Venus Square Neptune – Obscure, Baby! I Do It All The Time (Land Shark Continued)

neptune-statue1To continue the discussion on the Venus Neptune landshark, there are endless ways for it to manifest.  This is me, today, on the phone with denamaria. This is a conversation I have had a few times this week.

“The doc wrote four diagnoses on the order for the blood test. One of them was foreign so I googled it. It was DISGUSTING. The pictures were disgusting. It’s so gross, I am not going to tell you what they say I have because I don’t want anyone thinking I have something this disgusting. I mean, forget about it.”

“You tell me what it says,” she countered.

“No, I will not. The pictures are too gross. Maybe she wrote it on there to justify the blood test. I don’t know but there is no way I am going to have people go look at these pictures and say, Elsa has that. I do not have that or at least if I do, it is the mildest version in the world.  Anyway…”

“I want to know what you have,” she said, interrupting.

“I know but I am not going to tell you. It’s too gross and I don’t know if I have it anyway. I don’t look near as bad as the pictures and if what I have is this, why is there not even one picture or a mild case?  Anyway, here what I am trying to tell you.  There are primarily 3 ways to have this. Thyroid disease, cancer or AIDS.”

She gasped.

“Yeah. Well don’t worry.  I know I don’t have AIDS, I have tested, and I doubt I have cancer, though who knows? It’s probably my thyroid but you see what I mean. This is like something you can get with a depressed immune system. It’s opportunistic, I guess so what I take from this is, holy cow! Look at what can happen to you when your body is fighting cancer…or AIDS. It is mind-boggling but anyway, this is one of the things going on. Supposedly  or possibly I have a horrible problem that is so disgusting looking, I am not going to tell anyone, and I don’t even know if I have it, or if it is just something doctor’s write to get blood tests paid for…”

*Note that last is also getting money (Venus) by deception (Neptune).

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  1. Don’t worry Elsa. I hate going to the doctor for this reason. I had pleurisy and shingles when I was 40. They kept me in the hospital for six hours, did all kinds of blood work – and found out I was a healthy person, apologized to me, and sent me home with 10 days of Zithromax.

    I have two friends who were told in the same year, by two different doctors, that they had fatal – yes, fatal – diseases. I told them their doctors were nuts. Of course, Specialists confirmed they did NOT have these diseases, and both did not know what was wrong with each of my friends.

    You know your body better than you do – you do not have that disgusting thing. 🙂

  2. The interesting things were that I never had any pain with pleurisy OR the shingles. No pain. None. I am very unique!

  3. Hahaha that really is a Neptune-saturated conversation!

    Better be safe than sorry with the testing though… my last doctor (whom I liked a lot) failed to diagnose a neighbour with cancer – he thought her constant tiredness and loss of weight was due to her depression. It was caught too late and she died.

    1. “Hahaha that really is a Neptune-saturated conversation!”

      See, I wanted to tell her this because it was important to me. But I wanted to tell her what I wanted to tell her, which was primarily that I was seeing through the eyes of someone sick enough to have opportunistic shit invade their body. I think this is very interesting. I mean, it opens up new realms for me. It makes me feel a lot of compassion for people who are really ill, which is good because I work with them sometimes.

      Of course I knew she would be curious – I am curious as they come, but my intend was not to withhold for a bad purpose. I would rather no one else have to see those pictures and have them be associated with me because they would worry, perhaps for nothing.

      So it is sharing and obscuring but I am trying to share something magic, which is the view I have been given into the lives of people who are suffering and probably dying.

      I really didn’t want to ruin, denamaria’s day and I don’t think I did. She has a weirdo friend, her name is, Elsa. 🙂

  4. Well I hope whatever you have going on it isn’t too ugly. I leave image googling on the hysterianet for people who don’t have my paranoia, LOL.

  5. Weird! When Pluto was transiting my 12th I found out that I was missing a disc between 2 of my neck vertebrae–born without them.

  6. And I am not worried but I was surprised by this. I was at the doc for a routine pap smear.

    But, I do have a long history of being hard to Dx and also people thinking I have really bad shit. In the end, I always seem to be okay.

    I personally think I am okay but my son does have horror transits to his Moon and IC and I am his mother so I just can’t write this off.

  7. I hope it’s something simple!

    They scared the crap out of me when I was sick. It’s like they start at the worst thing possible and then work their way back to something simple.

  8. My doc (she is a PA) is not like that. She’s super logical. I have known her for more than 10 years and she knows how to deal with the fog around me, as well as anyone can.

  9. I’m hoping that is something very simple and that your Dr. is being extra cautious in wanted a blood test for this. Hoping any fog that obscures the diagnosis is lifted. Sending positive thoughts:)

  10. Getting old sucks. The what it COULD be list just gets LONGER. Auto immune disorders can be tricky to diagnose. She should be able to do a physical and see if there is a thyroid issue.. I have a dear friend who is a PA and she was just sure I had about 5 things that I didn’t end up having after I had the tests…

    I also worked for her husband a couple of years and he is an Orthopaedic surgeon. Stuff happens and they try to rule things out before they get what it really is. The best person is someone who listens and another who gives clear cut symptoms. My point: It could be anything or nothing. Be patient and have faith. I love giving advice I am so crappy at taking 🙂

  11. Elsa, I really hope it’s not serious and all turns out ok. You’re right too. Sometimes they test and think of things which turn out not to be what the problem is. I’m hoping for the best for you. Sending good thoughts.

  12. caribou, she listed it as an actual symptom. She listed four symptoms and I googled the one I was not familiar with. But I don’t know why she did it. It could have been to make sure the insurance covered the test.
    I should find out something by the end of the week. They drew blood on Friday.

  13. Elsa, you’re right that doctors sometimes do write-ups so that insurance will cover the testing, especially if you have a good one (and it sounds like you do). My old doc used to do this for me, I’m praying my new one will be just as cool.

    I know it sucks having to wait for results, but it’s all one can do sometimes. You can always call her and ask why she included that as an actual symptom, unless you don’t mind the Neptunian fog. My Aries moon would have called by now, but that’s just me. 🙂

    If your immune system is depressed there’s lots of things you can do to boost it. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga are excellent when taken in the form of a daily tea. They act like an overall tonic for the body.

    Sending you positive thoughts and prayers that it will sort out well. 🙂

  14. “So it is sharing and obscuring but I am trying to share something magic, which is the view I have been given into the lives of people who are suffering and probably dying.”

    I salute you..true compassion, that is. The body is so mysterious. We know so much about it and so little at the same time. Weird things happening inside us all the time…it’s a trip.

  15. Second and third opinions are always good. It could just be your vampira coming out. Halloween is right around the corner.

  16. Sending more vibes for a good outcome!

    I’m percolating on this “landshark” Venus/Neptune business. I can see it in myself, but I wonder if I project it more than I realize…

  17. Avatar

    On that venus neptune thing with the doctor. I once had a tissue infection in my little pinky. The doc wanted blood and urine tests and told me it was likely gout.

    I’m thinking, gout? meat? men? drinking? feet? But no, in my little pinky, healthy young woman otherwise, got a cut or something that didn’t clean up right and got seriously infected.

    So I wait and play the runaround for more than a week before I get serious antibiotics. Doc had to give me extra course of different antibiotics on top of the first one because of her mis-diagnosis. (and I’d tried to argue with her but Nooo she was the doc and right)

    My husband and I now make a joke whenever one of us is ill or injured or anything health related “it must be gout” “no seriously that’s gout”

    cracks us both up.

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