Venus Pluto Corpse Story

corpseI often mention “corpses” when writing about Venus Pluto. This is my term for ex-lovers and others who come back from their graves, to revisit you in some form.  It’s a Venus Pluto phenomena.

Several people asked me what happened to, “Darth Vader”, my boyfriend in my story,  Obi Wan Kenobi PhD.  I haven’t answered because I’ve been asked this before and wrote the follow on story years ago. I’ve intended to try to find it which may or may not be possible.

I went to look, today, and found this other story, I wrote in 2003. It’s raw and unedited and I left it that way because I like authenticity.   It’s concerns Venus Pluto but I like it for *now* because Mercury is squaring Pluto. This is my writing, back from the dead: Meeting Your Past.

Here are some other true stories I’ve made available. Keep in mind, these stories were written for adults. I think there’s a lot to gleaned from them and I’ll explain this some day if there is interest.

8 thoughts on “Venus Pluto Corpse Story”

  1. I get it Elsa. I have that Saturn placement that says I would have very few friends in my travels, but strangers will come in my life to help me out. I think it’s that Saturn/Jupiter in the 10th in Capricorn? I’ve had a few angelic times like this also. Once I spent quite abit of the night counseling a drug pusher – and I ran into him 3-4 yrs later ALL CLEANED UP. I didn’t want to speak with him, or interrupt him with his beautiful girlfriend – but I often wondered, if I were a catalyst of his change. I know I carried that night with me for a long time. I also, refused to sell my body for any reason. Maybe that’s a Libra trait too. Mostly, I had people come in and in the moment ‘save’ me – and I would continue on walking that path I was on. Once, while waiting for a table at Denny’s I smiled at a guy also waiting. We ended up having dinner and talking. I ended up driving him home. He was about 10 yrs older and told me he was planning on eating his last supper that night and was going to kill himself. I’d forgot about that, till just now. Like yours, my life has been unbelievable and I just have an internal quirkiness also. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to few close friends – and since covid 2 wonderfully dynamic scorpions have become my best buddies besides my husband. I appreciate them so much due to the desert I’ve been thru.

    1. Thank you. My date in that story, reads this blog, or used to. I mean, he gets my newsletter.
      If he happens to see that… ha ha. Wow!

  2. Beautiful display of human kindness and the circle of abundance. I have a story like this too. My sister and I had left our big city for California, but ran out of money in Dallas. We were technically living in the car, and were both working at a bar/grill. One day the car got towed, with all our clothes inside, and we too had nowhere to sleep. My sister is the “elsa” type of the both of us, capable of talking and being cheery, and she somehow managed to tell our story to one of the regulars, Randall W. He invited us to a party after hours and made it fun and not embarrassing, and then paid for a hotel for us for three nights and bailed the car out too. We never saw him again. I love to tell the story when I can so I can send blessings to a very kind human, Randall W. Yes, those men do exist. What a nice reminder,

  3. Omg, I wanted you to stay, have a hot shower, a nice big breakfast, and let that man be your Knight in Shining Armor. He really was exceptional. I can understand the embarrassment, but he’d been homeless too, he understood, someone must have rescued him. Now I’m wondering if he reads this blog too!

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