1970’s Scorpio Man

mirrored sunglasses 1970I drove by a sign advertising tinted windows.  I recalled when they came out with film you could apply to darken the windows of your car. It was the Scorpio accessory to have, along with mirrored sunglasses!

I laughed when I remembered this. I dated many men who fit this profile. They made no bones about what they were doing.

1970s tinted windowsGiven a choice, they did not want to be seen.

They also did not want anyone knowing what they were looking at.

They liked the fact, anyone who tried to see into their soul (eyes) would be mocked by their own reflection!

This all made sense to me, back then.

It’s quite funny.

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  1. That’s funny. Whenever I see someone wearing sunglasses inside or at night (which must be to hide their eyes, not block the light), I think they must be a Scorpio.

    1. Danny Masterson’s character on That 70’s Show wears sunglasses almost all the time. He has a standoffish way about him (even when he’s with friends, his arms are crossed). Wouldn’t surprise me if either he or his character were a Scorpio Rising. 🙂

    2. Funny, I’m a Scorpio Sun with 4 other planets also in Scorpio and I can’t stand sunglasses of any kind at all. Sure, they look cool but it’s how I see through them that bothers me. I’m extremely nearsighted so must wear glasses all my life but preferred contacts when young and vane. Now I just want to see clearly and definitely no sunglasses 😎!

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    curious wanderer

    Virgo Saturn in the 1st keeps her mirrored sunglasses on if she doesn’t want anyone to notice her for any “inappropriate” reason (i.e. emotional displays, unwanted encounters). 😉 Otherwise, she is respectful and will take her sunglasses off to look you in the eyes.

    It’s so funny to me to think of tinted windows as anything other than a way to keep the car cool(er) in the summer heat and to keep anyone from seeing valuables for theft purposes. I understand it though!

  3. Just curious……did the tinted windows look come out during Uranus in Scorpio?

    Innovations (Uranus) in secrecy (Scorpio)

    1. I don’t know. You could research it. 3M made the original film, as I recall. Being in AZ, it was very popular.
      People tried to do-it-themselves and their windows did not come out well. They also tried to put it on their windshields, which was illegal. I don’t remember if it started out illegal or if it was made illegal, because people did this and it obstructed vision.
      Anyway, there were copycats of course – but it you wanted your car to look good, it was 3M film, professionally installed. And it was not cheap!

      We were in a recession then…

      1. Just now I did a little reading online about it. Looks like tinting goes as far back as the 60’s or even 50’s…..but dark tinting became popular in the early to late 70’s. (I’m a late ’70’s baby so some of the older people here might have direct experience with this–I’m just going by what I’m reading. LOL) 3M, from what I’ve read, patented window tint in 1966, when Neptune was in Scorpio.
        This is intriguing.

  4. Aw I think that’s Aston from the band JLS on the picture. Sorry for my off topic comment but he’s a very cute guy 🙂

  5. I’m not a man, but I was born in 1978 with a six planet stellium in Scorpio. Anyone who knows me knows I never walk outside without sunglasses. I even carry multiple pairs in my car, just in case. And all my cars – had their windows tinted (whether I bought it that way or had it professionally done). Strange.

    1. And I’m a six planets in Scorpio gal too with almost the same name as you and I cannot stand to wear sunglasses at all. Never could. And I love the sun in my eyes.

      1. It just hit me. I have Leo rising and north node in first house in Leo so despite having so much in Scorpio I love to see the light, sunshine, clarity. Duh, Leo rising influence

    1. I would be like this, but Neptune/ MC makes me impossible to pin down, anyway. I figure, I’m a figment standing there anyway. I just walk around like a human Rorschach test.

  6. I’m currently in Japan, the land of the rising sun, where almost no one wears sunglasses.. if you do you’re either: a white lady, a yakuza, or an extremely cool guy. The latter, the fashionistas, often wear a colored (blue, yellow) transparent lens. If your eyes are concealed, you’re considered to be up to no good and draw a lot of negative attention.

  7. This makes a lot of sense to me too, when it comes to Scorpio and social media…..

    (4 planets in Scorpio here, 10th house)

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