Why Mention Things If They Can’t Be Stopped Or Turned Around?

newsLibra has the ability to see both sides of a situation but the indecisiveness can be disabling.  I readily see trends in the collective. I give this to my packed 8th house and at this point, I have an insane Progressed Stellium in Scorpio. There’s no way I am not going to pick up on the various machinations, swirling around beneath the surface. My heart jumps in my chest when in the proximity of something that matters.

I’ve got the Jupiter thing going, where I want to blast my mouth off. My sister once told me, I was born with a megaphone attached to my mouth. She’s right again!

On one hand I want to broadcast my ideas and perceptions.  On the other hand, it’s seems pointless.

This may be a Saturn in Pisces thing. Resolve dissolves, the way those “candy melts” change form when heated.  It’s pretty gross to Capricorn.  Where is my spine? Oh yeah! It’s melting as well. The boundary protecting the marrow in my spine has been breeched. Can you believe this?

The trends in astrology are highly disturbing.  The trends aren’t “new”. It’s more that the negative ways astrology can be used are dominating over astrology that truly helps a person at this point.

Countdown to Mercury retrograde!
Don’t breathe for 5.5 days after a full moon!
X sign is bad, like gum under your shoe – stay far, far away unless you want a horrible life!

Everything is big, big, big. This keeps a person on edge, distracted and undermined.  But does it do any good to point this out?  Or this is more like yelling about a ball rolling downhill?

I can’t decide. What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Why Mention Things If They Can’t Be Stopped Or Turned Around?”

  1. Life isn’t written in stone, neither are the outcomes of transits. Look at them like sign posts, traffic signs to help you get from point A to point B with the least amount of angst or frustration. Then reflect, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    As I understand you have lots of 🦂Scorpio and that deletes all indecisiveness of Libra♎️.

    Consciousness Cures, The ✨Truth👊🏼 Shall Set You Free. Knowing things in advance creates an opportunity to really be enabled with free will and be in charge of One’s energies and behaviors.

    Only in medieval times Astrology was determinist. Because those times were also the Dark Ages, people existed in ignorance therefore totally puppeteered by the Astro configurations etc.

    Nowadays you may conduct your life where you grab the energy and use it constructively, like going to the gym much harder instead of 💥crashing the 🚙💨car or something. Onde you know you may control the urges, the impulses or, if you choose not to, you may still be aware and that’s like 80% or more under control.

    And there’s this word Transmutation, too

    To your health, Elsa!

  3. Some have turned astrology into cable news style fear based entertainment. A certain type of person eats it right up. Hell, everything is like this now, not just astrology. We humans have to evolve our psychology and try to get more normal again lol. I don’t think we were ready for TV let alone all-encompassing social media. Yet here we is

    1. Good. I’m glad you see it. A lot of the astrology I see out there is worse than useless; it’s damaging. It’s turned into just another distraction with the veneer label “astrology” taped over the top.

    2. I think this trend may have stepped up since Saturn conjunct Pluto Capricorn. I remember throughout 2019 people were speculating whether it will be about wars, likely involving USA and Iran.

      But when it arrived and manifested in something even worse, a global killer pandemic and a lockdown that literally brought the world to its knees, then upcoming transits were interpreted through the lens of doom and fearmongering. Because it actually DID happen!

      But then other transits were interpreted at the extreme opposite, almost with a magical unicorn Pollyanna type optimism. Such as the Jupiter and Neptune Pisces conjunction in 2022 (for me I had the “magic” of a burst pipe that flooded my house 😞)

      I think the key in looking at future transits, is to look at both options. What could go wrong, but also what could go right 🙂

      1. Funny you mention it.. a certain embattled leo astrologer mentioned there would be a plague and warned his viewers to get their lives in order because “the concrete is setting” (that’s how he described the lead up to pluto/saturn). I had a laugh about it, thought he was a bit nuts, still took the advice though because the historical evidence he gave was compelling. He lost a lot of followers because of it, never recovered.
        And I def see the love & light astrology content and I’m like… even in the worst of times there’s that person in their own world living their best life lol. To each their own, I reckon!

  4. I have my sun in Libra at 29 degrees on the cusp of H5. At 71 I can validate my early feeling that the older I get, the more Scorpio I feel and the less indecisive I am. Maybe my Mercury in the early degrees of Scorpio (5th) helps that. Creative liar who enjoys the game? Cancer rising conjunct Uranus has been quite nuts with. Cap on the DC and Jupiter in Aries conjunct the MC. I am ready for just about anything! I never think of astrology as determinative—- timing and perspective is my jam!

  5. I have capricorn in 12th house with venus there. The breaking bones is true. My feet broke and has been in a cast and im disabled for until july. Feet represents pisces too. Thankfully my husband has been the caregiver for awhile now. The trends for whats out there in astrology is confusing because theres vedic and different charts to read. I like to find some consistency such as caoricorn representing bones and pisces for feet. Having pisces rising and capricorn 12th its so freakish. 😯😫

  6. I started taking natural herb supplements that increases the estrogen-levels without side effects this month. (One can also drink soy milk, as the plant based soy protein has a positive effect on the estrogen levels – but ask your doctor first!)
    I also take calcium supplements.

    I have always had troubles with my wacky hormones, and I think the herbs really help my mood swings.
    And then I discovered that lower estrogen also affects bone strength, so the older you get, the worse your bone mass become.

    My Mars is in Cap, so I may have strong bones by nature, but it’s not a bad thing to come prepared…

    1. The herbs are called red clover by the way and is actually used for the Meno pause, but I am 40, so I think it’s fine.

  7. I guess you have kids you turn into a bit of a teacher the kids outgrow you you’re still learning you still feel your information is good enough to share. However, I’ve grown to believe that half the population sadly are not absorbent not interested will not enjoy what you may have come to learn ,been exposed to had opportunity to learn from and progress with ? so ,that ball rolling down the hill. You might want to stop it. You might want to give it back to the one that lost it ,but if you blink it’s gone by you won’t get sad you ,would have this urge to step in and help I feel like, I’ve probably donated 20,000 to 30,000 to those that jumped up and cried needed my help or were motherless. Poor disadvantaged became part of my kids lives in my grandkids lives. I’m tapped I have a great faith in the planet and those that are coming up underneath me but I’m on the sidewalk now watching the balls run down the street like a rain coming out of the clouds and Just trying really seriously trying to keep my opinions zipped in so I don’t want to help what I think I see often ,I don’t even wanna complain about how I truly believe most people can’t hold the wheel of their of cars !!!!yesterday walking on a tiny road and this guy flies by me he could’ve hit me then his dog ,he’s letting Run alongside his truck charges at me, starts biting, scratching me really scaring the shit out of me my little dog he’s biting and I’m kicking and screaming. This guy now he stops his car. Gets out of his car now the car is driving down the dirt road without him until it hits a sand bank he’s so drunk he can’t stand up. He falls three times coming towards me. The dog is still jumping all over me. I’m in a panic And the freaking guy is so drunk he can’t stand up. I can’t control his dog. I’m kicking the dogs crying and telling them both stay. The F away from me, just amazes me the danger that’s out there ,see I’m complaining again and I said I gave it up. Watch out people just stay safe stay healthy and resist when you think you’ll help somebody and it’ll make a difference because you cannot save them from themselves. My opinion at this point is half of them Are just out of their minds .

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