

Projection is normal. It becomes a problem when you blame the other guy for everything you don’t like. It is just as big a problem (and nearly as common) to project your good qualities onto someone. As an example, consider a gal who is with a loser guy but thinks he’s smart as a whip, sexy and so forth. In reality she is the smart, sexy one.

If you have no oppositions in your chart and wonder about projection, take a look at your 7th house. Whatever you’ve got in there will be routinely and reliably projected. This is almost universally true. You can overcome it, intermittently, with effort but the tendency is always there!

As an example, I have Venus in the 7th. It’s easy for me to see my partner as desirable. To see my own desirability takes an effort. I’ve got Venus projected most of the time.

Name something you tend to project. Add the astrology…

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54 thoughts on “What If A Chart Has No Oppositions?”

  1. Glamor and artistic gifts–I’ve spent a lot of my life giving those to other people, and it’s just dawning on me that I’m artistic too–and with a Leo asc., I should have known better than to give others the sun lol–projection is insane when you figure it out, the bad and the good–it really shakes me when I notice it, and I’m working at being more aware of it every day-thanks to you, Elsa…oh, I have Sun Opp. Neptune.

    I also have Saturn and Mars opp. MC–I think I worry about being dominated a lot also and blame other forces for my rebelliousness…holy shit I just realized that while typing.

  2. Oooo, good one. I have no oppositions, but I have Scorpio on my 7th house cusp…I project jealousy!

    I’m *never* jealous. At least, that’s what I thought for a very long time. Until I started dating a Scorpio and got engaged to one. Now I could tear out the eyeballs of those women who I catch staring at my man.

  3. Yup! No oppositions but I have the Moon in Leo in my 7th house. I always think I know how others feel. I really get upset when they try to claim otherwise. I’m always telling my husband how he *really* feels and he always kindly reminds me that I am projecting. My husband wants me to hang out with his cousin’s new girlfriend who is new in town. My response – Are you kidding! That woman can’t stand me. I really think she’s a doll and all.

    At work my boss wants me to take on more leadership but I *know* better, others don’t want to listen to me or follow the rules. In reality everyone listens to me and follows the rules. Meanwhile I stroll in unapologetically sometime between 9:30 and 10 (I start at 9), take an extra fifteen to thirty minutes at lunch or skip lunch all together, sport anti-dress policy tennis shoes, walk around bear foot (also anti-policy), surf the web, watch movies, kc*f up my projects in an passive-aggressive rage blazed with “I’ll show them” sentimentality and on occasion simply say “no” to assignments, not for good reason, just to stick it to the establishment. This is all in one day people, and let such a day be tagged as a good day, when I’m feeling rather law-abiding.

    All the while I can’t figure out how I’ve come to work with such rebels. Really, I’m a great employee but the company I’ve come to work for must have bad karma…

    Projection without oppositions… absolutely

  4. Yeah, I was thinking not only about projection but about relating in general. I have Pallas Athena in my 7th in a wide opposition to my moon…. Perhaps this has something to do with giving away my power. That I am more a strategist than I realize–

    And then saturn/neptune in 3rd and 9th — I have never understood how that worked in my chart– those houses seem so…abstract to me for some reason.

  5. I also have Venus in the 7th – and (pisces) – I feel a huge sense of compassion and love towards people –
    It’s a conscious effort for me to bring it back to myself though and at times I have to remind myself…

  6. I have Neptune in the 7th. I tend to think others are “ideal”, and sometimes that image of them shatters horribly. I think, “she is so perfect, how could I ever be as perfect as she?” or “She is the perfect coworker, I love being with her” or “He is the perfect lover, I never want to leave him”. Then when I find out the person is not perfect, I think “It was all a lie! He/she was deceiving me! They were putting on a facade and only acting! It was all an illusion!” This is when I experience weakness. When I’m feeling strong and confident, I feel perfect. I also try to be the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect best friend. When it comes to relationships, I’m pretty obsessed with ideals.

  7. venus in seventh too – in aries opposite jupiter
    project jupiter qualities on my partners
    give away my power
    moon in virgo opposite mars in pisces in 5th
    I project my emotions on my lover

  8. Sun/Saturn 1st (Gemini) and Moon/Neptune 7th (Sadge)

    I am continually disappointed when other people don’t have the same sense of fair play and justice and “the right thing” that I do … until I remember that it’s MY idea of the right thing, and everyone has his own right thing. The killer part? I really think that I’m pretty fair and open minded and everyone has her version of what’s real, right, and decent. *laughing at myself*

    I’m getting two tattoos for my birthday. One of them is going to say “chacun a son gout” – to remind me of this very thing. It’s going on the inside of my right forearm – that’s what I want to put forth to the world.

  9. So I have Mars conjunct Sun( within 2 degrees) in Capricorn in my 7th.

    So does that mean I see other people as aggressive energetic disciplined disciplinarians?

    Well, I certainly don’t see myself as energetic or aggressive or disciplined.

    I’m confused.

  10. i have no oppositions. actually, i have chiron opposite my ascendant/jupiter/uranus conjunction. sometimes i’ve felt sucked dry by people who come to me for emotional support because i had no one to lean on.

  11. I have Chiron in the seventh. Only. I don’t know the significance of that planet or its placement in the seventh house. Would anyone like to comment?

  12. Also, for a long time I saw myself as the shy quiet one who doesn’t have much to say. My brother was always the talkative outgoing one in the family (Mercury in Gemini, and conjunct his Taurus Sun). There was a period of my life when I was nervous about going to parties and socializing. My sister-in-law pointed out a few months ago that I’m very much like my brother – that I do have that chatty outgoing side to me. She told me she bet that once I get myself out I’m probably always one of the last people to leave the party. She’s right. 🙂

    I’ve got Moon conjunct Mercury in Aries, in the 7th house. CThe Moon/Mercury conjunction aspect as “almost like having Mercury in Gemini”. I am shy a lot and may not talk right away, but once I feel comfortable in a situation and start talking it’s possible I won’t stop. 🙂

  13. I have 7 oppositions in my chart. I’m still trying to figure them out. 3 of them involve planets in the 12th house so that compounds the “blind spot” effect. I’d really like to learn more about this aspect.

    One way in which I feel these oppositions is the way I can flip-flop at the drop of a hat. For example, I’ve got Virgo/Pisces on the 1st/7th house cusp but those planets in opposition are along the 6th/12th house. The Virgo is great with details and I like the details – sometimes. Other times the Pisces takes over and I don’t feel like dealing with the details. The thing is, this change happens internally but it can also be triggered in reaction to someone else. Because someone wants me to be in charge of the details I’m suddenly not in the mood to deal with details. Am I just contrary? I really don’t mean to be, at least not consciously.

  14. amy…. it’s called “overload”!! I find it’s easy to get in this situation. Virgo is my ascendant with a scorpio sun…. yup, I go into very quickly. Remember to take a break when you feel overloaded, otherwise you’ll slowly spiral down into insanitiy. Then you just might find me already there!! >:D

    BTW…. love your micro-pic (avatar?). “Walk Alone”…. I’d say you’re never alone on this blog!!

    *cralws under large rock and wrestles into my “I love me suit* drools onto floor with crossed eyes.

  15. I have Pluto opposite Ascendant and Saturn in 7th house – Scorpio. I always see others as more powerful, sexier, more important and much more succesful. It would be such good news to know that I am projecting all this.

  16. Oh man… projection. Ack. I have a Capricorn 7th House, and I always seem to be looking for a relationship where my man can be my rock – my solid, steady foundation. But actually, it turns out that I’M always the rock! LOL

  17. Is it possible to project your own sun? If it’s not even in the 7th or the 7th’s hemisphere? I’m a virgo and I swear I’m surrounded by picky, detail-obsessed people.

  18. 5th aquarian mercury opposes 12th pluto in virgo
    i’m a free-spirited thinker and you’re an anal retentive pervert….
    5th aquarian mercury opposes 11th uranus in leo
    i’m a free-spirited-thinker and you’re a flamboyant weirdo

    …gah, you mean, i’m what i project?!!

    also libra rising opposes my sun and moon in pisces
    i’m genuine, caring, sensitive and you’re a frosted shallow beauty queen

  19. Avatar

    Umm lots of them. To pick one planet it would be neptune on the 7th. not only is it ruler of my sun but it opposes my saturn and ascendant. You told me before that if I see something in someone else I own it as well. I think the key is realizing when its beneficial or not. is it a good quality or one that holds me back? intuition and healing? Or escapism and wounding? My neptune wants to just flow with it… my ASC in gemini wants to anylise it and often gets stuck in the muck that way never actually acting. So I need to go to my 12th house mars since the weekness in that one is thinking not acting. and I can find balance there because mars in taurus grounds my watery sun while working with the intuiitve ness of pisces as the mars is in the 12th(neptunes house) and if not comfortable at least familiar with this energy. My neptune in Sag lights fire and adds movement to my intuition if I will take a step of faith (neptune) My intructor in school (jup) is an empath whose sun is conjunct my moon. Her sun is on my 7th conj both my moon AND Neptune. she has helped immensly in calling me out on what she knows I know. Something I realized is that what I see in her I also own. Mine may be young and a bit under developed but its there and getting ready to shine!

  20. I don’t have any oppositions myself. But as Elsa states I can still project onto others what rules my 7th house, which is Gemini. I project witty, fun, sparkling intelligence onto my partner(S!)and don’t see it in myself. I do have an opposition with someone whose 7th house houses my Venus opposite his Moon. I project onto him Venusian qualities that I admire and he says I am too emotional and he can’t handle emotional relationships. Ironically he has Moon in Cancer which is pretty emotional I think and I have Venus in Capricorn and maybe don’t see how cold or insecure I can be with him.

  21. i have pluto/uranus conjunction in my 12th house opposing saturn/chiron in my 6th.

    i dont know whether its comforting or terrifying that i share this insane planet combination with sort of everyone from the mid 60’s, but it feels better to believe in cosmic goodness:)

    1. Same Uranus/Pluto in Virgo conjunction in the 12H, but I have Saturn in Aries in my 7H (squaring my Venus in Cancer and Sun in Cancer in 10H) and all I know is that I have horrible, cruel, abusive, destructive betraying boyfriends (3) my entire life and never married (and no children) and I am basically a hermit/spinster now. I attract the worst type of abusive, angry effed up people so my only other option is to be alone. Sigh.

  22. @Petra – woah that was my ex ex exactly. He had neptune in the 7th AND venus in the 12th.

    I always want an active man to go do things with even though I also stay home a lot. Aries ruled 7th and 6th. I am now working for the army.

  23. Moon/Chiron in Pisces in the 1st, Aquarius Cusp opposing Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in the 7th, Leo Cusp. I have not yet figured out why I attract the losers that I do. They sense my kindness as weakness, which I am not aware of projecting. Then when married, they resent my strength and ability to react quickly and assured in a crises. This is my big research project on myself this year, so I still have not figured out how exactly how to use that 7th House energy to my benefit.

  24. I’ve got sun opposite moon and I’m wondering, can you project your sun? With the moon being my chart ruler, I always feel like the cappy moon that I’m, yet like my 12th house cancer sun is what I project (making others the nuturing types, not myself, I see me as the cold cappy). I don’t know if that makes sense, but just recently have I started to see myself as a nuturer and live that part of myself. I’ve been able to feed my moon by being responsible, pretty much all my life.
    I’m just catching up from the weekend, so maybe later here,

  25. I have lots of oppositions and I have Jupiter in the 7th House. I project good intentions on others by giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  26. Good post! It’s something to think about. I have Uranus for my 7th house ruler. Uranus in my chart is tightly conjunct Jupiter in Sag. Jupiter is in its own sign so very strong. Jup/Ur also parallel in my chart.

    I have totally experienced love at first sight. It was like pure magic. Jupiter rules my 5th house of love so I’ve been in love too. I saw this guy like he was a God. He was so amazing I cant even put it into words.

    But it is absolutely true that everything I love about him are within me, just hard to tap into sometimes.

  27. I have PLuto in my 7th house, loosely opposing my ASc. I tend to give away my power in relationships. And I’m trying to learn how to not do it but then I get called stubborn and selfish. 😀

  28. No oppositions! Respectfully I say “bullshit”. I say the devil is in the details and the person is not looking hard enough.

    Look at your Progressed Chart if Natal doesn’t show any planets in opposition.

    Look at centaurs or asteroids (there is over 20,000 last count I believe) which all have meaning directly or cryptically in some way.

    Best wishes finding the deeper stuff in your chart that tell the deep stuff!

    Cheers – Shane

  29. Actually I have Saturn in Aries in the 7H opposite my Libra ascendant…exactly. What does this mean?! Am I doomed?! Saturn is indeed the bane of my existence and whenever ANY planet (or several) are transiting Aries (or Capricorn, for that matter), my life completely falls apart like the Tower (16) tarot card. TIme and time again without fail. Ugh.

  30. With Pluto in Virgo almost exactly opposite my Pisces Asc. I definitely attract power brokers and deep thinkers with a lot of sexual magnetism. They help me get in touch with my own innate powers that I deny due to Saturn opposite my Gemini Sun. This is one thing that improved as I age.

  31. I don’t get the 7th house thing though when there’s no planets. I have Taurus DESC & I don’t see how I project Taurean qualities onto others. I mean, perhaps because it opposed my Pluto ASC I know you’ve written differently about Sun/Pluto but from my experience I’m used to living out the shadow, not the Sun

        1. Oh, I see. Well what you say, happens. If you have an opposition, you act on one side and project the other. You can also flip the script depending on time and circumstances.

          It’s an interesting aspect.

          1. I just realized how I might project my Taurus 7th house qualities… I assume everyone is reliable, trustworthy, has integrity. I’m always thinking – I can’t relate to behavior otherwise “because I would never do that!”

  32. I have Jupiter in the 7th house. So am I seeing others as more talented, generous?
    Also have natal Saturn Uranus opposition? I see this as sometimes I want to rebel against authority and sometimes I come across as old school and the person in charge..

  33. Chiron opposite Sun-Venus-Jupiter on the 3rd house/9th house axis.

    There are so much to say about it that I don’t feel I can put it all into this comment box, if I am going with this approach. Too many words! (3rd house)

  34. Taurus is the sign on my 7th. I have nothing in that house; actually more than half my chart is empty. I have Uranus RX conjunct AC.

    I read one of the other comments from 2008 remark about planets in 1st people interacting with planets in 7th people. 1st appears self-centric and I don’t deny that. I behave like my 7th when I am with people. Got me playing all parts of my own chart 99% of the time – highly aware of it too!

    Got no oppositions. Do I project? Seldom. Too self-involved for that. ??

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