How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Libra?

Libra by tara verdePluto in Aquarius will trine Libra. In theory, Libra will be enhanced and empowered by the transit but this is an example of situation where it helps to look a bit deeper which Libra resists!

Now I’m sorry to say that but I have Libra and I understand this,  My sister, who has studied astrology for as long as I have, summed it up, thirty years ago. “Libra doesn’t like pits in their cherries, never mind, pits in their stomachs.”  That’s a fact and a Pluto transit is not going to change this!

Libra likes things to be “nice” and I mean, really, really, really, nice.  The like to live in peace and harmony with love and beauty. The “surface” of things is just fine. I understand this, in spite of all my massive dark side and attraction to taboo. I mention this to illustrate how strong this quality is.

I could argue for Libra all day long this regard.  We just don’t need turds in our punch bowls, okay?  And who thinks it’s a good idea to pull back the beautiful doily to examine the ink spot below?

I don’t think Libra will be comfortable with this transit, even if it assists and improves them. It’s like getting your hair done by someone gross and disgusting.  See what I  mean? Libra recoils reading that. I would know!

Libra wants things to be fair and Libra wants control but Pluto is about power. Coiled up serpent power, which is something different.  It clashes with “decorating” which is all about dressing things up, as opposed to cutting them open and digging in their guts. Libra also likes balance and Pluto is extreme!

Libra will not be able to avoid Pluto but due to the trine, you may be able to experience this transit on your own terms, sort of.  Prepare to interact with and entertain powerful people.  I believe your manners are the key to faring well with this. The power of grace.

Do you have planets in Libra? How do you feel about Pluto in Aquarius?

art by Tara Verde.

46 thoughts on “How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Libra?”

  1. I have my Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Libra. Quite looking forward to it in all honesty, except I have planets in Scorpio at about the same degrees, so my mileage may vary!

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    Tina-Louise Lukaschus

    I have Mars in Libra (not the favourite place for Mars to live!),but I am the type to ‘pull back the doily to examine the ink spot’and won’t point it out,but WILL make a mental note of it… Probably,this has to do with having Pluto in Virgo, haha!
    So far, with transiting Pluto in Aquarius, right now trining my 1 deg Libra Mars, people have seemed extra ‘nice’…maybe because I know all about the hidden ‘ink spots’, lol!
    We will see what happens however, when the Pluto transit quincunxes my natal Pluto; perhaps a chance to see some justice (or good karma) for situations and areas of life where it has not been so fair for me, and some long standing imbalances may be corrected~~time will tell!

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    Alessandra Derniat

    Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Sun in Libra stellium. Not sure how this is going to go but it certainly can’t be worse than that last 15 years of hell with Pluto in Capricorn, right? Right?????

    1. Oh yes! Good point. Thank you!
      Yes, it will be infinitely better than Pluto in Capricorn. That exposure will help you channel this smoothly… but it’s still, ugh. Sorry!

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        I’m optimistic, though. With Pluto now trining my natal Mercury I’ve had a long-stalled/delayed business project kick into high gear and getting done! Yay!

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        Rhiannon Samara Werner

        15 years of hell is right! Jupiter, Uranus, South Node and Mars in Libra 4th house. Pluto in Virgo. I’m tired….
        Please tell me this will be better 😂🤞

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      Colleen Ventimilia

      My thoughts exactly—Libra Sun, ASC and Venus in Libra in the 1st at 29 degrees.

      These have been the most excruciating years of my life. I desperately need relief.

      I have the moon in Scorpio so this is not alien energy to me but it is harrowing knowing that I have the transiting square to look forward to.

      Saturn is exalted in Libra. I think we are tougher than we get credit for. JMO.

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        Miguel Melchizedek

        You are on point, @Colleen! People think Libras♎️ are delicate flowers who only like to smell other flowers, hippies flower power type thing, free love and all you need is love, etc. but let’s not forget Libra♎️ works in tandem with 🐑Aries♈️🔥 and therefore has characteristics of that 🔥Fiery🔥 sign. For instance, Libras♎️ will rock the boat and get into action mode if things are stale or boring. I mean they literally abhor pretty little things without some substance to it. There are definitely those who live in denial, won’t ever look into the horrible hidden stuff and avoid it like the plague. But all Libras♎️ are innate warriors who l🤩ve a challenge, in my humble opinion. I think Libras♎️ are feisty like 🐑Aries♈️🔥, they express the same vibe as 🐑Aries♈️🔥 only from the complementary, rather than opposite, perspective, i.e. from the harmony creating aspect. And to create 🕊Peace🕊 you got to move the pieces!

        1. Thank YOU! Libra Sun/Chiron, Moon, Neptune. Venus MC. Underestimate us at your peril. Specially after Pluto’s butt kicking!

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      Lynda Connelly

      ³Neptune, Mercury, SN and Sun in Libra. I hear you. Don’t know how I made it through Pluto in Capricorn 2nd house.

  4. Well , as Leo with Libra moon,rising and Pluto , I’ve hoped that Pluto will counterbalance the opposition to my Leo planets.
    Now Pluto is opposing my Venus,, in a few years Pluto will oppose my sun at 7 Leo, but since I have rising at 7 Libra . I hoped it would ease up the opposition.
    And it’s true, I like nice and peaceful. I hate fights, so that’s why I have let people walk all over me. I’ve had enough of the square already , I hoped for the best actually.


  5. I have Jupiter in Libra in my 11th (Aquarius/Uranus) house…but I just checked the transits and it doesn’t even touch that until probably late 2025? All I see now is Pluto is in my Second/Third House Cusp-ruling values and communication. My S.O. has Saturn in Aquarius and has been tutoring me (I am using this facetiously) on how to better communicate. I either say too much when not necessary or don’t explain what I mean or say things that have nothing to do with the subject “do you know what I mean??” 😔 I have Chiron in my 3rd House so when Pluto hits that…I ought to be a dynamite conversationalist or perhaps will be learning a new language.

  6. I have 5 planets in Libra, 9-28 degrees. Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. Virgo Sun so I experienced the trine to my Sun. I learned trines aren’t always positive. I went through 2 spinal surgeries then and it was an extremely difficult and painful experience. My ego broke and was transformed as well as my body. Pluto is currently on my Aquarius south node so there’s a lot going on with that and there will be even more when it opposes my Leo Mars. That will happen before it hits my Libra planets. I know this isn’t going to be pretty but I know I’ll live and I’ll definitely be a different person.

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    Betsy Petroski

    hi elsa – i as well have the same 4 planet stellium (Mars-Merc-Jupy- and sun in libra as allessandra’s posting above. were we born on the same day in 1957 ??? my accdnt is 3 degrees capy and pluto was a “crapy” struggle for me the last 20 years … so i thought i was maybe finished and in the clear for the next 20 until i saw your posting this morning… just starting to get my land legs back and now i see this pluto trine libra :-0 – maybe we need to talk…. bp

  8. Wow Elsa, so spot on! I’m not a Libra sun but my AC is Libra and since Jupiter rules my Sag sun, his position in my 1st house Libra feels like a gift. It’ll take Pluto many years to trine my Jupiter but the AC is in reach.
    What wow’s me is the ‚prepare to interact with and entertain powerful people‘ bit. I don’t have a problem with depth and wading through a swamp with my scorpio moon and mars. But guess what, the demand for interaction and even entertainment of powerful people has already begun, out of the blue, totally surprising. Unsettling me, I don’t like small talk, I wear my Libra like a convenient garment but I’m always happy if I can throw it on the floor after it’s done.

    People have appeared, without me doing anything to make it happen, wanting to know me, interested in what I do and even telling me that they have the means to support my work. I want it but I feel inadequate, I procrastinate to engage in earnest.

    Now you come along and tell me it’s Pluto and I’d better get going…

    My sun progressed into pisces last year and will soon oppose my natal Pluto in Virgo. My progressed Venus was retrograde for many years and just recently turned direct at 0 Aquarius. There will be some melee between her and Pluto for some time.

    I’ve looked at progressions along the years and they really had an impact.

    This is so damn helpful to know Elsa, I viscerally felt a shift of perspective when I read it.

    Thank you!

  9. How do you guys think it will affect the Pluto in Libra generation? 🙂 Especially in terms of relationships?

      1. To hear that from you, especially as you are the no nonsense tell it like it is type, this is such good news to hear 🙂🙂

  10. I read….. I believe your manners are the key to “farting” well with this. hahahaha!!!!!!
    I’m a Libra rising. I like harmony, but I also love juicy deep serious transformation, evidenced by strong Scorpio and Pluto in my chart.

  11. I have Sun Libra, Moon Gemini (both early degrees and forming a grand trine with this Pluto transit), plus Virgo rising and Pluto Virgo in the 1H, so I’m not a superficial Libra and am looking forward to Pluto having my back and transforming my 5H! Life has been very hard and joyless for years now, so it’s high time my 5H got some positive, life changing action!

  12. At first I was horrified because I only considered Pluto in Aquarius squaring my Taurus Sun in 8.
    However upon looking into things further this outta be alright in the long run.
    I’ve got Libra ASC w/Neptune in latter degrees.
    I’ve also got Mercury in Gem @3 degrees and Saturn in Sag @1.
    So for like the next 3-5yrs of this those will be the primary aspects being transited.
    (Also the late degree Neptune and Uranus in Cancer but at least it’s moving ‘away’)
    Deepness of thought. Transformative communication and education and the discipline to go as deep as I’d like?
    Sounds good to me.
    Also I’ve got Moon conj Mars and Chiron all in Aq.
    But that probably won’t be til closer to 2026/27…
    I expect the heaviness.
    Can’t be much heavier than when Pluto was crossing my descendant.

  13. This is interesting to consider for younger Libras who may not have been as strongly impacted by Pluto in Capricorn, or quite enough aware of the strength of the impact, though I agree with other people who mentioned it—the most recent Pluto transit took Libras (all cardinals) so deep, this seems likely to be a really empowering era, after a decade and a half of…that.

    I generally dislike the word empowerment but that’s what it feels like.

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Love it! Stellium of planets in Libra & Scorpio including my Libra sun all mashed up in my 12th house and my Natal chart Pluto ruled. Has taken me a lifetime to overcome the automatic urge NOT to speak my mind, not anymore !, but nevermind my friends & family just think I’m getting cranky in my old age, but I know better, Astrology is such a wonderful tool when you learn how to use it properly. Such freedom when you finally understand the nuances of the energy created by your Natal chart, ensuing transits to it and lifetime changes offered by progressions! Bit weird for me though (sans ego), on a soul level, my knowledge of the language of Astrology is extraordinary but so totally personal. The energy from anybody else’s chart doesn’t resonate for me, never has, I can do it but it is like advanced maths, I can get it if I really focus but it is not natural. I guess that is why I’ve never chosen the path to become an actual Astrologer! (Or maybe I am LOL)
    Namaste to all your readers and you too Elsa.
    Much 💕

  15. As per Tina-Louise, have tried to avoid looking at the quincunx of Pluto to my natal Pluto. It will be enough to have it conjunct my sun at Aqua 1.5 degrees, and therefore make aspects to whatever aspects the sun. Like to think there will be some upside to these Pluto in Capricorn years – we all need a little help if we are to continue fighting the good fight.

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      Bob (in Australia)

      My advice is DON’T! avoid. To my mind the quincunx is perhaps the most important angle to really understand on a soul level in Astrology. Particularly in your case with Pluto involved, dig really deep to find the message that any conflicting energy from the configuration presents (the coin will have two sides to understand but offer a unique perspective when viewed from above when standing up) Don’t be afraid or look for the negative, there will be a profound enlightenment in the message of the energy if you really look for it. Pluto will offer you an enormous gift if you can uncover it.

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      Bob (in Australia)

      My apologies Elsa, but on a bit of a roll (or maybe role!) here. Sextiles and Trines are easy, the cosmos has to give us something that is easy and digestible, there is always an equal balance, otherwise we wouldn’t bother incarnating in the first place but the real gold is in the squares and oppositions, naturally difficult energy to grasp (including karmic habits).
      Really hunt for the discordant energy and figure out why it is there. That’s where the treasure is, you won’t regret it!

  16. I’ve already had two Libra clients who ran smack into their partner’s shadow and also their own, suddenly and unexpectedly. It was disturbing and remains disturbing, I’m sure. It’s just not the same, once you’ve peaked beneath the surface.

  17. Libra ascendent here, plus Aquarius sun trines my Libra moon at 1 degree. Intuitively thinking that this Pluto trine is key to me transforming my moon in-conjunct Saturn issues – Oh, hello 2nd Saturn Return, you’re most welcome! Elsa, you’re spot on about Libras, haha! Hail to the power of grace.

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Libra♎️ rising and 2nd Saturn🪐 return here too plus Progressed 🌔Moon in a few months hits ☠️Capricorn🐐 😳🙀😱🤯😩😖🤯😅, I can’t even fathom… 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

      1. No idea really 🤷🏼‍♀️ But personally there does seem to be a lot of excitement in my life with long term plans coming to fruition right now. Will see how this upcoming full moon conjunct my ascendent pans out! Best to you 🍀

  18. loving the description of libra!!!! someone I know to a ‘T’ … I know a libra who doesn’t seem to utilise their scorpio stellium!!! even has uranus near AC … I sometimes wonder if I utilise it for them! they do loads better in the garden with my taurus goods – I’m sure we’ve somehow swapped!!!

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Greetings to all the Libra♎️ cuties out there 🙋🏼‍♂️🤩😅🤣

    So I guess I was lucky 🤔 to have been born with a 4 ‘planet’ 🦂Scorpio Stellium to not be the flowery 🦋Butterfly chaser sweep under the rug denial Libra♎️, despite the ☀️Sun☀️ and Ascendant in the sign — but 💅Venus is right in the middle of the Stellium… and there’s more 🦂Scorpio •Pluto like energy in the mix. Plus •Pluto conjunct ⚡️Uranus which is like •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ opposite ⚡️Aquarius♒️ ruler 👹Saturn🪐. What I’ve been feeling is empowerment.

    I feel •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ is like a tidal 🌊wave💦 — would it be more accurate to say more like a 🌪hurricane💨 from ⚡️Aquarius♒️ being air?! 😩😖😱 — of 20 years pushing the 🌍World with this energy, focusing everyone’s attention to it, reinforcing those who already have it. It’s like it’s our time.

    And the Libra♎️ will drive a push to make it Healing, to re-establish 🕊Peace🕊 and ✨Harmony✨ on 🌍Earth.

    In deed, ✨Grace 🕊✨ is the *only* platform from which Healing occurs. And we all know how intensely Humanity needs it.

    It’ll be no doubt 20 years of hard work. And hard work is always rewarding. I feel excited about it and it being 20 year long, that is a lifetime!

    I call upon all •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️, 🦂Scorpio ⚡️Aquarian♒️ types to rise and do what is in their core, their mission, what they came here for.

    Pretty sure there will be nothing that may distract us from doing the part each of us must do. I mean, there is no one more focused than 🦂Scorpio/•Pluto types — ✨💪🏼Power👊🏼⚔️✨ to you, my friends! The time has come, it is now.

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Thank you Elsa for being such a magnificent ✨💪🏼Force✨ of nature whose creations allowed for this moment. Tremendous the service you provide!

      ✨Grateful 🕊✨ to you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. libra kinda needs to learn to clear things out rather than covering them up 🙂 to reconnect with what makes them uncomfortable. they’re the diplomats, they should be able to do that.
    i’ve had some fascinating recent experiences of recovering my own power through that sort of process…
    i think maybe the aquarius can help with getting libra unstuck?

  21. 0 degree Libra Mars here (Pluto mid-Libra). Hoping it helps me learn to direct my anger better. I feel like that’s been a focus for me lately.

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